The all-new Corolla is designed to appeal to customers seeking both a classic sedan configuration and striking, dynamic styling. To achieve this goal, the new Corolla has been engineered to widen its appeal across a broad customer base; it will further enhance its virtue of quality while adding a more distinctive design, high interior space and exiting driving pleasure.

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla
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    1496 L
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Corolla: Toyota top seller lives on

  • 10th generation of world best-seller
  •  Dynamic new sedan design boosts appeal
  •  Superior quality to ‘one class above’
  •  Interior space and comfort maximised
  •  Wide choice of engines and transmissions

Since its debut in 1966, the Corolla, through an automobile production approach that has anticipated the demands of the times, has gained the favor of millions of users, playing a key role in driving motorization forward. The Corolla is currently sold in more than 140 countries and regions, and cumulative sales have exceeded 30 million vehicles, making it a best-selling vehicle positioned to lead the 21st century.

 The new Corolla, as the 10th generation Corolla sedan, and the redesigned Corolla Fielder were developed with "car-making by a new measure" as their basic theme. Toyota focused on enhancing basic performance and deepening the sense of quality, which is the essence of the Corolla, by responding to customer needs without being trapped by existing notions of what constitutes a compact vehicle.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118099

At the heart of the new Corolla is the concept of offering customers a superior quality sedan which is “a class above” and which will be a key player in the segment.
Toshi Ezaki, Chief Engineer for the new Corolla explains: “When it came to developing the 10th generation Corolla, the main challenge was to create a car that would attract the younger generation while inheriting the durability, reliability, and ease of handling that is highly rated by our current customers.”

“All drivers, regardless of age, are sensitive to dynamic, high quality styling that provides a sense of luxury. Our new and strong design, combined with excellent driving dynamics, should sweep away the stereotype of Corolla as a good car that lacks driver appeal. I am confident that we have developed a car that will stir great excitement the moment you see it.”

The new Toyota Corolla will follow in the footsteps of a remarkable family of highly successful previous models. The Corolla is produced in 16 countries, spread over the five continents, and is sold in more than 140 markets across the world.
Since its launch in 1966, almost 32 million Corollas have been sold worldwide – making it the world’s best selling car. The current generation Corolla Sedan continues this impressive record with 850,000 units sold around the world in 2005.
Production of the 10th generation Corolla for Europe will be based in Japan at the Takaoka plant and the car will go on sale in Europe as of February 2007.



Sporty, Dynamic styling

  • Designed as a one-form style sedan
  • Squat, sporty style with wide track
  • Dynamic character lines and surfaces

The all-new Corolla is distinctive and different; it has a strong road presence, even when viewed from a distance. Its low and wide stance creates a sporty and dynamic look that is enhanced by the clear character lines and complex surface structures.

The new Corolla also benefits from being designed from the outset as a sedan to create an unmatched sense of superior quality. While offering customers the traditional benefits of a classic three-box configuration, the new Corolla achieves more of a one-form style by moving the base of the A-pillar forward and integrating the trunk space within the slope of the rear pillars.

In side profile it is clear that this is not a hatchback with a trunk added as an afterthought – indeed the sleek, dynamic look is further enhanced by the increased overall length, low roof profile and slim pillars.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118055

In comparison with the current model, the overall height of the new Corolla (1,470 mm) remains unchanged while interior space and headroom increased through clever packaging. The new model (4,540 mm) is 130 mm longer than the current one while the wheelbase remains at 2,600 mm.

But the more sporting effect created by the wider, low stance is most evident from the wider front and rear track which has pushed the width out to 1,760 mm (1,710 in the current model).

Perhaps the most distinctive features of the new Corolla are the strong character lines that flow the length of the car, starting at the front bumper and flowing back through the doors to the rear. They help create a complex, double concave surface on the front and rear wings of the car that is becoming distinctive in the Toyota sedan range and which is modern, yet classically simple.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118057

To complete the fresh, dynamic look the new Corolla will be available in 8 specially selected body colours, 4 of which are new to the Corolla range.

Exterior Evokes a Sense of Energy While Interior Displays High Quality

  • Based on the Toyota-brand design philosophy "Vibrant Clarity", the exterior evokes a sense of relaxation and vitality despite its compact size.

Corolla Axio

  • An attractive front end is created through a design that unifies the hood with the bumper between the fenders.
  • A door line flowing toward the rear and the rear pillars establish a side view that creates a sharp and stylish image.
  • The rear view is formed by combination taillights with a distinctive design and a clean, supple surface.
  • The rear pillars sweep downward to create a gently arcing character line that displays Corolla Axio’s stylish nature.

Corolla Fielder

  • The impressive front view is created through a design that unifies the hood with the bumper between the fenders.
  • A short front overhang and the long-cabin proportions create an integrated side view.
  • The line along the door shoulder section continues to the rear, forming a rear view with a sense of strength and integrity.


  • Superior quality and luxury feel
  • Leg and headroom increased
  • Bigger trunk, more storage

Maximum interior space and a premium quality passenger environment are key features of the new Corolla. They ensure it delivers on its promise of “a class above”.

Chief Engineer, Toshi Ezaki, explains: “We wanted to develop an interior that portrays a sense of spaciousness beyond actual space, the moment you open the door and enter the car. We paid attention to everything from expanding the door trim fabric area to ensuring a good operation feel and a sense of volume with the newly developed seats. We pursued the creation of space that portrays luxury and authenticity.”

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 103529

The new Corolla presents a natural and comfortable environment for both driver and passengers. The upper surface of the dashboard has been lowered to create a sense of roominess and the panel is fully integrated into the relaxed curve of the high quality door trim to create an almost seamless surround.

The dynamic styling of the exterior is carried over into the character lines around the side to the upper surface of the seats and a sense of luxury is created by the silver trimmed centre console which creates a strong vertical element in the overall design. This houses the fully integrated ventilation, audio and (where fitted) navigation systems.

The main instrument panel and the driving position are sporty. The waveform panel moulding reflects the curves of the speedometer and tachometer which adopt optitron three-dimensional dials.

In order to offer customer choice, two different interior trim colours will be available: a traditional dark grey and a more relaxed, luxury greige.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118062

Space around the driver and passengers has been increased with more head and leg room, leading to a couple distance (between the front and rear seat) of 900 mm. Rear passengers benefit from the flat floor to increase comfort while the hip points of the driver and front seat passenger have been raised to ensure a more natural seating position and better visibility.

The designers and engineers have also focused on storage space – not just as a concept, but in a practical way to ensure the new Corolla is both easy to load and easy to use on long trips.

The width and depth of the trunk have been increased and the overall capacity maximised by reducing unused gaps between the lining and the body surface. The front passenger glove box has been carefully positioned to offer a large storage space without intruding into the cabin and there are 15 different storage (18.9 Litres) areas around the passenger cabin.

Highly Maneuverable Body Size and Extremely Comfortable Interior Space and Equipment

  • The front corners have been given a curved design to achieve effective maneuverability.
  • The backseat floor hump is minimized to create flat-surfaced legroom, enabling three adults to sit in the rear comfortably (front-wheel-drive models).
  • The steering wheel has a telescoping function that allows its position to be adjusted front to rear for a comfortable driving posture.
  • To enhance visibility, the top surface of the instrument panel is low while the front pillars have been extended forward and made slimmer.
  • The Smart Entry & Start System employs a Smart Key to lock and unlock the doors and a button to start the engine—all one needs is to have the vehicle key on one’s person or nearby.
  • The HDD (hard disc drive) navigation system features a 6.5-inch wide display screen and a 30GB high-capacity HDD, as well as a variety of multimedia functions and advanced navigation functions.



Exciting driving pleasure

  • All-new 1.6 Dual VVT-i petrol
  • Choice of three transmissions

To ensure it delivers on its promise of greater driver appeal, the all-new Corolla features a selected range of high technology engines and drive trains to meet customer needs and expectations. There is a choice of two petrol and two diesel engines with three different transmissions.

All engines meet Euro IV emissions standards and the highly efficient aerodynamic styling ensures the new Corolla delivers low fuel consumption with reduced exhaust gasses while also contributing to remarkably low noise levels.

Two new engines, one petrol and one diesel, will be available in the new Toyota Corolla range.The 1.6-litre petrol is an all-new, dual VVT-i engine developing excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The new, dual VVT-i technology adjusts both the intake and exhaust valve timing of the engine to ensure maximum efficiency under all operating conditions.

This results in significantly increased torque at low and medium engine speeds with increased power output at higher speeds. At the same time, it enhances fuel consumption and reduces emissions.

Maximum power output is 91 kW (124 hp DIN) at 6,000 rpm while the dual VVT-i technology ensures a remarkably constant torque output for a petrol engine, peaking at 157 Nm at 5,200 rpm.To complement the 1.6-litre petrol, the 1.4-litre VVT-i from the current Corolla range is carried over. It develops 71 kW (97 hp DIN) at 6,000 rpm, with a maximum torque of 130 Nm at 4,400 rpm.

The new diesel engine to the Corolla range is the latest generation 2.0 D-4D 125 that is now at the heart of Toyota’s diesel growth strategy in Europe. This remarkable engine has been developed from the highly successful 2.2-litre D-4D range and offers both increased driving pleasure through high power output and excellent fuel economy.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118061

Installed in the new Corolla, the D-4D 125 equipped with Oxydation Catalytic converter (CCo) develops a maximum 93 kW (126 hp DIN) with a constant torque output of 300 Nm from 2,000 to 2,800 rpm (with DPF from 1,800 to 2,400 rpm). This gives the new Corolla D-4D 125 outstanding mid-range in-gear performance for maximum driving pleasure under real world conditions.
The new Corolla D-4D 125 will be available with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which not only strictly reduces Hydrocarbons (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) like conventional catalysts but also enable simultaneous reduction of particulate matter. The DPF is ‘self-cleaning’ and requires no long-term maintenance.

For maximum economy, the highly popular 1.4-litre D-4D from the current model is carried over to the new Corolla range. This engine develops 66 kW (90 hp DIN) at 3,800 rpm and 190 Nm of torque between 1,800 rpm and 3,000 rpm.

The wide range of customers for the new Corolla will also find a choice of transmissions, each carefully matched to suit the characteristics of the engine output.

A conventional five-speed manual gearbox is available with both petrol engines and the 1.4-litre diesel while the high performance D-4D 125 is available with a six-speed manual. Drivers wanting a more relaxed driving style can choose the MultiMode transmission with paddle shift which offers either automatic or manual gear changing – it is available with either the 1.6-litre dual VVT-i petrol or the 1.4-litre D-4D diesel.

New Powertrain with Outstanding Driving and Environmental Performance

  • The new Corolla models feature a new 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine and Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission developed as the main powertrain for compact and medium-class vehicles.
  • A newly developed 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine adopts Dual VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) that optimizes both intake and exhaust to achieve smooth and powerful acceleration, while offering fuel efficiency and environmental performance at class-leading levels*.
  • Both the 1.8-liter and 1.5-liter engines are combined with a newly developed Super CVT-i transmission for smooth cruising and linear acceleration without shift shock, as well as for a quiet ride and improved fuel efficiency.
  • The new Corolla models adopt a light-weight, high-rigidity body that seeks both a quiet cabin and superior aerodynamic properties; it uses an advanced chassis to achieve performance that makes it truly possible to experience the joy of driving.
  • Key components of the front and rear suspensions have been optimally tuned to provide brisk maneuvering and cruising stability, as well as a comfortable ride.


Superior driving experience

  • All-new suspension for maximum stability
  •  Excellent driver control and involvement
  • Precise, responsive steering

Chief Engineer, Toshi Ezaki wanted the new Corolla to give drivers more “excitement and delight” without affecting its worldwide reputation for ease of use and superior quality. There has been a strong focus on driving dynamics with improved stability, responsive handling and precise steering control. At the same time ride comfort has been enhanced and noise levels reduced to ensure top class NVH.

The newly-developed, compact and highly rigid front suspension is an L-arm MacPherson strut which ensures excellent noise and vibration isolation while supporting both superior stability and subtle ride comfort. At the rear, the new torsion beam suspension accommodates the vehicle packaging while also contributing to handling, stability and ride comfort.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118056

Wheel and tyre sizes have been increased to 15” and 16” for greater ride comfort and the newly adopted Electric Power Steering (EPS) is precise and responsive; reacting free of delay to driver input.

Greatly reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) has been achieved through the adoption of a highly rigid body structure and careful positioning of sound absorbing material. The strong body frame with a structure that disperses collision energy is also a major contributor to the excellent performance of the new Corolla in safety tests.

Toyota is anticipating that the new Corolla will achieve a top class Euro-NCAP rating and the frontal design has been developed and engineered to help reduce injury to pedestrians.

For active safety, the new Corolla range is available with Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) with Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD). The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is either standard or optional depending on the market.

The new Toyota Corolla model range will be available with up-to 9 airbags (depending on grade).
The new Corolla, setting new standards in its class.



Sport Pedals by OBX Racing - "Bling-Bling" is what your friends will say when you replace your drab stock pedals with a set of sport pedals by OBX Racing. Available in sleek silver finish for automatic and manual transmission.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118058

All-weather Floor Mats handle all types of weather - Made with heavy-gauge rubber, these floor mats are easy to rinse clean and provide the ultimate protection for your original carpet. All-weather Floor Mats handle all types of weather, all the time.

Exhaust Tip by Valor - Polished stainless steel exhaust tips by Valor Manufacturing Inc. are a simple add on accessory which provides the finishing touch to the exterior of the vehicle. Tips are made of Polishes 304 stainless steel and install easily with a single bolt installation (no drilling, cutting or welding required)

Front End Mask - Custom-tailored for your vehicle, this Front End Mask adds a sporty look while helping to protect your vehicle.

2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118067

Shift Knobs by OBX Racing - Black knobs not your style? Get tech with these carbon fiber sleeved sport shift knobs by OBX Racing. Available in Chrome, Titanium, Red and Blue. Manual transmission only.

Auto-Dimming Mirror - Improve your driving comfort with an Auto-dimming Mirror, built-in sensors detect headlight glare and automatically dim the mirror to reduce eyestrain. The digital compass provides directional information at your fingertips. Outside temperature feature is available on certain models. See a Toyota Parts Professional for more information.

Mudguards - Protect your vehicle from nearly anything the road can kick-up with durable Mudguards.

Ashtray Cup - Removable ashtray cup, with lid, fits into the front cup holder.

Rear Spoiler - Turn your family car into a sports car with a Genuine Toyota Rear Spoiler. Our spoilers are aerodynamic and color-keyed for a sporty, integrated appearance.
Cargo Logic Tote - This handy Cargo Tote helps keep your stuff organized. Collapsible and adjustable for easy installation and storage.

  • Aerodynamic multi-reflector halogen headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Aerodynamic multi-reflector halogen headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and smoked lenses 
  • Integrated front fog lamps
  • Color-keyed rear deck spoiler
  • Intermittent windshield wipers
  • Variable intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle 
  • Power remote-controlled outside mirrors 
  • Color-keyed power remote-controlled outside mirrors 
  • Black protective body side moldings 
  • Color-keyed protective body side moldings
  • Color-keyed outside door handles 
  • Color-keyed front and rear underbody spoilers, side rocker panel moldings and rear mudguards
  • Chrome grille surround
  • 15-in. steel wheels with P185/65R15 tires and full wheel covers
  • 15-in. steel wheels with P195/65R15 tires and full wheel covers
  • 15-in. alloy wheels with P195/65R15 tires
  • 16-in. alloy wheels with P195/55R16 tires [2]
  • Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade 

Safety and Prices


Advanced Equipment that Surpasses the Compact Class

  • A rearview monitor displays an image of the area to the rear of the vehicle while backing up to reduce the burden on the driver when parking (standard on all Corolla Axio models).
  • The Corolla Fielder features the world’s first* one-touch double-folding rear seats with backrests that can be folded flat with a single flip of a lever located in the rear cargo space.
  • The optional advanced Intelligent Parking Assist system supports steering operations when parallel parking and backing into a parking space. Ultrasonic sensors installed on the front of the vehicle detect other parked vehicles and based on the results estimate the physical dimensions of a vacant parking space and set the target parking position.
  • The Corolla Axio features a new Pre-crash Safety System that uses millimeter-wave radar. When the millimeter-wave radar detects a high risk of collision, the Pre-crash Seatbelts provide better initial restraint capabilities for passengers while the Pre-Crash Brake Assist system decelerates the vehicle to reduce the collision speed and contribute to less collision-caused damage.
  • The new Radar Cruise Control system detects and monitors the preceding vehicle and the lane, maintaining a fixed distance according to the preceding vehicle’s speed within a preset range of speed.
2007 Toyota Corolla
- image 118102

Safety features

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Traction Control (TRAC) and Brake Assist 
  • 4-wheel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System
  • Front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones 
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with auto on/off feature
  • Front seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters 
  • Driver and front passenger 3-point seatbelts with adjustable shoulder anchors
  • 3-point rear seatbelts for all rear positions 
  • Automatic/Emergency Locking Retractors (ALR/ELR) for all front and rear passenger seatbelts, Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) for driver’s seatbelt
  • Driver front airbag and front passenger airbag with Advanced Airbag System  
  • Driver and front passenger front seat-mounted side airbags and front and rear side curtain airbags
  • Energy-absorbing steering column 
  • Head-impact protection structure 
  • Child Restraint System (CRS) lower anchors and top tether anchors (LATCH) 
  • Child-protector rear door locks 
  • Trunk-entrapment release 
  • Anti-theft system with engine immobilizer
  • Center high-mount stop lamp (CHMSL) 
  • High-tensile-strength steel body panels


  • Corolla CE - $14,205
  • Corolla S - $15,250
  • Corolla LE - $15,415
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  (630) posted on 08.8.2011

I’ve seen a lot of this in our city, so I can conclude that it is the biggest production of Toyota. I’ve seen this in person and really looks neat. It is very simple, which makes the car more interesting.

  (612) posted on 02.2.2010

one of my friend has a 2007 corolla and he has given me a chance to drive it. and yes it was fun to drive, very precise and handles well, also it’s fuel consumption is low unlike the Honda Civic.

  (6023) posted on 11.13.2006

bring it on! US big 3 take note! we need small, well made green vehicles- not big SUV’s!

  (6023) posted on 10.24.2006

Dis corolla looks clean n precise is da designing dat i wazz absolutely amazed!
it gives me da feelin dat dis corolla is heavier n bigger dan da present gen corolla...
interior is so clean n so elegant...n da safety is A-Class...
looks like a small camry...
cant wait dis 1 2 come 2 da indian shores!

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