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2012 Vauxhall Red Victor 3

2012 Vauxhall Red Victor 3 High Resolution Exterior
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    8.8 L
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The history of the Vauxhall Victor began back in 1957 when General Motors first unveiled it to the British market. It was a large family car with 55 HP that was built to take families from point A to point B. You don’t need to be a genius to understood that this car had nothing to do with impressive performance level. That being said, we are 100% sure that when Vauxhall brought the Victor onto the market, they never believed that it would become the world’s fastest road-legal drag racing car. With some "minor" modifications to its power source, of course.

In fact, here at TopSpeed, we first reported about the Red Victor 3 back in 2010, when this project was in its early development stages. Now, since it turned out not to be just some guy’s trifle, we decided it was time to offer up a little more information on it.

The Red Victor 3 is based on a 1967 Victor FD - the fourth generation Victor - and is the result of a collaboration between VXR and the Red Victor team. You can only image the hard work the team put in to take the car from the standard 88 HP (the amount of power developed by the FD) to the impressive 3000 HP it currently pushes out. Yeah, you read that right; a whopping 3,000 HP!

Hit the jump to read all about the Vauxhall Red Victor 3, including its stats achieved at the 2012 FIA Main Event at Santa Pod. At this event, the Red Victor 3 became the world’s fastest street legal car, achieving an astounding 6.59 seconds at 220 mph.


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2012 Vauxhall Red Victor 3

2012 Vauxhall Red Victor 3