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Here's The Full Story On That Flying Toyota Tacoma

Here’s The Full Story On That Flying Toyota Tacoma

You’ve seen the short clip; now get the low-down

It’s been plastered on Facebook – that video clip of a late-model Toyota Tacoma dodging a police roadblock and ramping up an embankment, grabbing enough hang time to make the Duke Boys proud. Well, we’ve cut through the social media hype and found the original video. This KSLA news report from Webster Parish, Louisiana shows the jump and full aftermath.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28. Kevonte Dekorey Austin, an 18-year-old escaped work-release participant was the passenger in the sixth-generation Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road. A Webster Sherriff deputy pulled the Tacoma over for speeding. The driver was removed from the truck and was being questioned by the deputy when Austin slid behind the wheel and drove away.

The Sheriff’s department pursued Austin and the truck, with speeds reaching 115 mph. The chase came to a dramatic end when Austin hit a spike strip, narrowly missing police vehicles that blocked the roadway. The speeding truck then drove into a ditch before ramping over an embankment. The truck flew airborne for several yards and landed onto a parked Toyota Corolla. The Corolla was occupied by Barbara Harlon, who was remarkably unhurt.

The same couldn’t be said for the Tacoma and Corolla, however. The four-door car suffered a caved-in roof, while the Tacoma’s grille, bumper, and radiator were completely destroyed, along with its front suspension. All four tires suffered puncture holes from the spike strip.

The Tacoma was reported stolen, so both Austin and the truck’s original driver were taken into custody. Austin was last seen on February 8 leaving Halco Productions in Shreveport where he was employed on a work-release program. Fittingly enough, Austin was in jail for a probation violation and… car theft.

Something tells me Austin won’t be eligible for work-release anytime soon.

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Toyota Follows Nissan and BMW in Attempt to Poach Tesla Customers

Toyota Follows Nissan and BMW in Attempt to Poach Tesla Customers

Tesla is an innovative company that, despite a lot of negative news recently, is rather successful as far as gaining a loyal following of customers and prospective customers. So successful, in fact, that so far Tesla has received more than 300,000 reservations with $1,000 deposits without a single one of them knowing what the car will look like or any specifications whatsoever. While some manufacturers have flat out said that Tesla isn’t one of their competitors, Nissan and BMW have both run advertisement campaigns attempting to poach Model 3 customers. Now, Toyota has done the same thing, boasting its Mirai and the term “No Waiting to Buy.”

If you recall, it started out with Nissan pushing its electric vehicle, the Leaf, and it’s laughable 84 to 107-mile range. Then, not long after that, BMW tried to boast its 330e plug-in hybrid and its hilarious all-electric range of just 14 miles. Nissan’s campaign boasted that purchasers get cash back and don’t have to wait, while BMW’s campaign involved a video titled “Wait or Drive” that included charging stations that look suspiciously similar to Tesla’s superchargers. Toyota’s campaign is powered by Google Ads and was first announced by Instagram user Activegareth when he searched for the term “Tesla Model 3 speed.” The ad included wording like “Mirai is Available Now,” “No Waiting to Buy,” and even had a dedicated web address of

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Crashes and Burns While Racing... A Toyota?

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Crashes and Burns While Racing... A Toyota?

Lamborghini destroyed in I-196 crash

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 not only costs a medium-sized fortune, it also pumps 631 ponies from its 6.5-liter V-12 engine. That really should give you the confidence to not need to race anyone, as you would beat three-quarters of the cars on the road anyhow, especially a compact import econobox.

So when a “Toyota-type passenger car” pulls along side your $400K+ car and starts revving his little 4- or 6-banger, you should just look, smile, and carry on as normal. Apparently, a Michigan man didn’t get this memo, as he chose to allegedly fly down the highway with said Toyota-type car trailing – you do the math; sounds like a race to us – and proceeded to wreck his beautiful Murcielago.

This wasn’t just some little “oopsy” fender bender either. He put his pricey Lambo straight into a line of trees at a very high speed. On top of that, the car then turned into a very expensive ball of flames, leaving the Lambo a charred and melted mess. Fortunately, the driver got out of the car safely and only suffered a bump on the head and a huge bump in his wallet.

The only thing that comes to our mind is “Why?” Why on earth would you put so much effort into racing a freaking Toyota passenger car that you careen off of the road and slam your $400K+ car into the treeline? Hopefully this guy takes two lessons from this ordeal:

No. 1: Street racing is for tool bags that are attempting to compensate for something.

No. 2: Don’t race your $400K car against a Toyota... It’s bad Karma (Fiery Fisker pun intended).

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Saudi ’drifter’ sentenced to death by public beheading after killing two

Capital punishment. It’s one of the most fiercely debated issues plaguing the world and whether or not it should be performed, no matter the severity of the crime committed. This latest case is sure to spark off even more topical debate about the issue as a man from Saudi Arabia was recently sentenced to death by public beheading after killing two people.

The man, identifying himself as “Mustannish,” killed two spectators a few months back when he lost control of his ‘drifting’ car in a reckless form of outlaw driving known commonly as “Hagwalah” which takes place in the land-locked nation.

In short, it simply involves hoons taking to the streets in stock Honda’s and Toyota’s and performing dangerous slides and spins in their cars with spectators watching the action from just meters away.

If you want to find out more about these hoons, then simply head over to YouTube were you’ll find a selection of videos, including the one above, of these drivers and their idiotic ways of showing-off. Keep in mind however, that several clips posted to YouTube have depicted spectators being hit by the cars, although a select few have been removed due to their severity.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. The following video purportedly depicts “Mustannish,” which directly translates to “he who ignores,” in one of his many failed attempts at impressing the crowd before crashing into a sand bank. Fortunately, in this particular video, no one seems to be injured.

However, the case which has landed the man in hot water occurred when he plowed into the crowd, killing two, and the aforementioned punishment was swiftly handed down: Public beheading by sword. Not pleasant.

Despite this firm punishment, it’s currently unclear if and when the penalty will actually take place, as another man who killed three in 2005 under similar circumstances had his death penalty wavered and instead faced 3,000 lashes and 20 years in prison.

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