This sports car from the future comes with augmented reality and a unique cockpit

The 2019 Toyota e-Racer is a futuristic, open-cockpit sports car concept inspired by the world of racing. Unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the 2019 e-Racer stands out through three features. It has a sleek and aerodynamic design, the passenger seat is placed behind the driver’s, and it features augmented reality and a special pair of digital glasses. It was developed in cooperation with Gazoo Racing and it’s not scheduled to go into production.


  • Single-seater design
  • Not very aerodynamic
  • No windshield
  • Big roll bar
  • Boat-tail-style rear end
  • Two-tone finish
  • Aero wheels
  • Extremely slim lights
2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868271
The e-Racer boasts an open cockpit design inspired by Formula One and Indy race cars

The e-Racer boasts an open cockpit design that’s usually specific to Formula One and Indy race cars. However, the main body is wider at the front and in the center, while the race-specific side pods were replaced by proper side skirts. The front fascia isn’t as pointy though, while the lower element features some sort of splitter and a dent that houses an illuminated "Toyota" emblem.

The front fenders are separated from the body, just like on pre-WWII cars or current single-seater race cars.

Thin LED stripes placed on the front of the fenders act as headlamps.

The profile is sleek and sports flowing lines from front to rear. The design isn’t very aerodynamic though, mainly due to the flattened nose and the lack of a proper windshield. There’s also a big rollover hoop that starts from both sides of the skirts and extends above the cockpit. This device may act as an aero feature as well, since air can pass through it in the areas where the doors should be. The wheels have a futuristic and an almost closed-off design, a construction automakers usually adopt in order to improve aerodynamics.

2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868274
The rear section reminds me of pre-WWII "boat-tail" cars that have pointy fascias and lack a proper trunk.

Just like the front end, a diffuser-like element extends from the body and includes an illuminated badge. The rear fenders are also separated from the body and feature thin LED taillights shaped like the letter C.

Needless to say, this concept car looks interesting to say the least and its small size and body suggest a very low curb weight.


  • Simple layout
  • Central driver seat
  • Central passenger seat
  • Race-spec steering wheel
  • Small display on wheel
  • Digital glasses
  • Augmented reality
  • Roll bar with display for the passenger
2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868277

The e-Racer’s cockpit is as minimalist as they get, but it’s also unique compared to modern production cars. That’s because it has the layout of a single seater, with the driver’s seat in the center, but it features a passenger seat behind it.

The steering wheel, which features just the side areas you usually hold for grip, is obviously inspired by the world of racing.

The horizontal spokes are covered by a digital display that shows data in a futuristic way. Unfortunately, there’s no info about that. The button that starts the drivetrain is also located on the steering wheel.

2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868278

But by far the most interesting thing here is that the e-Racer comes with a pair of "special digital glasses" that lets you see info such as current speed, gear selection, and battery status. More importantly, they also have an augmented reality function that simulates various scenarios, including a race, traveling through a futuristic city, and even an underwater driving situation. I guess it’s like playing virtual reality games in a car.

The rear passenger can benefit from the same augmented reality experience thanks to a display and headset mounted on the back of the roll bar.

When it comes to technology, the e-Racer is quite the cool vehicle.


  • No actual info
  • It could be all electric
  • Autonomous driving tech?
  • Looks too small for a high-capacity battery
2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868270

Toyota had nothing to say about the e-Racer’s drivetrain, but given that the digital glasses display battery status, it’s safe to say that it’s electrified.

It's most likely a full EV since a gasoline engine wouldn't really fit under the body given the configuration.

The Japanese company also stressed that the e-Racer was designed to demonstrate that sports cars will remain exciting despite the fact that they will drop conventional engines for electric motor and batteries and feature autonomous driving technology.


2019 Toyota e-Racer Concept
- image 868274

In a world where most concept cars are based on production models as far as body styles go, the e-Racer and its single-seater layout is a breath of fresh air. Of course, such a design wouldn’t be very practical for road use, but it’s a cool design option for a race car. The unique cockpit layout is just as cool, as it places the passenger at the center of the car and enables it to experience the same thrills as the driver. Sadly, the e-Racer won’t go into production, so you’ll just have to settle for the pictures and maybe seeing the concept up close in a museum in the future. The good news is that the augmented reality technology featured in cabin will make it into production cars sometime in the future.

  • Leave it
    • No drivetrain information
    • Won’t go into production
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