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Vauxhall Corsa VXR Arctic Edition

Vauxhall Corsa VXR Arctic Edition

Vauxhal revealed today a new Corsa VXR special edition. The "Arctic Edition" will make tis world debut at the British International Motor Show on July 22. It will be limited to only 500 units, each priced at £16,995.

The Corsa VXR Arctic Edition will be powered by the new 6.2-litre, 431PS V8 engine, and the recently launched Astra Nurburgring Edition.

It will feature unique Glacier White paintwork, bespoke black 18-inch V-spoke alloy wheels with ultra-low profile 225/35 tyres and a Remus Sports exhaust.

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Vauxhall release 'official Spy Shots' of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

Vauxhall release ’official Spy Shots’ of the Insignia and explain how and why they camouflage test cars

Spy shots is what auto makers hate the most. What can be more annoying than seeing a top secret car all over the internet? Well, Vauxhall decided to release a series of spy shots with the upcoming Insignia.

The Insignia will make its world debut at the British Motor Show on July 22nd. With a highly attractive, completely new body line and sculptural design, Insignia is set to cause a sensation in its class – but surprises only work if they are not revealed beforehand.

The team responsible for camouflaging prototypes began making their preparations for the test phase when the new car first progressed beyond computer simulations and clay models. Together with chief designers and engineers, the team established which of the car’s characteristic lines should be kept hidden the longest from prototype paparazzi.

Together, they developed a "facelift" for the upcoming model that would disguise the prototypes as much as possible. One of the variants had an especially elegant, flowing rear section, for instance, so a pronounced spoiler was designed to mask it. A wooden model was built as a cast to form the plastic camouflage parts needed for around 200 test cars that have to be disguised in the run-up to series production.

After the jump, Vauxhall explain how and why they disguise their test cars

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