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Most Badass Truck On Earth Now With An Earth-Threatening Name - Toyota HiLux Has Become Invincible

50 years have passed since the introduction of the first Toyota HiLux. The Japanese company is celebrating this wonderful achievement with the production of the limited-edition HiLux Invincible 50 which will be available in the U.K. from the 1st of November.

The new HiLux Invincible 50 comes with an assortment of upgrades that dramatically improve the looks, increase its capabilities, and once again demonstrate the “tough as nails” character of the most badass truck in the world.

This is the truck that conquered everything and proved time and again that it is the only vehicle to be a perfect companion in a calm Swedish village, a tool in the remote parts of Mongolia, and a freaking war machine in Africa. It can do it all. Celebrating the 50th anniversary with a version like this is the least Toyota can do. Well, I have to tell you that this is not the only way Toyota is celebrating the HiLux anniversary. It actually unveiled a whole set of Invincible vehicles and provided a trim called the Invincible x.

This particular model - the Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 was created in cooperation with Arctic Trucks - an Island-based company famed for its extraordinary transformation of HiLux trucks into incredibly worthy off-road machines. You may have heard about this company as they’ve actually crafted trucks that the TopGear team used to reach the North Pole. They were HiLuxes too.


2018 Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 Exterior
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As it turns out, the Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 has a couple of unique touches on its body. First of all, all trucks planned for production will be painted black. I dig that because I am one of those guys who thinks that black is the only right color for a car.

More importantly, black is reminiscent of that SR5 Toyota truck from the movie “Back to the Future.”

Honestly, I didn’t remember this movie at all, but while I was researching the HiLux, I stumbled on this fact. The lights on that movie truck are quite impressive - as are the lights on this latest Toyota HiLux truck.

Other impressive exterior features include a powerful, black rollover bar that improves the truck’s visual appearance and increases safety. The changes therefore include “the wider front and rear fenders, a double-hoop sports bar upon which are mounted four high-power Vision X LED lights, mudflaps, a tough Line-X bed liner and more.”

2018 Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 Exterior
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Personally, I find the new wheels and tires important. Although I feel like this could fit into my “suspension part” of this article, the legs of this cool beast actually are 16×7.5 alloys finished in satin black, wrapped in 265/75-series BF Goodrich all-terrain tires.

The tires and wheels like this alone make the truck far more exciting and adventurous.

All in all, exterior upgrades do include wide fenders, a double-hoop sports bar, Vision X LED lights, and a specially designed Line X bed liner.


2018 Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 Interior
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Curiously enough, Arctic Trucks did not visit the interior.

In fact, the only upgrades here are plaques that read “Built by Arctic trucks” as well as some cozy equipment such as the automatic air-con and rear privacy glass.

This truck feels curiously close to a watered down version of the PaxPower Ford F-150 Raptor. For Europe, of course. Although seriously badass, the HiLux Invincible 50 packs cool safety gear including the Toyota Safety Sense with Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Warning and Road Sign Assist, cruise control, dusk-sensing headlights, Toyota Touch 2 with Go infotainment, and Smart Entry.


2018 Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 Exterior
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Let me tell you right away, if you are looking here for some insane power, just don’t.

This Toyota Hilux is powered by a small 2.4-liter turbodiesel engine that develops 148 horsepower.

It is a small four-cylinder engine. Not exactly a powerhouse, is it?

However, additions like Bilstein suspension that increased ground clearance by 40 mm at the front and 20 mm at the back grant even more confidence in the Toyota HiLux Invincible 50’s off-road capabilities. Obviously, the whole aura this vehicle projects is quite impressive and leans heavily on the off-road side of things.

Final Thoughts

2018 Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 Exterior
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Toyota will produce only 50 units of the HiLux Invincible 50.

The birthday celebration is, it seems, confined to the U.K. shores as this particular version will be offered only in the U.K. Nowhere else.

Orders are open from the 1st of November, so you may still be able to order one. Act fast.

Although subtly improved, the Toyota HiLux Invincible 50 most certainly represents an obvious improvement over the stock Toyota-only HiLux. This one, with clear ties to one of the best off-road truck tuners, has off-road proves one could only experience with giants such as HiLux itself. Arctic Truck made it as badass as it needs to be. I am not sure about the price yet, but as the Invincible X Limited Edition starts at 32,485 British pounds ($42,120), I can imagine this being at least five grand ($6,500) more expensive. After all, only 50 units will ever be built. This alone makes it expensive.

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Safet Satara
About the author

The Toyota Hilux’s first 50 years have been packed with achievement, its status as a world-beating machine confirmed by feats such as the conquest of both North and South Poles, scaling the slopes of an erupting volcano and surviving ordeals of fire, water and explosives courtesy of the Top Gear television programme. To mark this exceptional half-century, Toyota has created a new and exclusive Hilux, the Hilux Invincible 50.

This special edition, for public sale, has been engineered in partnership with Arctic Trucks, the Iceland-based specialists in extreme terrain driving. Appropriately, just 50 individually numbered examples will be available for UK customers.

The modifications include a performance suspension system by Arctic Trucks and Bilstein. The new 16 x 7.5 ET05 alloy wheels are specific to the Invincible 50, finished in satin black with a machined lip and fitted with 265/75R16 BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tyres.

The special wheel and tyre combination gives Hilux even greater off-road capability, with more ground clearance (the vehicle is raised by 40mm at the front and 20mm at the rear), added articulation and increased approach and departure angles. This is not to the detriment of smooth and confident on-road performance.

New styling features include bespoke, wider front and rear wing treatments that amplify the vehicle’s raised stance and muscular character. A double-hoop sports bar is fitted over the vehicle bed, providing a raised platform for a battery of four high-power Vision X lights. These multi-source LED units project a smooth and powerful light over a great distance, on all driving terrains.

Other details include rear Arctic Trucks mudflaps, rear parking sensors, a tough Line-X bed liner and classic Toyota tailgate graphic. A numbered Invincible 50 plaque is featured in the cabin. Invincible 50 chrome badging and detailing are featured on the wings, wheels, doors, tailgate, sports bar, lighting and interior. All vehicles are finished in black paintwork.

In other aspects the Invincible 50 matches the specification of the standard Hilux Invincible, a double-cab model powered by a 148bhp 2.4-litre turbodiesel engine with six-speed automatic transmission. Key equipment features include Toyota Safety Sense with Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Warning and Road Sign Assist, cruise control, dusk-sensing headlights, Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia system with navigation and connectivity for accessing web-based apps, automatic air conditioning, smart entry and start and rear privacy glass.

Order books for the new Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 will open on 1 November with customer deliveries through December into the New Year. The price – to be announced shortly – will be accessible for genuine Hilux enthusiasts, notwithstanding the model’s bespoke engineering and high equipment specification.

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