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Santa's Exotic and Luxurious Sleighs

Santa’s Exotic and Luxurious Sleighs

Moving in Style

Nobody really knows how often Santa upgrades his sleigh, but what if he wanted to shop for a new model altogether? Well, over the past five or six years, publications like Car Magazine have challenged automakers to design a new sleigh for Santa. Automakers like Bentley, Land Rover, and even Vauxhall have designed new sleighs for Santa in the past, so needless to say, Santa has had a lot to choose from.

I don’t recall seeing any designs last year, and have only seen one this year. But, when you consider the long list of available sleighs at his disposal, there are still at least a few on standby, just waiting to be plucked from some secret, magical garage that is undoubtedly located somewhere at the North Pole.

Since we haven’t seen too many fresh designs for the 2015, I decided to revisit a few of the sleighs created in the years past. Most of the sleighs are exotic, or out of this world – and one even looks like a fighter jet – but why wouldn’t Santa take advantage of all the latest technology? You may have seen one or two of the designs in the past, but it’s always fun to revisit things like this during the holidays. Which of the following sleighs do you think Santa is going to use this year?

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Video: Vauxhall Skate

Video: Vauxhall Skate

World’s first Corsa rollerskates. Vauxhall Motors commissions a special pair of skates to promote a top secret roller disco event, Vauxhall Skate, that is going to be held in an undisclosed location on July 29th somewhere in East London.

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