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The Toyota S-FR concept was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show as a compact, entry-level sports car that "aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving." Should the concept spawn a production model, the S-FR will slot below the GT 86/Scion FR-S as a hard-top competitor for the Mazda MX-5. Until that happens, Toyota unveiled yet another version of the sports car, this time around prepared for the race track.

Built in collaboration with Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s motorsport division, the S-FR Racing concept aims for a more aggressive look thanks to its race-prepped body kit and lightweight design. Details are scant as of this writing, but Toyota confirmed that the concept car will make its public debut at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon on January 15th, when more information should be released.

As with the road-going model, there’s no word as to whether the racing concept will be greenlighted for production. Stay tuned to TopSpeed for updates on this tiny race car.

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2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Although its shape and size are identical to the road-going model, the S-FR Racing concept stands out thanks to a comprehensive aerodynamic package that includes everything a car needs to become a full-fledged racer.

Up front, the coupe received a new grille with an additional intake below the "Toyota" emblem, a large splitter and a pair of canards where the foglamps are on the road car. Both the splitter and the canards are made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The engine hood now features a pair of quick-release pins near the headlamps. Although everything else remained unchanged, these modifications give the S-FR Racing a more aggressive stance.

The engine hood now features a pair of quick-release pins near the headlamps.

Things get rather wild around back, where the coupe gained a massive diffuser, a center-mounted exhaust pipe, aerodynamic winglets on each side of the bumper, and a large wing. The sides were also revised for racing, now featuring aerodynamic side skirts, slender mirrors, and lightweight, black-painted wheels wrapped in racing rubber. The concept also switched from body-colored to black door handles and had its fuel cap moved on the C-pillar. Naturally, the coupe sits much closer to the ground and if Gazoo Racing is serious about this project, it should have a race-spec belly pan as well.

Overall, the Kei car proportions of the S-FR make this racer look a bit strange, especially with that massive wing at the rear, but it’s the kind of appearance that hints toward huge amounts of downforce and a car that should stay glued to the track.


2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Toyota has yet to release photos of the interior, but the road car provides plenty of hints as to what the race version might look like on the inside. Considering Gazoo Racing doesn’t joke around when it comes to its race cars, the S-FR Racing is likely to have a no-nonsense cockpit with only the dashboard borrowed from the road-going version. Everything else was either removed or replaced with lightweight components, such as racing seats, plain door panels, and a flat-bottom steering wheel. A bespoke instrument cluster is also likely to have been installed.


2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Much like the S-FR, the Racing concept’s engine is a complete mystery, but judging by the size of the vehicle and given Toyota’s current strategy for sports cars it’s safe to assume the coupe carries a small-displacement unit under the hood. My best guess is Gazoo has developed a few racing internals for the 1.5-liter four-pot the S-FR is rumored to receive and increased its output from 100 to around 150 horsepower. A race-spec manual transmission is also likely to replace the road car’s six-speed gearbox. Along with a more powerful drivetrain, the S-FR Racing should also feature a sportier suspension and enhanced brake rotors and calipers at all four corners. We should find out more about that in January 2016.


2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Although it’s only a concept car for now, it’s the kind of study that has everything it needs to go into production. The main issue here is that the road-legal vehicle it is based on has yet to be confirmed for mass production, but the recent rumors about Toyota planning to offer a sports car smaller than the GT 86 suggest that this race car will become available to privateers sooner than later. The bad news is Toyota will likely choose to sell it in Japan only, where the S-FR might get a one-make racing series in the future. Still, the fact that Toyota developed two version of its compact coupe in such a short time could very well mean that the Japanese are very serious about building a global competitor for the Mazda Miata.

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With its sporty yet simple design, the Toyota S-FR turned heads when it made its global premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Now, Toyota GAZOO Racing plans to reimagine the concept as a track-ready race car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, a customized-car exhibition running from January 15 through 17.

2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Alongside the new Toyota S-FR concept, Toyota will be exhibiting two new souped-up minivans: the Voxy G’s Concept and Noah G’s Concept.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept

With wide flared fenders, eye-catching hood vents, and use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic canards and front/rear spoilers, this concept represents Toyota’s vision of the S-FR as a performance vehicle born for the racing circuit. While the model displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show had simple, familiar styling, the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept aims for a more aggressive look.

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