NASCAR’s Kyle Busch designs his own Toyota Camry

One of the best-selling sedans in the United States in recent decades, the Camry is known mainly for its solid quality, good bang for the buck, and excellent reliability. It was never among the best looking vehicles in its niche and needless to say, Toyota received a lot of heat for that. This changed with the latest-generation Camry, which arrived with a decidedly sportier exterior design that borrows a few cues from the premium Lexus brand. The new styling was immediately transferred onto the NASCAR race car, which was used by four different teams and driven by more than 15 drivers during the 2017 season. Among them is Kyle Busch, who designed a custom Camry for the 2017 SEMA Show.

In second place in the Sprint Cup standings as of November 1, Busch teamed up with Chuck Gafrarar of Chuck G Fabrication, who collaborated with NASCAR race teams since 2002, to give already eye-catching sedan a bit of a twist design-wise. Busch also delved into the Toyota parts bin for performance-enhancing upgrades and called his creation the "Rowdy Edition II." If you’re not familiar with the term, Busch uses the nickname "Rowdy" after Days of Thunder character Rowdy Burns. He’s actually nicknamed "Shrub," as the younger brother of Kurt Busch (a shrub is a smaller bush, get it?), but let’s face it, the Camry Shrub Edition doesn’t sound as appealing.

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What makes the Toyota Camry Busch special

  • Standard black paint
  • Chrome roof and front grille accents
  • NASCAR-inspired Ducktail spoiler
  • "Rowdy" badges
  • Soft leather upholstery
  • Chrome and carbon-fiber trim
  • Red contrast stitching
  • AEM cold-air intake
  • TRD exhaust system
2018 Toyota Camry Rowdy Edition II Exterior
- image 741839
Chrome roof
The roof, and front bumper trim are finished in chrome, which provides a great contrast with the black exterior

Despite being modded by a NASCAR driver, this Toyota Camry is not significantly more aggressive than the production model. Sure, it has just enough features to stand out, but it’s more like the kind of sedan Kyle Busch would drive to the supermarket rather than a track-prepped four-door. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting take on the sleek, new Camry. Although Busch decided to go with the factory black paint instead of a fancy hue, the A-pillars, the roof, and front bumper trim are finished in chrome, which provides a great contrast with the dark appearance of the car.

The only significant change to the production form of the new Camry is the custom, ducktail-style spoiler on the trunk lid. The element is obviously inspired from NACAR and has visible mounting rivets. The exterior is rounded off by oval "Rowdy Edition II" badges on the trunk lid and front doors.

2018 Toyota Camry Rowdy Edition II Interior
- image 741846
Chrome and carbon-fiber trim
Busch updated the interior too, adding smooth leather instead of the Camry's standard upholstery

Busch updated the interior too, adding smooth leather instead of the Camry’s standard upholstery. The sedan also has brushed-metal trim on the dashboard, center console, and door panels, as well as silver accents on the seats. The contrast created with the overall black cabin is similar to the exterior. However, the interior sports an additional splash of color through the red stitching and the red "Rowdy" lettering and stripes on the seats. The sedan also features carbon-fiber trim, which is rather unusual for a Camry.

As far as performance updates go, Busch kept things simple and added just an AEM intake and a TRD exhaust. So there aren’t any horsepower and acceleration gains, but it’s likely that the sedan now has a more aggressive exhaust note.

Although not as spectacular as other SEMA Show concepts, the Rowdy Edition II is one of those cars that blends flashy and motorsport-inspired elements in a subtle and cool way. I’d definitely like to see this show car make it into production as a limited-edition model for NASCAR fans.


Toyota Camry

2018 Toyota Camry
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2017 SEMA Show – Preview
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Debuting at Toyota’s 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show display, Kyle Busch’s all-new 2018 Camry brings a little bit of “rowdy” to the party. Busch is affectionately known as Rowdy, so it makes sense to badge his SEMA Camry the “Rowdy Edition II.”

“Historically, one of the Camry’s strengths is its overall quality and reliability,” said Steve Curtis, vice president of media and engagement marketing for Toyota Motor North America. “With the introduction of the all-new 2018 model, we’ve shown the world that we aren’t afraid to also bring eye-catching design and performance into the fold."

“Part of our NASCAR driver challenge is exploring the Camry’s wild side,” he added. “Who better to do that than Kyle ‘Rowdy’ Busch, and where better to do it than SEMA?”

Busch teamed up with Chuck Gafrarar of Chuck G Fabrication in Concord, N.C., for the build. Gafrarar is no stranger to the world of NASCAR, having collaborated with race teams since 2002.

Busch delved into the Toyota parts bin to enhance the new car’s performance. An AEM intake, and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) exhaust help the motor breathe. Busch’s Camry keeps its factory black paint scheme and stays faithful to the 2018’s original factory lines, to which Busch has added his own personal racing flair.

“I have always liked the ‘metal industrial’ look that points to good,old hardcore fabrication,” Gafrarar said. “I like to make things from whole flat sheets of material, whether it be aluminum, steel or stainless.”

Busch’s Camry features metallic finishes on the A-pillars, roof, front bumper trim, and a custom ducktail rear wing. And of course, it would be tough to miss the custom “Rowdy Edition II” badging on the trunk lid and front doors. The interior features smooth leather to echo the 2018 Camry’s refined nature, with brushed-metal trim accents and just a sprinkling of carbon fiber.

“From the beginning, we knew this car was going to be the Camry Rowdy Edition II,” Busch said. “So the builder and I wanted to see just how rowdy we could get!"

Kyle Busch’s Custom Camry—along with numerous other Toyota specialty vehicles—can be found in the Toyota display booth (#24800) in Central Hall and on the Patio Annex of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Oct. 31- Nov. 3, 2017.

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