• 2012 Veritas RS III Hybrid

    Veritas RS III Hybrid

Vermot AG is just a small car manufacturer, but this didn’t stop it from developing one of the most stunning cars we’ve seen lately.

Their RS III model managed to catch the interest of the automotive media for two simple reasons. First because of its tasty design language and second due to its neck snapping performances.

The company, however, wants to push their limits even further announcing that it will launch a hybrid version of the roadster, which will be followed by a fully electric model.

The Veritas RS III Roadster Hybrid shares the same exterior design with its petrol powered brother and it’s also fitted with the same BMW 507 hp V10 engine. What’s new however, is the introduction of an electric motor mounted between the front wheels and powered by a pack of lithium ion batteries.

Fir the moment, there aren’t available any official price specifications, but the Veritas RS III Hybrid should cost around $650,000.

  • 2012 Veritas RS III Hybrid
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Top Speed:
    205 mph
  • 0-100 time:
    3.1 sec.
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Design and interior

2012 Veritas RS III Hybrid High Resolution Exterior
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The Veritas RSIII Hybrid exterior design it’s identical with the one of the standard model.

The vehicle’s body lines draw inspiration from Germany’s first Formula 1 car and is considered by many critics one of the best looking modern sports cars in the world.

The Veritas RS III managed to crack the code of the perfect balance between beauty and sporty, rewarding your eyes with a series of elegant lines which seem to invite you to take the car for a spin.

The Veritas RS III Hybrid’s front is dominated by a wide, oval air intake which is crossed by a series of vertical bars. Above the grille you’ll find a pair of mean looking headlights which further enhance the aggressive look of the front fascia.

The oversized front wheel arches seem to gel with the hood lines and form a muscular design language that copes great with the sporty nature of the car.

The muscular lines continue along the sides, giving the vehicle an athletic profile and pointing toward the rear. Fortunately, the back of the car, looks as good as the front and you are greeted by a set of elongated, L-shaped taillights which host a pair of round tailpipes mounted between them.

The Veritas RS III Hybrid sits on Dunlop tyres – 325/25 at the rear and 255/30 at the front – and its height measures only 97 cm. Like the petrol powered model, the Hybrid is also fitted with the same height-adjustable special sports chassis tested on the north loop of the Nürburgring.

The Veritas RS III Hybrid was designed as a single seater, with the driver’s seat mounted on left side. The compact cabin continues the racy theme found outside and it’s fitted with a sport seat and a race-inspired steering wheel. The car comes without a full sized windscreen and all you get it’s a small wind deflector.

Engines and performance

2012 Veritas RS III Hybrid High Resolution Exterior
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The Veritas RS III Hybrid uses a full hybrid system complete with a pack of lithium ion batteries that can be charged from an electric socket.

The Hybrid uses the same BMW sourced V10 engine that sends all its 507 ponies to the rear wheels. The petrol engine it’s mounted between the driver’s seat and its paired with a 140 hp electric motor used to power the front wheels.

The electric motor takes its power from the stack of lithium-ion batteries which can store enough juice to allow you to drive at low speeds up to 30 miles solely on electric power. Unlike other hybrid and electric cars, the Veritas RS III will not be fitted with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), as this system it’s too heavy and would affect the vehicle’s performances.

Due to addition of the hybrid system, the “green” Veritas it’s 500 pounds heavier than the petrol powered model. The extra weight however, didn’t affect the vehicle’s performances and in fact, the Hybrid it’s 0.1 seconds faster than its sibling, being able to hit the 62 mph mark in only 3.1 seconds. Maximum speed is similarly impressive being rated at 205 mph.

Veritas RS III Hybrid Specifications

Petrol engine power 507 hp
Electric motor power 140 hp
0-62 mph 3.1 seconds
Top speed 205 mph


2012 Veritas RS III Hybrid High Resolution Exterior
- image 477961

The Veritas RSIII Hybrid will be without a doubt one of the most desirable hybrid sports cars from the market.

Apart from the stunning exterior design and the first class build quality, the roadster it’s also one of the world’s fastest hybrids and should deliver at least the same amount of adrenaline as it’s conventionally powered brother.

Beside from the new Hybrid, the company it’s also planning to launch an electric RS III and a luxury city car, so the future sounds pretty promising for Veritas.

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