The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon is just chock full of tuning packages for the Toyota GT 86, or any of its sibling iterations. Next to the GT86 by TRD featured earlier, Toyota has also brought the GT 86 Modellista version to Japan. While both versions mostly focused on adding some flare to the small sports car, they both proved that the GT86 is the perfect car to upgrade, in any way the customer dreams or desires.

The Toyota GT 86 Modellista has received a new front spoiler, a new rear spoiler, and chrome door moldings. Both headlights and rear lights have been modified, with the headlights receiving eye lids to simplify the car’s front and the taillights receiving covers to blend with the rest of the car. The final touch for the exterior is a new set of 18" wheels wrapped in high performance tires and a very cool white exterior paint. There aren’t any details on the interior modifications, but stay with us and we’ll keep you posted!


Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (762) posted on 07.3.2012

I think what’s defective is already on GT 86. It’s not just compatible with Modellista’s tuning.

  (402) posted on 06.29.2012

I can see that Modellista tried their best, but this is still not enough to please me.

  (630) posted on 05.31.2012

There’s a lot of work to apply in the Toyota GT 86. Modellista tuning programs were fair enough and can make its man contended with its performance. 

  (314) posted on 05.30.2012

Modellista should have worked on its design more. It’s clear that the said aspect is what’s most lacking with their modification.

  (558) posted on 03.13.2012

Recently, most of the modifications are actually good. I wonder what they could do to this car since its style is kind of bland.

  (377) posted on 03.1.2012

Just like the GT 86 of Toms, this also receives the enhancements of front and rear spoilers and chrome door. It has 18” of wheels and 2” difference with the GT 86 of Toms.

  (397) posted on 02.10.2012

This concept is simple yet astonishing on look. The luxurious of this car will be visible on roads and highways. The body paint is very neat on style and aggressive on style.

  (517) posted on 02.7.2012

I want to know the exterior and interior detailing as well as the engine specs of. How much is the production cost of this?

  (539) posted on 01.25.2012

Elegance on style. It would be a dream come true if most of this car will be visible on the roads and highways. Headlights are modified, rear and front. This Toyota GT is on its way to success.

  (428) posted on 01.20.2012

Modellista made this car look so impressive on its simple detailing. Anyway I am looking forward to see more photos of this car by Toyota, both interior and exterior.

  (441) posted on 01.19.2012

The features of this car is pretty amazing. It has a lot to offer but i will still wait for the interior modification of it. I’ll keep myself

  (595) posted on 01.18.2012

it looks simple to me, usual and typical coupe as well. I am pretty sure that I have seen cars alike with this. Moreover, I will keep myself hook
with this article.

  (517) posted on 01.17.2012

It is such a neat color body paint for this model. And i’m looking forward to know about the exterior and interior detailing and also the engine specs. I’d like to imagine how this car works when it comes to speed performance.

  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

You should really keep us posted. I am looking forward to know about the engine specs of this car as well as its exterior and interior designs. Moreover, I found its headlights quite cool for its ecstatic body paint.

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