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The Toyota Sienna will be well-represented at the 2014 SEMA Auto Show. Who saw that coming, right? But stranger things have happened, especially when it comes to SEMA. So prepare yourselves for two improbably cool Sienna mini-vans, one of which is the Sienna DUB Edition.

The Sienna DUB Edition comes by way of DUB Magazine to the world’s biggest aftermarket auto show. I’m not here to compare the two DUB creations because they’re two different models. But it’s hard not to compare the Sienna DUB Edition with the Sienna:Remix.

The two models are essentially similar in a lot of ways, not the least of which is they’re proclivity to make our ears bleed with their massive audio systems. But the Sienna:Remix has completely dedicated itself to being a audio box, leaving out a host of the Sienna’s core features, including the rear seats. Last I checked, those are still pretty important.

By contrast, the Sienna DUB Edition offers a more realistic setup. For one, the seats are still there and the interior’s actually dressed up quite impressively. DUB Magazine also spent time working on the Sienna’s exterior looks, adding plenty of new details, including a wide-body kit and a lowered suspension, turning the normally mundane minivan into a sporty and aggressive people hauler. Oh, and the DUB Edition audio system is pretty sweet, too. It’s not as hardcore as the one in the Sienna:Remix, but it still comes with a generous amount of high-end audio technology.

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2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 574479

DUB wanted to give the Sienna the "DUB look," which apparently consists of giving the minivan an aggressive new look that’s a far departure from its normal mild-mannered appearance. The first thing DUB did was give it an eye-catching custom Galaxy Grey exterior finish from BASF. From there, the magazine installed a custom wide-body kit, smoked taillights, tinted windows, and a DUB Edition mesh grille.

Rounding out the exterior upgrades is a set of 22-inch TIS536 concave wheels wrapped in Nitto 420S tires.


2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Interior
- image 574477

Not counting the audio system, the interior is where you’ll see the biggest difference between the Sienna DUB Edition and the Sienna:Remix. Whereas the latter didn’t have a whole lot of design to go with the audio setup, the former actually features a host of upgrades, including diamond-quilted black-and-white leather seats with color-matched accents, embossed DUB Edition headrests, an LED-illuminated headliner panel with splashes of black suede, and six Advent headrest monitors. For what it’s worth, this is a sharper dress up than anything we’ve seen on the Sienna.

Obviously, the real highlight of the interior is the DUB Edition audio system, which is made up of six amplifiers, four subwoofers, eight speakers, and a fiberglass enclosure with leather and painted accents.


2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Interior
- image 574478

The Sienna DUB Edition doesn’t have any performance upgrades, so expect to see the same 3.6-liter, V-6 engine that produces 266 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque. Those are pretty stout figures for a minivan made even more impressive by the fact that it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph is about eight seconds.

The lack of engine upgrades didn’t stop DUB from installing a new, height-adjustable suspension system, creating a look that’s further emphasized by the wheels, and the StopTech calipers and TRD Big Brake kit.


2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 574481

Let’s do the hypothetical math on this one. Supposing you get the base trim of the Sienna, you’ll have to pay $28,600 for that model. Once you add all of the custom features from DUB Edition, I’m guessing that the amount goes up to about $60,000. Now if you get the top-of-the-line version of the Sienna at $46,000, expect the fully customized price to reach close to $90,000.


2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 574473

Given a choice between the Sienna DUB Edition and the Sienna:Remix, I wouldn’t take more than a few seconds to pick the DUB Edition. It looks better — the Galaxy Grey body color is a treat to the eyes — and it has far more real-world functions than the Sienna:Remix.

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Press Release

DUB Magazine’s latest creations, the DUB Edition Sienna and DUB Edition Yaris, will be on display this year at Toyota’s 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) booth highlighting the versatility of Toyota’s vehicles.

2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Interior
- image 574475

“We’re thrilled with how both of these project vehicles turned out,” said Toyota Engagement Marketing and Motorsports National Manager Steve Appelbaum. “Myles Kovacs and the team at DUB have created two stunning vehicles that speak to the different ways our cars can be personalized in the hands of creative artists.”

The most striking modification to both the DUB Edition Sienna and Yaris is the customized widebody fender flares that dramatically change their profiles. The “DUB look” is aggressive yet clean at the same time. “We wanted these two cars to be wider, sleeker and lower, yet modest enough to look as if they rolled out of the factory this way,” said Kovacs. Designed by DUB and built by 3D Conceptz, the Sienna widebody kit allows for larger 22” x 10.5” TIS536 wheels. On the Yaris, DUB collaborated with TS Designs to replace the front and rear fenders to accommodate a set of 20” x 10” Dropstars DS643 wheels. Featuring a lower suspension setup, TRD Big Brake Kits and custom paint jobs, both vehicles exude the signature swagger for which DUB’s builds are known.

2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Interior
- image 574477

Both the Sienna and Yaris feature custom interiors including carbon-fiber and color-matched accents, aftermarket headliners and new seats. The star of their interiors is the DUB Edition audio package. In the Sienna, this includes six amps, 12 speakers, a custom fiberglass enclosure and six headrest monitors. The Yaris packs in three amps, six speakers, a custom fiberglass enclosure and an iPad to control the system.

When asked what his vision was when designing the pair of vehicles, Kovacs explained that his mindset was “to take it as an art form and express something that I would want to drive every day.”

The DUB Edition Sienna and Yaris can be seen November 4-7 in the Toyota display booth (#24700) located in the Central Hall at the 2014 SEMA Show.

DUB Edition Sienna Specs (Built by 3D Conceptz)
2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Toyota Sienna DUB Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 574479

Custom Galaxy Grey paint by BASF
Custom widebody
DUB Edition mesh grille
Smoked rear taillights
Tinted windows


Custom lowered
StopTech calipers
TRD Big Brake Kit

Wheels and Tires:

22” x 10.5” TIS536 concave wheels
295/30/22 Nitto 420S tires


Black & white leather seats with diamond pattern
Color-matched accents
Embossed DUB Edition headrests
LED-illuminated headliner panel with black suede

Sound System:

Complete DUB Edition Audio:
Amps: two DUBa4100, two DUBa11000D, two DUBa1450
Subwoofers: four DUBw12
Speakers: four DUBS265, four DUBS257
Fiberglass enclosure with leather & painted accents
Six Advent headrest monitors

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Press release
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