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This Mustang Bullitt vs Supra Race Proves That Power Isn't Everything on a Drag Strip

This Mustang Bullitt vs Supra Race Proves That Power Isn’t Everything on a Drag Strip

There’s more to winning a drag race than having more ponies under your hood

On paper, a 480-horsepower Ford Mustang Bullitt should have no problem beating a 335-horsepower Toyota Supra in a drag race. But the tricky thing about predicting drag race results on paper is that they’re not worth the trees that were cut down to produce said paper. In other words, they don’t mean anything.

Car Magazine SA sought to answer the Mustang Bullitt versus Supra question by doing it the proper way: a drag race between the American muscle car and the Japanese sports car. If you’re looking at the protagonists of this race and you’re convinced that the Mustang Bullitt will have no problem laying waste to the Supra, then you might want to watch this video in all its entirety.

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Watch a Toyota Supra, Dodge Demon, and a BMW E30 Go Head to Head in the Desert

Watch a Toyota Supra, Dodge Demon, and a BMW E30 Go Head to Head in the Desert

This sort of drag racing in the sand is a must-see show

You don’t get to see a Dodge Demon every day. Then again, you don’t get to see it as it stretches its muscles during some good ol’ drag racing in the company of a Toyota Supra, a BMW E30, and Savage Garage’s Ford Raptor. Oh, and this is no prep drag-race, by the way, as the whole scenario unfolds in the desert, between bursting clouds of sand.

Now that we have your attention, get ready to be amazed by the Supra, which proves extremely apt at putting down the power and generating enough grip to shoot ahead of its rivals, literally leaving them behind, choking on its dust.

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Ford Mustang GT vs. Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4 - Who Wins?

Ford Mustang GT vs. Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4 - Who Wins?

The two inline-six cousin roadsters get a taste of America...sort of

Carmakers like to pound their chests with Nurburgring lap times when it comes to how fast their cars are, while automotive journos tend to take those cars and measure them against each other in perhaps the most telling form of competition: the good ‘ol drag race.

Naturally, such a staged drag race isn’t always about gas-guzzling muscle cars or heavily-modded vehicles that put out in excess of 1,000 horsepower. We’ve seen econoboxes taking forever to complete the quarter-mile all in the name of fun, so when someone pits the Ford Mustang GT Fastback against the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, all we can do is watch and enjoy.

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2013 Toyota Sequoia Family Dragster Concept by Antron Brown

2013 Toyota Sequoia Family Dragster Concept by Antron Brown

Of the four vehicles that are set to take part in the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge, NHRA Top Fuel points leader Antron Brown’s Sequoia Family Dragster Concept is just about the most ridiculous of the bunch. And we mean ridiculous in a good way.

This SEMA-bound project, aptly nicknamed the "DragQuoia" was built with one goal in mind: straight line speed.

So Antron Brown went to work to make sure that no stones were left unturned in making this vehicle the fastest of the four in the competition. The first and most important order of business was to give the Sequoia a TRD-supercharged engine with nitrous, netting an insane output of over 650 horsepower. From there, Brown and his team fitted a new set of 21.5" rear tires and worked on customizing the chassis fabrication to remove well over 1,600 lbs in what they describe as "non-essential" weight.

From there, the team took the interior to fit the Sequoia with four individual racing seats, each coming with its own five-point racing harness. There’s also a child-size version with its own harness in the back for the little one, further illustrating the massive irony of this build. Finally, to enhance the vehicle’s safety credentials, Brown added a full custom roll cage and a tail-mounted parachute.

"It’s...a special vehicle with a little hint of NHRA twisted all the way in it, with a lot of horsepower,” Brown said. “It’s fast…from my house to the grocery store!”

The man isn’t exaggerating.

The DragQuoia will be one of four vehicles that are part of the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. Fans will get the chance to vote once per day on their favorite model via Toyota Racing’s Facebook page from October 20 to 29. The winning vehicle will take home $50,000, which will go to the driver’s charity of choice.

UPDATE 11/03/12: The Toyota Sequoia Family Dragster didn’t take home the hardware of the Toyota Racing Dream Challenge, but it did walk away with the Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Gran Turismo Award for Best Truck or SUV at the 2012 SEMA Show. Big ups to the "DragQuoia" for the achievement!

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