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Rocket Bunny's New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry

Rocket Bunny’s New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry

If you think the Toyota GR86 looks docile, wait until you see the latest Rocket Bunny wide-body kit

If you follow the tuner scene, you are, most likely, familiar with the Rocket Bunny body kits. Originating from Japan, the Rocket Bunny body kits are as striking and as aggressive as possible for a road-going car. Kei Miura’s wide-body designs can make even the most docile-looking car look like a road-going predator. As soon as we learned of the new Toyota GR 86, we knew it was a matter of time before a dedicated Rocket Bunny kit was in the making. Now, we finally have images of the Rocket Bunny 86, and we like what we see.

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This is Probably The Strangest Toyota MR2 You've Ever Seen

This is Probably The Strangest Toyota MR2 You’ve Ever Seen

Is this rare, mid-engine, Japanese sports car worth the asking price?

There aren’t many cars that offer a mid-engine layout at an affordable price. The Toyota MR2 is one of the last to do so, despite the last generation (1999-2007) lacking the previous one’s Ferrari-inspired design language. Motor1 recently covered a VM180 Zagato – one of only 100 made – that was auctioned off in Japan. No, we are acquainting you with another rare version – the MR2 Caserta by Modellista – of which 150 were made, and now, one is listed for sale at Eclection Specialty Auto Sales.

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