Toyota will unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show, the 1/X Concept, a redefinition of "environmentally considerate".

The 1/X (pronounced “one-Xth”) is a concept vehicle that redefines from its very roots the idea of what it means to be environmentally considerate. Among its attributes, the vehicle—with a design that aims to harmoniously coexist with people and society—weighs only “1/Xth” that of other vehicles in its class.

2008 Toyota 1/X
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  • Maintains an interior space on par with that of the Prius, with an aimed-for fuel efficiency that is double and a weight reduced to 420 kilograms (about one third the weight of the Prius).
  • Combines fossil fuel consumption-reducing FFV* technology and a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a displacement of only 500cc that allows charging from an external power source and a longer electric-motor cruising distance; thus, in addition to being adapted for energy diversity, emits less CO2 and contributes to the prevention of air pollution.
  • Locates the power unit beneath the rear seat (for a midship, rear-wheel-drive system) to contribute to an innovative and highly efficient package.
  • Adopts light but highly rigid carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) throughout the body frame to ensure superior collision safety, while allowing narrower pillars for a better field of vision.
2008 Toyota 1/X
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  (630) posted on 08.8.2011

I have to agree that the car looks cool but somehow weird. I do like the wheels of the car. I wonder how it will be powered but based on the article it will be an environment-friendly so more probably it is an electric car or a hybrid car.

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