The Peugeot EX1 Concept’s hold on the electric vehicle speed record at the Nurburgring may soon be under siege by a Japanese automaker that’s looking to blow away the EX1’s record time of 9:01.1338.

The car comes courtesy of Toyota and while they’ve yet to say the official name of the EV racing prototype, they’ve made no bones about their intention of destroying the existing EV record lap time at the Green Hell on August 29, 2011.

According to Toyota, the EV Racer - we’ll call it that for now - comes with a 41.5 kWh lithium-ceramic battery that powers two electric motors, producing an output of 375 horsepower and 590 lb/ft of torque. The whole set-up allows the race car to hit 0-62 mph in just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 162 mph.

We’ll reserve our judgments until Toyota hits the Nurburgring for their record-breaking attempt because the EX1’s time for an EV is pretty impressive. Having said that, we’re pretty optimistic that they’ve got the resources to stake claim to the record once they’re attempts are all said and done.

UPDATE 08/30/2011: After over a month of anxiously awaiting the specific date for the attempt, we now hear that the Toyota EV Racer has finished with a record time of 7:47.79 - smashing the previous record of 9:01.338 established by the Peugeot EX1 Concept back in May 2011. With this time, the Toyota EV Racer created by Toyota Motorsports GmbH (TMG) can brag of being 30 seconds shy of times achieved by some great sports cars, like the Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, and Dodge Viper ACR.


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  (428) posted on 11.29.2011

It looks so exotic on its graphic design and there is really no doubt that it will truly break the records on its race. Well, it is now a good start for Toyota, knowing that they smash the record time of Peugeot.

  (714) posted on 09.27.2011

Racer car from Toyota EV Racer is no doubt to break the record. As I’ve seen different racer car this one is fully engine wise and functional. Definitely for long race.

  (242) posted on 09.22.2011

This is one of the cutest racing cars ever of Toyota products. I love the angst of this one. It seems this is breathtaking speed every time we race. 

  (452) posted on 09.12.2011

Hitting a 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds is a blasts! Now i wonder what would be the next of EV development.

  (328) posted on 09.5.2011

Same here. I love the improve performance of electric car. I was impressed to see these vehicles making a a speed record on the Nurburgring track. I think in no time electric car would be as great as the gasoline-powered vehicle.

  (342) posted on 09.5.2011

The demand and production for electric vehicle is quietly increasing. And also, I have to admit that the performance of these vehicles are getting better compare to its first debut. I’m really glad to see an impressive upgrade on its engine.

  (256) posted on 08.25.2011

I was interested on how does the Toyota have boost the figure performance of this car up to that figure ? The deliver power output is very remarkable just like a sportscar.

  (248) posted on 08.25.2011

I’m really doubt the performance of electric vehicle for I don’t find them fairly reliable. I have heard a racing event for EV, I wonder on how long do the race before it was finished?

  (595) posted on 08.25.2011

Beating what the EV done is a hard thing to do. We all know that EV electric car has good numbers when speaking on the performance. However, Toyota is one big manufacturer who can support the car financially. Because of that, the prototype of Toyota can be upgraded even the most costly tuning company.

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