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Ultima RS

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2020 Ultima RS

2020 Ultima RS

The ultimate Ultima

Ultima has been making ludicrously fast track-focused supercars for over two decades but this latest one called the RS is the one for the ages. With as much as 1,200 horsepower from a supercharged Chevy-sourced LT5 V-8 and a dry weight of little over 2,000 pounds, the Ultima RS channels everything that was great about Group C prototypes in a package that you can take down to the shops.

The British are famous for building some of their best cars in sheds. Take Morgan, for instance. Or the Lotus 7-inspired Caterham. Ultima is yet another worthy example and, just like Caterham, you can assemble your Ultima in your very own garage if you so desire, all for the price of a "mundane BMW M3," according to the company. Not bad for something that would thrash just about anything at your local track day, right?

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