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You need a car, but you do not know where to buy one. You need a car, but you do not have enough money to buy one. The Porsche of your dreams is much more to expensive for your pockets. So, what should you do? Give up to your dreams? No, no way! You can buy an used car, but there can you get the right info, where can you find a little help, some info about the price and other things you need to know?

This is way we have decided to give you a litle help in there. Where can you find the info you need? Well the best company we know is Kelly Blue Book. This company tells you how much an used car cost so you can buy it at a good price.

How it all started

The company was founded in 1918, when a a young man named Les Kelley parked three Model T Fords in an open lot, put $450 in the till and started the Kelley Kar Company. It was to become the largest dealership in the world and, along the way, spawn a need for placing values on used and even new cars, known as Blue Book values.

Used car resale value - Kelly Blue Book
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Les had no money and no job, but he owned an old car. It was in fine shape because he had a knack for mechanics and had overhauled it himself. All of his friends admired his car and frequently tried to buy it. Kelley Kar CompanyAfter much persuasion he finally did sell it to one of them. With the money he received from this deal Les bought another old Ford. After giving this car a thorough overhauling, he traded it off, taking in two used cars and a little money on the deal. He reconditioned these cars and sold them. With the money he bought other used automobiles and found himself making enough money to pay his way through college.

Kelley Kar Company was always known for innovative approaches to selling cars. In the early 1920s all automobiles were painted black. Back then it took about a month to paint a car, because every coat on every part had to be air dried. Due to its unique chemical make-up, black paint dried faster than other colors.

As it was, Ford had to devote about 20 acres of covered storage just for cars waiting to dry. One day, when Buster Kelley was managing the body shop, an employee was about to repaint a car. He suggested they repaint it pink! Buster questioned the logic of this at first, but the painter agreed to repaint it black again for free if it didn’t sell. So they painted it pink, put it in the showroom, and it sold immediately. So they painted another one pink, and it sold. Finally they painted every car in the body shop pink! Sales soared.

Used car resale value - Kelly Blue Book
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Both the dealership and the publication continued to flourish. Buster Kelley eventually worked his way up to General Manager of the dealership and Publisher of the Blue Book. Kelley Kar Company had moved to the corner of Figueroa Street and Pico in Los Angeles and took up nearly an entire block. The repair/body shop at another location on Pico employed more than a hundred people. For many years the dealership operated solely as a used car operation, which was to become the largest in the world. In those days new car dealerships didn’t sell used cars, so the Kelleys bought vehicles that new car dealers were taking in trade, as well as directly from the public.

When kbb.com was launched in 1995, it charged consumers $3.95 for a pricing report. Almost immediately Kelley Blue Book received email from some customers arguing that information on the Internet should be free. Rather than disagree with its own customers, the company pulled the plug on charging after just three weeks and began the switch to a business run like radio and television, supported by advertising and partners. The pricing reports have been free to consumers ever since.

In the 10 years since kbb.com was launched the Internet has become not only an integral part of everyday life, but has also fueled the biggest growth in Kelley Blue Book’s history.

Used car resale value - Kelly Blue Book
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Nearly one out of every three people who buy a new or used car in the United States visits the site. According to J.D. Power and Associates’ AutoShopper.com studies, more car-buyers use kbb.com than any other three sites combined! The Web site has been named the most visited for seven years in a row.

How can you get the info you need?

Fist thing you need to do is to enter the site: www.kbb.com. In there everything is organized, so you can’t get lost on the page or can not find what you need. And if you are not decide exactly what you want to buy, after a look at their options you will make up your mind. Every car in there has a litle review with why to buy and why not to buy, prices and a comparations of the car with another models. One thing to know is that in here you can also find about new cars, not only used cars. Kelley Blue Book also offers you alot of good advices about safety, hybrid cars, things you need to know then buying an old car or a new car.

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