Making its European debut at Geneva is the Toyota FINE-S. This hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid-electric concept is the latest example of Toyota’s ongoing commitment to expand its advanced technology for environmentally friendly cars and commercial vehicles. FINE-S provides a unique combination of high performance, slick style and an unmatched respect for the Environment � its only emissions are harmless water vapor.


Although externally the FINE-S has a futuristic high-performance look, proving the potential for exciting styling of fuel-cell vehicles, it hides advanced technology which has a wide range of applications.

For example, because of the modular design of Toyota’s fuel cell system and drivetrain components, it becomes possible to install the technology in a wide variety of model types, shapes and sizes, based on a shared platform. It will even be possible for future fuel-cell vehicles to be designed with individual electric power applied to all four wheels. This will take the environmental benefits through to all classes of passenger car and commercial vehicle.

The FINE-S provides a tantalising glimpse of future trends for all fuel-cell vehicles. And being high on style and high in performance, it is not simply a mobile laboratory for proving the technology.

The FINE-S features a long wheelbase with very short front and rear overhangs allied to a sleek ground-hugging aerodynamic design. The low center-of-gravity coupled with an advanced individual wheel torque control system will provide excellent performance and handling.

Inside, the FINE-S boasts a spacious cabin with a creative four-seat design that provides ample roominess and comfort, giving the advanced technology design the same practical features as conventionally propelled cars.

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  (553) posted on 02.9.2012

I love the futuristic designs as well as the wheels with creative lighting. It’s definitely a high technology powered car.

  (6021) posted on 03.17.2008

how much is this car

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