Toyota has brought five vehicles that have been customized by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) to SEMA this year in Las Vegas. All five vehicles represent Toyota’s most popular vehicles with a twist just for SEMA. One such vehicle is the Toyota Avalon – the automakers flagship, midsize sedan. This year the Avalon, like all of the other SEMA-edition vehicles, was built to fuel the imagination of consumers and industry professionals, while allowing Toyota to gain feedback on what people generally think of the modifications and accessories.

As a production model, the Avalon has always had a sporty exterior design, reasonable performance and has always carried the best technology Toyota has to offer. This year, Toyota’s midsize sedan comes to SEMA in XLE Touring trim, with exclusive modifications from TRD that include updates to the exterior, suspension, and even a few performance upgrades.

At first glance, the 2015 Avalon doesn’t look too extreme. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t be surprised once we get a full look at this machine in the metal. If you remember correctly, back in 2013, the TRD had its hand in modifying the 2012 Avalon for SEMA, and it did a fine job. So, did TRD and Toyota do as good of a job on this model? Read on to find out for yourself.

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  • 2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition
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    6 sec. (Est.)
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    155 mph (Est.)
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2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Like the other TRD models brought to SEMA this year, the TRD Avalon has special edition Silver Pearl paint. Outside of the special edition paint, the Avalon received a custom, chin spoiler up front that accents the large, lower grille, and – based on its design – might provide a tiny bit of downforce to the front. Below the doors, the rocker panels have been garnished with aero-inspired side skirts that really add to the already sporty look of the body. The most remarkable part of the body kit is the rear diffuser that is partially painted Silver Pearl, with the lower portion painted flat black. The lower fins on the rear diffuser accent the dual-tipped exhaust pipes that exit from the corners of the rear fascia.

Outside of this mild body kit and the special paint, there are no other modifications to the body itself. The car did receive TRD performance tuned struts on all four corners and TRD lowering springs that drop the overall ride height by 1.5-inches in the front and rear. To tie the whole package together, the car rides on 19-by-9-inch TRD performance wheels that are painted bronze and fitted with 255-series, 19-inch tires.


2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Interior
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Inside, the TRD Avalon is widely untouched. The car is equipped with black leather seats that have the TRD logo embroidered on them. Otherwise, it has the same center console, instrument cluster and entertainment system found in the production model 2015 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring. Granted, TRD is primarily about performance, but I expected to see more than a TRD embroidered logo on the seats.


2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Given TRD had its hands all over this Avalon, I expected to see a press release boasting lots of performance upgrades. That isn’t the case, however, as the only drivetrain performance upgrade we know of for sure is a performance, cat-back dual-exhaust system. Given the upgrades that were added to the 2012 TRD Avalon at SEMA back in 2013, I suspect the engine has at least been fitted with a supercharger. A performance intake and special tuning of the computer would certainly push the 3.5-liter V-6 well past the 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque found from production models. With those modifications, top speed would be pushed into the 140 mph range, while the 0-to-60 time should hit at least 6-seconds flat, if not a little better.


2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 654048

So far, this TRD Avalon appears to be extremely mild compared to what I expected to see. I didn’t expect any wild body modifications really, but I did expect to hear more about engine upgrades and some increased performance numbers. Even the 2012 TRD Avalon was supercharged, so I’m really hoping they followed suit with this model and forgot to mention it. The body kit and suspension are certainly a nice touch, and I really like the look of the bronze wheels with the Silver Pearl paint. It is hard to believe that the most extreme upgrade to the TRD Avalon is a performance suspension system and a cat-back exhaust system.

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Press Release

The five Toyota Racing Development (TRD) vehicles on display at Toyota’s 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show booth are designed to inspire the imagination of industry professionals and consumers alike. Toyota is looking for actual feedback on these sporty machines.

2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 654048

The five SEMA Edition TRD vehicles—representing a cross-section of five of Toyota’s most popular sedans, SUVs and crossovers—have been modified for sportier good looks and more responsive handling. The quintet is comprised of a SEMA Edition TRD Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander and Land Cruiser.

“We think our SEMA Edition TRD vehicles will surprise many,” said Steve Appelbaum, National Engagement Marketing Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “These concepts are hot—dare we say sexy—vehicles that are equal parts show and go.”

All of the SEMA Edition TRD concepts feature special edition Silver Pearl paint on the exterior and custom TRD embroidery inside. In addition, all but the Land Cruiser sport a front chin spoiler, aero-inspired rocker panels and rear-end diffuser treatment.

Just as each model plays a different role in the Toyota lineup, each of the SEMA Edition TRD vehicles boasts unique modifications designed to enhance its sporty looks and driving dynamics.

SEMA Edition TRD Avalon
For 20 years, the Toyota Avalon has set the benchmark for the premium midsize sedan category. Toyota’s flagship sedan features an elegant yet athletic exterior design, dynamic performance, and a high level of refinement and technology. The Avalon has proven popular with drivers and passengers alike, allowing them to go places in style and comfort.

2015 Toyota TRD Avalon SEMA Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 654049

Based on the production 2015 Avalon XLE Touring, the SEMA Edition TRD Avalon builds on this winning formula with TRD lowering springs that reduce the vehicle’s ride height by 1.5 inches both front and rear, TRD performance-tuned struts all around, TRD custom free-flow cat-back performance dual exhaust with quad tips, and TRD decklid badging.

The SEMA Edition TRD Avalon rides on 255/35/19 tires wrapped around bronze 19×9-inch TRD performance wheels.

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