• 2010 Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon Supreme"

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Leave it to Toyota to turn a seemingly ordinary mini-van into a stretched-out limousine whose interior looks more awesome than our living room. Such is the case with the Toyota Sienna ‘Swagger Wagon Supreme’, a 3.5-liter V6 engine minivan with a 6-speed automatic transmission that was recently unveiled at SEMA. Talk about rolling around town with swag.

Built and created with B.A.D. Company, the Swagger Wagon Supreme is everything we’ve always wanted in a minivan, nevermind, of course, that the vehicle has been stretched 44 inches. It’s not going to be the easiest car to bring to soccer practice, but it’s the perfect ride to use while waiting for the kids to finish kicking those balls around.

Before we get to the interior, Swagger Wagon Supreme’s exterior bears a few things that need to be talked about. Apart from getting stretched longer than a giraffe’s neck, the minivan-turned-mobile-office was also given its own suspension set-up and a set of 20-inch chrome wheels courtesy of KMC rims. The exterior also features a custom fabricated rear spoiler, shaved door handles on automatic sliding doors, a custom acrylic roof replacement that stretches a ridiculous eight-feet long, and custom chrome exhaust tips.

As for the interior, well, this is where it gets a lot more interesting. For starters, the tuned-up, stretched-out Sienna has custom seating with reversible cushions, a Spa seat that has a multi-function massage unit, a custom cabinetry with a veneer finish and a DuPont countertop, a glass-front refrigerator, two swiveling captain’s chairs in the passenger area, a 23-inch HP TouchSmart computer that’s been mounted on a custom bracket, an Xbox gaming console, a DVD player, and a custom JBL surround sound audio system.

Wrap yourselves around those features for a minute and after you’re done, check out the press release for the full details.

Press Release

Capitalizing on the success of the all-new 2011 Sienna SE and the popularity of the YouTube Swagger Wagon video that has attracted over seven million views, Toyota wanted to further re-examine the role of the minivan and push even harder against the traditional boundaries of the minivan identity. So, together with B.A.D. Company, Toyota has created the Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme for the 2010 SEMA Show. Even Sienna’s online community of fans was engaged in providing suggestions and making decisions for this special build.

The creation of the Swagger Wagon Supreme began with a 2011 Toyota Sienna SE V6 with interior attributes from a Sienna XLE. This special van was stretched and modified to create a functional family vehicle that firmly dismisses the notion that to drive a minivan is to sacrifice personal style in favor of family functionality. The Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme dutifully demonstrates the meaning of the 2011 Sienna slogan, “always for kids, now for parents too.”

2010 Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon Supreme" High Resolution Interior
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B.A.D. Company started the project by stretching the Sienna by nearly four feet (44 inches) and expanding the wheelbase to lengthen the interior cabin space and add more “swagger” on the outside. A custom acrylic roof replacement approximately eight feet long was installed to help bring in natural light and create a warm and stylish environment. An airbag suspension system was installed allowing ground clearance to range from 2.5 to 6.5 inches, maximizing curb appeal and providing appropriate ground clearance for day-to-day driving. The sporty SE theme was amplified with the installation of 20-inch chrome wheels designed by KMC around Nitto 255/40R20 tires in the rear and 245/45R20 tires in the front. Final exterior applications include a custom fabricated rear spoiler, shaved door handles on the automatic sliding doors, custom chrome exhaust tips, and a multiple-step exterior paint process employed by using a custom Blue Swagger Opal color applied over a pearlescent base.

The interior of the Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme was designed to provide functional versatility with two distinct environments: the quintessential experience for parents out for a fun evening or event without the kids; and all the utility of a traditional van with functional and aesthetic features for the entire family.

Among the modifications are functioning power windows on the stretched section of the vehicle allowing easy access to accessories in the passenger area. The custom seats feature reversible cushions for multiple tastes. On one side the cushions feature single-color leather for an upscale, adult look. Flip the cushion and you will find bright upholstered colors that appeal to the kids. The passenger area includes two swiveling captain’s chairs. One captain’s chair is also a “Spa Seat” equipped with a multi-function, programmable massage unit. A hideaway table can be folded out in between the captain’s chairs sitting area.

2010 Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon Supreme" High Resolution Interior
- image 380241

Complementing the seating area is custom cabinetry for added storage finished in cherry veneer with an integrated glass-front refrigerator and DuPont Corian countertop that can have multiple uses such as food and drink prep, a kid’s activity area, a mobile office, etc. The floor was lowered, leveled and finished in Brazilian cherry hardwood to provide a cozy environment for the family as well as for mom and dad.

Entertainment is in abundance inside and out. In addition to the many technological features found in the stock Sienna, the Swagger Wagon adds a 23-inch HP TouchSmart computer featuring multi-touch support in Windows 7, mounted on a custom bracket to allow for multiple viewing positions both inside and outside the vehicle; an Xbox 360 gaming system with DVD player; and a custom JBL audio system specifically designed and tuned by JBL sound engineers to provide a home theater atmosphere. The JBL system consists of the Toyota Original Equipment head unit through a JBL MS8 signal processor. It has 10 JBL GTO 428 speakers (eight in the main cabin and two more in the rear hatch), two JBL GTO 804 sub-woofers, and four amplifiers with 1700 watts of power.

In addition to the many aftermarket suppliers that contributed to the creation of the Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme, Toyota also recruited Sienna fans via Facebook to help with the project. Since the start of the build, the Facebook community has been asked to provide input, allowing them to vote on various items for the project. For example, the name “Swagger Wagon Supreme” was chosen by the Facebook community as well as the wheel design for the vehicle, and is currently voting on a name for the custom Blue color. Toyota will continue to provide frequent Facebook updates about the Swagger Wagon Supreme throughout the SEMA Show.
After SEMA, the Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme can also be seen at upcoming major auto shows including Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago.

2010 Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon Supreme" High Resolution Interior
- image 380243

Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme Features

• Base Vehicle: 2011MY Sienna SE & 2011MY Sienna XLE
• Performance: 3.5L V6 with 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
• Mechanical Modifications: Body extension of nearly 4 feet (44”)
• Airbag suspension system: ground clearance range from 2.5 to 6.5-inches
• 20-inch chrome wheels designed by KMC
• Nitto 255/40R20 tires in the rear and 245/45R20 in the front
• Functioning power windows on stretched section of vehicle
• Custom fabricated rear spoiler
• Multiple-step exterior paint process
• Shaved door handles on automatic sliding doors
• Custom acrylic roof replacement (approximately eight-feet long)
• Custom chrome exhaust tips
Interior & Audio
• Custom seating with reversible cushions
• Two swiveling captain’s chairs in passenger area
• “Spa Seat” equipped with a multi-function, programmable massage unit
• Foldable hide-away table in sitting area
• Custom cabinetry with a cherry veneer finish and DuPont countertop
• Glass-front refrigerator
• Lowered and leveled floor finished in Brazilian cherry hardwood
• 23”-inch HP TouchSmart computer mounted on a custom bracket allowing multiple viewing positions both inside and outside the vehicle
• Xbox gaming system with DVD player
• Custom JBL surround sound audio system
o Toyota Original Equipment head unit through a JBL MS8 signal processor
o Eight JBL GTO 428 speakers in the main cabin
o Two GTO 428 speakers in the rear hatch
o Two JBL GTO 804 sub-woofers
o Four amplifiers totaling1700 watts of power

Source: Toyota

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  (596) posted on 03.2.2012

On the exterior, I cannot help but think of an amusement ride. Should you look at the interior though, wow, the length’s certainly worth it. It is very exquisite, perfect for a mobile home I say.

  (577) posted on 02.6.2012

It was a great move for Toyota with this special limo. A limo with a consoles and an impressive sounds system made by the JBL. It was very luxurious especially the wooden floor which was very well-polished. I also love the lighting in the inside.

  (531) posted on 01.25.2012

I would say that among all the Toyota cars sold in the market, Sienna is the best. Buying this Sienna “Swagger Wagon Supreme” vehicle you hit the jackpot. The interior is very remarkable and is perfect for the family.

  (399) posted on 12.12.2011

It is really a superb van, and it is not definitely a minivan! smiley Well, everyone will surely love this vehicle, but they are right that it is undoubtedly too expensive on its market production because on that feature.

  (446) posted on 12.5.2011

It is really a ’WOW’! Sienna is absolutely for the whole family, and it is truly the dreamed van of everyone. Well, it is undoubtedly too expensive because on that features, but I’m also curious on its engine?

  (328) posted on 11.29.2011

Sienna is one of the luxurious and convenient vans that I saw today! smiley I’m so impressed with its amenities, which undoubtedly bring an expensive market priced on it. Anyway, I wonder if what is the engine specification of it?

  (776) posted on 10.26.2011

You must be kidding! It is not a minivan! Well, looking by its interior features, I must say that it seems that you still on your own house. Having a van like this is a very satisfying!

  (428) posted on 10.18.2011

It is definitely a limousine! Swagger is the most luxurious car that I saw, and it really had a very pleasing interior feature and amenities! Who would not love this van? but, surely it won’t really come cheap on its production.

  (453) posted on 10.17.2011

No wonder that this Swagger wagon supreme is in the limousine category. smiley Anyway, who would not like to have this kind of luxurious van? Even so, expect it to be too pricey guys... smiley

  (397) posted on 10.10.2011

Swagger Wagon Supreme is the dream van that I would love to have! smiley I wonder if it is already on the market? I’d love to see this in person, and I must say that I’m really impressed with it, well Toyota deserves lots of compliments on this van.

  (256) posted on 10.4.2011

This van is superb! smiley I would really love to have this kind of car. I can surely enjoy every minute inside of it. The amenities are so great and cool. I can easily unwind inside this car with no hassle.

  (830) posted on 09.23.2011

Are you sure that this is only a minivan? The article writer was only kidding about what they said smiley . Anyway, the interior is so fabulous and may I ask this, is it already on market production? I want to see this in person.

  (399) posted on 09.13.2011

V6 engine is quite good for it. Having this car, I can already live there! smiley It’s so nice to have a family van like this. So, ideal when your family plan an outing and camping, you could prepare your things with no hassle at all.

  (501) posted on 09.13.2011

This is superb! A home in your own car. What a cozy driving experience everyone could get.

  (300) posted on 09.6.2011

The writer of this article must be kidding, it is not a mini van, it is actually looks like a bus for me hahaha, kidding aside I’m so impressed with this family van. I wish I could have this for my family.

  (579) posted on 07.19.2011

I really love to have a simple family van. If ever I will have a car like this one, I guess it will be too much to ask for a better convenient van. All the looks even the utilities are simply amazing, it almost looks like a home. haha

  (630) posted on 07.7.2011

Is this a mini van?? haha it is not look like mini for me. I’m impressed with the spa section and the utilities inside this van. I would like to check it out personally.

  (392) posted on 03.12.2011

A stretched out limo! That’s so funny. Wait, I’m amazed with its interiors. Based from the description written on this post; it has a very cool spa unit. Which makes me wonder why its so special. I would like to stay on this car for couple of hours.

  (257) posted on 03.8.2011

What, you call this one a minivan? Looks more like a minibus to me. But then again, with all that added space, am I really supposed to be complaining.

  (398) posted on 02.28.2011

The Sienna’s score dropped because of slower acceleration, longer wet braking distances, less capable emergency handling, more ponderous routine handling, more noise, and a cheaper, less finished interior.

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