One of the most exciting races in the auto calendar is the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. You see some of the most unique race cars and you get treated to the kind of timed laps no other auto event in the calendar will give you.

This year, we’ve already seen some of the race cars that will be competing in the event, and now Toyota is jumping into the fold with their Pikes Peak offering, the Toyota Motorsports EV P002 prototype race car.

The EV P002 is based on the Radical sports car chassis and has been fitted with a 42-kWh lithium ceramic battery pack that’s charged by an off-board DC system, netting an output of 470 horsepower and 664 lb/ft of torque with a top speed of 149 mph. Pretty intense for an electric race car, right?

The competition at Pikes Peak is pretty intense, that much we know. But these boys clearly are no pushovers, having already made a name for themselves by with the EV P002’s predecessor, the EV P001, which incidentally set the fastest EV lap at the Nurburgring last year.

If the EV P001 was capable of that, it’s pretty exciting to think what it’s successor can do at Pikes Peak.


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