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April Fools' 2016 – Recap

April Fools’ 2016 – Recap

The industry loosens its tie for a little four-wheeled silliness

These days, it can be a little tricky figuring out when something is real and when someone is just messing with you. Sometimes it’s obvious, but other circumstances warrant a careful second look. That’s doubly the case on April 1st. Of course, the auto industry loves chain yanking, but when you have 1,500-horsepower production cars and Maserati SUVs running around, it’s always a good idea to double check. But don’t worry – we found the best automotive April Fools’ pranks, and we assembled them all right here for you in this recap.

Included is a driverless RV, a pair of highly desirable Minis, a kinetically powered Vauxhall, a very expressive Honda, a smoke machine Nissan cargo van, and Lexus’ latest interior upgrade, not to mention the hottest minivan to ever grace a suburban driveway. In fact, looking over a few of these “jokes,” I can’t help but see some excellent real-world applications…

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Vauxhall Launches Adam C With Zero Running Costs And Emissions

Vauxhall Launches Adam C With Zero Running Costs And Emissions

A new take on alternative energy

In a world where we are constantly trying to lower our dependency on fossil fuels and lower vehicle emissions as much as possible, at least one manufacturer is putting its best foot forward. After several years of research and development, Vauxhall has announced a new variation of the Vauxhall Adam, dubbed the Vauxhall Adam C. The C in the name stands for “clockwork,” and there is a good reason for that. The Adam C doesn’t have an engine or an electric motor. It doesn’t even have a battery.

What it does have, is a state-of-the-art kinetic mechanism that is used to propel and power the Adam C with a renewable energy source: You. Basically, the Adam C uses an enlarged kinetic system similar to that of wind-up watches. A removable knob is plugged into the back of the vehicle, and winding it for just 15 minutes will give the Adam C full power for up to 125 miles. This also provides the electrical energy needed to run things like onboard infotainment system.

Mick Cannical, Vauxhall’s Chief Kinetics Engineer, said, “This game-changing technology stands to revolutionize the way we drive. We’ve paved the way towards a future of wind-ups. Improving the customer experience is a priority to us and given that the average Brit drives less than 35 miles every day, we estimate the model will appeal to over two-thirds of the population. We expect the growth to be exponential.”

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