The Toyota Fine-X provides a glimpse of the radical opportunities that a hybrid fuel cell system can provide, delivering strong environmental performance and exceptional maneuverability through four-wheel independent drive and the use of a large steering angle mechanism that allows the vehicle to turn on the spot.

The Fine-X follows Toyota’s ’vibrant clarity’ design principles and has external dimensions slightly greater all round than the current generation Yaris. Interior space, however, is closer to that of an Avensis. The interior is designed to be welcoming, with variable lighting intensity and power seats that automatically move in and out of the car through the wide-opening gullwing doors.

Four-wheel independent drive with in-wheel electric motors and four-wheel independent steering with a large angle steering mechanism make the Fine-X exceptionally easy to maneuver. The car can rotate on the spot, execute tight U-turns and move into tight parking spots with ease. Driving is also made easier and safer thanks to the use of peripheral monitors, giving the driver a view right around the vehicle.

The hybrid system, combining a hydrogen fuel cell and electric motors, ensures strong environmental performance, while Toyota pursues a carbon-neutral profile for the vehicle by using plant-based materials in the construction of internal and external components. The source plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow and, even if the components are burned when the vehicle reaches the end of its life, no additional CO2 is emitted.

A revolutionary, new concept and a glimpse of the automobile’s future, providing the environmental performance of a fuel cell hybrid system and featuring an ease of movement through four-wheel independent drive control and a large, steering angle mechanism

The revolutionary package is beautifully formed under a design philosophy of "Vibrant Clarity" and realizes an external size similar to that of the Toyota ist, with cabin space more in keeping with the Camry.

  • The vehicle aims for a sense of "hospitality" through variable lighting intensity in the interior and through power *Welcome Seats" that move in and out of the car as the gull-wing doors open widely to assist getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • Completely new operational performance, including on-the-spot rotation, and the ability to easily perform parking and U-turns, is afforded by the combination of four-wheel independent drive, four-wheel independent steering and a large-steering-angle steering mechanism with electric in-wheel motors housed in each of the four wheels.
  • In the area of environmental performance, a fuel cell hybrid system is employed as a matter of course. In addition, TMC is also pursuing a carbon-neutral system by using plant-based materials, which grow by absorbing the CO2 in the natural environment, for interior and exterior components. As a result, even if these components are incinerated upon disposal (thermal recycling), there will be no overall addition to the amount of CO2 in the environment.
  • The latest IT/ITS peripheral-monitoring technology makes driving easier.
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