• 2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept

The electric crossover will come with a dual-motor setup and an all-wheel-drive system

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Toyota has revealed the bZ4X electric crossover concept. Kicking off the new ‘Beyond Zero’ series for the Japanese automaker, this concept looks to be a spiritual successor to the RAV4. More than the product itself, this reveal was all about the bZ series of vehicles, a prefix that will be used on the company’s upcoming electric vehicles. The bZ4X is based on a BEV platform that Toyota has co-developed with Subaru, and it will feature an all-wheel-drive system.

Toyota bZ4X Exterior

2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept Exterior
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The bZ4X looks very similar to the RAV4. It looks even sharper and bolder, courtesy of the cuts and creases all around. The production version could be slightly toned down, but not very much different than what we see here. It has a long wheelbase with short overhangs which will result in a spacious cabin. The concept also rides on large wheels here. Overall, there seems to be a lot of Lexus-design touches here and we will wait to see how the production-spec model will look like.

Toyota bZ4X Interior

2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept Interior
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The cabin follows an open-concept theme. It doesn’t look as minimalistic as the pure-bred EVs you see today. There are a lot of buttons all around, even on the touchscreen, in fact. The instrument panel has a sweet setting here and unique to all the screens that sit right in your face. Again, since it’s a concept we don’t want to delve into details as it could be quite different from the production-spec bZ4X. That said, we are sure the cabin will be mighty spacious and there will be a lot of sustainable material used all around.

Toyota bZ4X Powertrain, Battery and Range

2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept Exterior
- image 984120
The bZ4x will be based on a BEV-dedicated e-TNGA platform that Toyota has co-developed with Subaru.

Since it’s just a concept at this moment, there’s not a lot of information available at this point. But, we do know that the bZ4X will come with a dual-motor setup and an all-wheel-drive system.

As for the range, anything around 300 miles should be fine. The higher the better, though. The Model Y comes with an EPA-estimated range of 326 miles whereas the best the Ford Mustang Mach-E has to offer is 305 miles. Since the car has a long wheelbase and it rides on a dedicated BEV platform, you can expect even larger battery packs and smart packaging of the modules underneath the floor.

Toyota bZ4X Pricing

2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept Exterior
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The bZ4X will go up against the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y; so, even though we don’t have much information on the bZ4X yet, we speculate a starting price of around $40,000.


2021 Toyota BZ4X BEV Concept Exterior
- image 984124

Toyota is coming up with 15 new EVs in the future and seven of them will carry the bZ prefix. The automaker filed trademarks for BZ1, BZ2, BZ2X, BZ3, BZ4, BZ4X, and BZ5. The models with the ‘X’ will come with a dual-motor setup and an all-wheel-drive system. Toyota plans to produce the bZ4X in Japan and China, to start with, and soon expand the sales worldwide by mid-2022.

Since it looks to be an electric RAV4 at the onset and the RAV4 was the best-selling Toyota product in the States last year, it goes unsaid the bZ4X will hit the U.S. shores sooner than later.

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