• 2015 Tushek T600
    by Jonathan Lopez, on May 20, 2014, 15:00
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Tushek T600 reviews

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2015 Tushek T600

2015 Tushek T600

If you’re a product of the American public education system, it’s more than likely you don’t know all that much about Slovenia. That’s ok though, because when it comes to cars, the country doesn’t have much to show for it – or so you may think. Meet the TS 600, a bona-fide Solvenian supercar, complete with lightweight, aviation-spec materials, a thumping V-8 engine mounted behind the cabin, and enough speed to challenge the established range of high-end performance vehicles.

Produced by sports car manufacturer Tushek & Spigel, the TS 600 isn’t the company’s first effort. That designation belongs to the Renovatio T500, which first made in appearance in 2012 at Top Marques Monaco.

Since then, the company has gained new investors and relocated its operations to a former military airbase in Graz, Austria, rebranding itself from Tushek to Tushek & Spigel in the process (thus, each model it produces now carries the “TS” prefix).

It’s also been busy been hammering away on the new TS 600. At first glance, the car has every attribute of a true-blue speed machine. But is it really?

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