The Japanese automaker Toyota has just unveiled a new special edition of their compact iQ model called Access, and it will be the lest expensive of the range priced at €11,700 and is 1300 euros less than the next city car up the line. The iQ Access comes well equipped with safety features that you would normally expect from higher priced vehicles like ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, stability control and traction control, driver and passenger side airbags as well as curtain airbags, knee airbags and a rear window airbag those sitting in the back.

2010 Toyota iQ Access Exterior
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Toyota didn’t skimp on the creature comforts either, offering a radio equipped with a CD player and MP3 jack sending your favorite tunes through a standard six speaker audi system. The driver will enjoy ergonomic equipment like the adjustable steering wheel with integrated audio controls. Despite it’s small size, the iQ offers plenty of cargo room with the rear seats folded flat for more storage. Being an automobile of this stature, the iQ makes do with a 1.0 liter three cylinder engine making a total of 68 HP, more then enough to scoot through traffic in the iQ.


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  (595) posted on 01.24.2012

IQ vehicles are really cute! I would like to give credit to the creativeness of Toyota in making this 4-seats mini car possible. However, I’m doubting the reliability of this vehicle.

  (419) posted on 01.11.2012

Nice and very cute, This IQ access of toyota is a 4 seats car. For sure this was a auto car and not one of the racing car that mostly describe. The engine could match enough for this mini car.

  (380) posted on 08.26.2010

Woah! Is it really a 4 seatter car, its like the very first model of Mini.

  (1) posted on 06.21.2010

Ok, ok, so the IQ is really cool

But, whatever happened to the 100+ MPG Toyota Eco Spirit? Google that and you’ll discover Toyota had a working concept vehicle using off-the-shelf technology and materials.

Where the hell is it today? 100+ MPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so manipulated....

  (648) posted on 03.1.2010

Now this is cool among every other car. It’s an eye catcher believe me. I congratulate the automaker on this one it’s beyond good and nice.

  (534) posted on 01.31.2010

Cool but will there still be a need for small cars? I mean during the recession and the increase in price of petrol I’d understand that small cars are better for mileage, but with all the technology that we have nowadays, will there still be a market for them? Will people still choose smaller cars over regular sized cars that produces pretty much the same mileage?

  (555) posted on 01.26.2010

What advancement they just did. It’s sale will surely boost because of the convenience that it offers. Although it seems small, it doesn’t matter because it will still give us a less stressful trip because of features like the audio control.

  (428) posted on 01.5.2010

Looks so cute, i wonder if the IQ passes the European car safety test.

  (859) posted on 01.5.2010

I’ve read this news last week I guess and to think that they’ll released it on an affordable price like that. I think traffic department will consider buying this IQ car coz’ it will be helpful for them especially on the violators on the road that you can spy using this latest innovation of Toyota.

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