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Avante Design give us their take on how the Toyota GR Supra should look like

The Toyota Supra is a legendary name in the car community and, although its fifth-generation is a great car on paper, it’s also somewhat controversial. By now, most people have accepted the fact the A90 Supra is based on a BMW Z4. However, the aesthetics of the car leave something to be desired, especially when you compare it to the stunning FT-1 concept car from 2014. With this in mind, Avante design has taken the opportunity to show us what they can do with the Supra’s design.

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What makes this even more awesome is the fact that, before even starting work on the car, Avante took inspiration from the JDM car community. Just looking at the body kit. I can recognize a few design cues I would have definitely wanted to have on the new Toyota Supra. At the same time, the design studio wanted to create a cohesive design that looks OEM, while capturing all the different elements suggested by car enthusiasts.

Starting with the front of the car, we now have a redesigned front fascia, which has a massive opening. Essentially, the three separate vents have been united into a large single air intake. We also get a lower, more aggressive front splitter and two canards on the flanks for channeling the air. In addition, the air inlets flanking the headlights are now bigger.

2021 Toyota Supra by Avante Design Exterior
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Moving to the side, we notice the lower stance, further enhanced by forged HRE wheels and more aggressive side skirts. At the rear, the most notable feature is the TRD-style rear-wing, no doubt a favorite addition to many JDM fans and probably the biggest throwback to the previous-generation Toyota Supra.

Avante’s treatment also adds louvers on the back window, which is another throwback from older Celica models - from when “Supra” was just a more upscale version of the Toyota Celica. Moreover, the classic element is made from clear acrylic, in order not to obstruct rear visibility. The third stoplight has been relocated to the lower part of the rear window and now looks like actual design elements, instead of an after-thought.

2021 Toyota Supra by Avante Design Exterior
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Minor changes to the diffuser have also been made, making it slightly more aggressive and functional, as it now extends to the flanks of the car in order to provide more stable airflow.

Avante has actually given us two different versions of their Supra. The second one features a more aggressive widebody kit and additional carbon-fiber vents on the front hood/bonnet. The second version also features a tall rear wing, although its design is slightly different than the non-wide body kit version.


2021 Toyota Supra by Avante Design Exterior
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The body kits – Stage two (yellow) and Stage three (red) – are just concepts, but Avante Design says they have received a substantial amount of interest. This means that Avante’s designs might come to fruition. Should this happen, we reckon quite a few GR Supra owners will want to get their hands on Avante’s body Supra body kits. If not, we at least hope that Toyota’s design team takes some pointers and comes up with a facelift that’s truer to the Supra’s lineage.

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