The Toyota PPI Trophy Trucks are often referred to as one of the most significant trucks in off-road history, and rightfully so. The partnership between Toyota and Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) resulted in 27 wins and seven championships in the now-defunct Mickey Thompson Off-Road Stadium Series, and who can forget the fact that the best of the best in off-roading, Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, was a part of this team.

The example we have today, the 1994 Toyota PPI Trophy Truck 015, was the final truck built under the Toyota/PPI partnership. To make this truck even more desirable, Ivan Stewart himself piloted it at the Baja 2000.

This fine truck has just come off of a restoration and RK Motors Charlotte is giving you the opportunity to own this piece of off-road history. We are certain this freshly revamped off-roading legend is going to require a premium price.

To find out more about this truck and its asking price, click past the jump.

  • 1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    Five-speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Energy:
  • Displacement:
    302 cubic inches
  • Top Speed:
    135 mph
  • Price:
  • body style:


As we stated before, the exterior has been completely restored by TM1 Motorsports to its as-raced condition when it ran in the Baja 2000, which was this truck’s final race. The only thing that is slightly different from that race is the auxiliary lighting.

The paint is 100 percent perfect and it boasts the exact same multi-colored paint scheme that it did at the Baja 2000. This scheme is not the original one, as it has had several different paint jobs, but it is, for obvious reasons, the most desirable paint job. It was performed by Chris Hukill, a former employee of PPI.

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 High Resolution Exterior
- image 462030

On the outside, you are getting exactly what you would expect from a race-ready trophy truck. First off, the body only retains a slight similarity to the Toyota Tundra that it is based on. Secondly, the headlights are not real; they are simply decals to give it a more “stock” appearance. Up top, there are six lights, plus you have two spot lights, one on each A-pillar. You also get three lights on the very front of the truck, right where the bumper would be. All of the lights are HID Hellas.

Don’t expect to use the bed to haul anything, as there isn’t one. Rather in the bed’s place is a massive 37 x 17 inch BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR tire.


1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Interior
- image 462034

On the inside, this bad boy is just what you would expect from a real trophy truck. This Toyota Baja monster features just one racing seat, which includes a Simpson 4-point harness, that is positioned directly in the center of the cab. To your right is a gear shifter and directly in front of you is a very basic racing steering wheel.

A plethora of switches on the dashboard are enough to make the Lamborghini Aventador switch-heavy dashboard feel inadequate. Unlike the Aventador, every single one of these switches has a distinct purpose and the truck will not run right without it in the correct position.

Engine and Drivetrain

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Drivetrain
- image 462037

Pushing this monster through the sand dunes is an all-aluminum 302 cubic-inch engine that is loosely based on the 1UZ-FE, which you would find in a Lexus LS 400 at the time. In stock form, this V-8 engine only displaced 242.1 cubic inches, so this engine has obviously been bored and stroked to get it up to 302 cubic inches. Pretty much the only similarities that this engine has to its original form is the fact that is has dual camshafts and a 4-valves-per-cylinder configuration.

The standard fuel injection system was ripped out and replaced by eight throttle bodies, which uses a Weber/Redline ECU. In addition, the compression was bumped from its original 10-to-1 to 13-to-1. All of these mods got the engine up to 550 horsepower, a full 306-horsepower increase from its stock form.

Behind this beast of an engine is a 5-speed Hewland VCG 200 gearbox. The combination of the massively powerful 302 cubic-inch engine and 5-speed GTR-style gearbox allow this truck to hit a top speed of 135 mph.

Suspension and Braking

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Exterior
- image 462036

In a Baja truck, the suspension is just as important as the engine. The front and rear of this truck boast double wishbone suspension systems with coil-over shocks. This gives the truck a full 22 inches of travel, allowing it to get some serious airtime without bottoming out.

On each corner of the 1994 Toyota PPI Trophy Truck 015 you have disc brakes. The rotors are custom built by PPI and the calipers are Brembo brand.

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Exterior
- image 462033

The wheels are PPI custom-built 17 x 7 inch bead-lock rims. Bead-lock rims have an extra circular, flat piece of metal that goes round the outer edge of the rim and bolts into place with 48 bolts. This piece of metal prevents the tire from popping off of the rim when you land after a jump or corner too hard.

Running Condition

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Exterior
- image 462035

From what we can tell from the description, this truck is primed and ready to run. Just turn the key and go racing!


Now we are going to throw a wrench in all of your hopes. We told you that this truck would not come cheap, and we were right. This bad boy has an asking price of $499,900. That sounds like a ton of money, but with a new stadium off-road series in the works, this truck may be able to earn you a little extra cash, if you’re talented or can hire a talented driver.


1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Exterior
- image 462039

This truck is nothing more than a toy. It is not street legal and making it so would cost too much money. So basically, if you buy this truck, it has one use: to go off-roading in. Also keep in mind that this truck is not built for low traction off road either, as it only has rear-wheel drive. This bad boy is tuned specifically of the sand or compacted dirt, and that’s it.

1994 Toyota PPI Trophey Truck 015 Exterior
- image 462031
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In 1983, Toyota joined forces with Precision Preparation, Inc. (PPI) in an effort to diversify their motorsports portfolio. This partnership lead to, among other successes, an off-road racing team that dominated the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Stadium Series while accumulating 27 wins and seven championships in the SCORE Desert Series. Though the team was comprised of many talented hands, legendary off-road racer Ivan “Ironman” Stewart stole the spotlight. A 2006 inductee in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, Stewart earned his nickname by completing entire desert races without a navigator or relief driver. His efforts lead to several records including most all-time MTEG wins (17) and most Baja 500 wins (17).

For 17 years, PPI and Stewart ruled the intensely competitive world of off-road racing, even taking first at the 1998 Baja 1000. That victory, along with four Baja 500’s were accomplished using chassis number 015. Built in 1993 to replace PPI’s aging 010 chassis, the 015 would become the Master’s thesis and, ultimately, final product of a remarkably successful off-road team. Fresh out of an extensive restoration performed by the very hands that built it originally, RK Motors Charlotte is proud to offer the once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of Baja’s most famed competition vehicles.

At the core of this truck is an aluminum 302 cubic inch V8. Loosely based on the 1UZ-FE Lexus engine. The race version retains the DOHC/four-valve configuration but little else. Though the component list features familiar names such as JE Pistons and Carrillo Rods, every internal part has been custom built to PPI’s specifications. Fuel is pulled from a 43 gallon custom tank and distributed by eight EFI throttle bodies controlled by a Weber/Redline ECU. With a 13:1 compression ratio, the mill is good for over 550hp with a flat torque range from 4,000 to 7,500 rpm. Exhaust is channeled through a tuned stainless steel Borla system with USFS-approved spark arrestors. At idle, the truck is surprisingly quiet but a quick blip of the throttle ensures this is a purebred racer.

Backing the aluminum powerplant is a custom PPI transaxle utilizing a 5-speed Hewland VGC 200 gear selection box often seen in GTP racing. With a vehicle capable of doing in excess of 135mph across the dunes, the suspension had to be tough. The front and rear both utilize a double A-arm setup featuring PPI coil overs with internal position sensitive shocks that can be tuned for compression and rebound. Only the rate of the Eibach springs varies between the two ends. The setup is good for a total of 22 inches of travel, making small jumps a simple matter. When the desert roads wind, steering is kept light thanks to a PPI V2 power rack and pinion with ram assist. This setup feels more natural to turn at low speeds than many of the smaller race cars we’ve seen. Braking power is distributed to a four wheel disc setup utilizing PPI rotors, Brembo calipers and a Tilton master cylinder. The whole setup rides on sturdy PPI custom 17” x “7 48-bolt beadlock wheels wrapped in tall BF Goodrich 37” x 17” T/A KR’s.

Inside, the driver is placed in the center of a hand fabricated aluminum chassis. Despite the middle seat configuration, control layout is familiar with all instrumentation directly in front of the driver and the gear selector positioned to the right. The left hand side of the dash is dominated by toggle switches that control the twelve Hella HID spotlights used to illuminate the desert at night. The right side contains switches for the ignition, fuel pump, fans and other traditional pieces most enthusiasts are familiar with. Overall, the interior is far less restrictive than most race vehicles with plenty of room on either side of the seat. The seat itself is a heavily padded Mastercraft piece with a Simpson four-point harness keeping the driver in place during tough landings. With such long stretches of track performed at once, the driver has to be prepared for anything. The truck is well supplied with a tool kit, Maglite, and hydration system all within arms reach.

With the exception of additional lighting, the outside of the truck has been restored to its appearance at the Baja 2000. For that race, Ivan Stewart was paired with fellow off-road icon Larry Roeseler who drove the second leg of the race. Both names are featured on the #11 number tag behind the cab. Though the composite body has seen a few different paint schemes, this one is an accurate representation of the truck’s final competition appearance. All paint and bodywork was performed by former PPI employee Chris Hukill of Hukill Paint and Graphics.

As noted earlier, the extensive restoration of this truck to race ready form was performed at TM1 Motorsports by many of the hands that originally built the truck at PPI. The build was watched closely by off-road racing fans and extensively documented by both RK Motors Charlotte and TM1 Motorsports. There are countless pictures of the overall build as well as videos of the freshly rebuilt engine cutting its teeth on the dynometer. The final product was shot by Dirt Sports Magazine as part of their “Masterpiece in Metal” series before being tested in Barstow by the Ironman himself. After driving the restored truck, Stewart commented that it was the “same amount of fun (he) had twelve years ago.” Included in the sale are irreplaceable items such as the original chassis blueprints, along with a treasure trove of new replacement parts. If you want to enter a vintage event or even the Baja 1000, this truck is race-proven and ready to take on all comers, any time, anywhere.

Motorsports enthusiasts would likely agree that it’s difficult to look at this truck without envisioning it airborne and covered in dust, with the Ironman at the wheel. Built and driven by the best, 015 is a truly significant piece of off-road history worthy of anchoring any collection. In the days of pre-fab racers, hand built masterpieces like this are becoming increasingly more valuable. We submit that ths is arguably the most sugnificant truck in the history of off-road racing. To own such a piece of history is a once in a lifetime opportunity-don’t wait!

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