Toyota’s participation at the Tokyo Motor Show will feature three new concepts. One of these concepts is called the Diji Concept, a futuristic take on a vehicle that that represents the Japanese automaker’s vision of seeing a future where "people, cars, and society are all linked."

If those words were a little hard to imagine, the first official photos of the Diji Concept will pretty much tell you what the car is all about. While official details behind the Fun-Vii are still being kept under wraps, the company has stated that the concept will have one unique quirk: a body that can be used to display images on BOTH the exterior and the interior.

Try picturing this scenario: the exterior of the Diji Concept will be able to display messages, images, and what-nots while the interior of the vehicle will feature ambient lighting that can match the "mood of the moment."

Other features of the Diji Concept include a cabin that can accommodate up to three people, a navigation information system that blends with the interior, and a network update function that pretty much allows you to keep all your software systems up to date. The concept also has a "memory" of its own, one that can connect to other vehicles, as well as friends driving nearby.

Talking about a concept that’s built specifically for the future, the Toyota Diji Concept fits all that to a tee. It’s like an extremely smart computer on wheels.


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  (427) posted on 01.12.2012

I love the concept og this car! really futuristic as i must say. This is something that I want to include on my garage. Please do produce this car! haha. I love the beautifully designed wheels of this car! smiley

  (858) posted on 12.21.2011

"A smart computer on wheels" It’s a WOW for me. It’s a very futuristic car with features that are hard to imagine. But well its just for a concept. I guess it’s truly promising.

  (419) posted on 12.8.2011

It really needs to be unique because on the fact that it is a futuristic concept vehicle. However, I truly don’t like the fact that it is on an electric motor, which is very unreliable for this generation.

  (447) posted on 12.5.2011

Wow! This concept is really unique, and I think its name is so appropriate on it because it is truly for fun only! smiley Anyway, Japanese automakers are notorious with a futuristic vehicle but have a weak output.

  (569) posted on 12.1.2011

What the hell is this? Is it an alien vehicle? Sorry but I’m really confused on its platform design, but I love the fact that it is a very high tech car which is undoubtedly an expensive car.

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