The Valiant Charger was a short wheelbase Valiant coupe produced by Chrysler Australia from 1971, introduced with the VH model, through the 1973 VJ, VK up to CL range released in 1976 (770 model only). The best sales were in New Zealand where the combin}ation of the powerful engine, light body and short wheelbase were suited to New Zealand’s windy and mountainous roads.

  • 1972 Valiant Charger RT E49
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Transmission:
    3-Speed Automatic
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    6.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    132 mph
  • body style:

The Valiant Charger VH model won the 1971 Australian Wheels Car of the Year Award. Some Chargers were raced in the Bathurst 500, let down by inadequate brakes. In New Zealand, however, they proved to be virtually unbeatable from 1971-1979 at the famous B&H 500 mile (later 1000km) series at Pukekohe Park Raceway. The most successful drivers were Leo Leonard and Jim Little, who still races his Valiants (mostly pre-65 class).

The 1972 E49 was the greatest Charger and was built for one race in mind, the Bathurst Enduro.
It came with a 4-speed gearbox finally and could race over the quarter mile in a claimed 14.1 seconds which until recently was a record for a six cylinder, it could blow away the power-house Falcon GT phase III (351 V8).

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  (428) posted on 08.15.2011

@ staruniverse. Just search for Mopar. It is automobile parts and service from Chrysler and you can also find RAM accessories. By the way, is it really a replica? I don’t see any sigh . It is a perfect replica if it is.

TJKEON  (138) posted on 01.6.2010

look up Mopar

TJKEON  (1) posted on 01.6.2010

Hello ; I’m from iran.we have this car for about 15 years and we are the only people who use this car in iran & we have problem for gathering the accessories of this car;If it’s possible guide us how can we gather the accessories?

TJKEON  (6021) posted on 11.5.2006

err...genuine E49 chargers have double headlights....nice replica though...kinda...."cough"

TJKEON  (6021) posted on 10.5.2006

my lifes dream (RT no1)

TJKEON  (6021) posted on 09.28.2006

you compare ph 3 with e49 with same gearing and theirs no match ph3 is suppiorer then day 2 day driving the ford is a tor

TJKEON  (6021) posted on 08.6.2006

dats a sik car but it needs a 464 hemi

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