• Visual Comparison: 2017 BMW X5 vs 2019 BMW X5

The Bavarian’s midsize gets a next-gen update, but how’s it look?

The upcoming fourth-generation 2019 BMW X5 is set to make its big debut later this year, but that hasn’t stopped some folks from leaking official press shots onto the Internet, leading to comparisons with the outgoing model. Read on for a breakdown of what’s to come in terms of both the exterior styling and interior space.

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Note: 2019 BMW X5 pictured on the left, 2017 BMW X5 pictured on the right.

Let’s start in front, where the old X5 comes with the usual BMW fascia, comprised of a horizontal layout for the various intakes top to bottom. Heading it all is the traditional kidney grille nose, while side intakes in the lower bumper add a little extra visual zest. Silver surrounds are dominant throughout, with vertical slats used for the kidney grille and a faux skid plate added to the leading chin edge.

Moving onto the 2019 model year, the X5 looks to be bigger and bolder than before, with larger openings for the kidney grille. The lower intake now encompasses the middle intake line, while the side intakes are larger and more vertical as well. The headlights are moved a bit closer to the sides of the vehicle, now rocking a chunkier shape and sharper, more geometric signatures. Small corner lamps replace the circular lamps from before, while the fenders appear to be a bit more plump than before. Finally, the lower edge of the bumper is exaggerated a bit in its side flares.


left right

Note: 2019 BMW X5 pictured on the left, 2017 BMW X5 pictured on the right.

Around the sides of the vehicle, the BMW X5 gets a long, extended hood line, which terminates in an integrated hatch spoiler. A small vent is located just behind the front wheel, while black underside cladding rings the fenders and side skirts. A shark fin antenna is high on the roof, while a set of character lines add a bit of visual rack to the stance. Silver trim is used for the window surrounds, and the taillights wrap around into the rear fenders.

The first thing to jump out about the new model’s profile is the stance, which appear to be taller and more muscular than before. This could be the result of a reshaped roofline, as well as the relocation of the headlights higher on the hatch. The upper character line also rises above the rear fender, adding even more visual heft to the tail, while the vent behind the front fender is more pronounced than it was before. Finally, the lower side skirts, get significant creases to them, which could be exclusive to models equipped with the optional M package.


left right

Note: 2019 BMW X5 pictured on the left, 2017 BMW X5 pictured on the right.

When viewed from the rear, the outgoing X5 is very square and flat, with subtle creases added below the window and along the upper bumper portion. The lower bumper is tagged by more of that flat-black cladding, plus a silver skid plate garnish is situated between twin trapezoidal exhaust tips.

The new X5 increases its visual impact with wider hips than before, adding substantial beefiness in the process. The fenders look wider than before, while the taillights were reshaped into slimmer units that add even more visual width. At the bottom is a diffuser type element breaking up the flat-black lower insert, as well as large exhaust tip finishers.

BMW X5 Exterior Dimensions

2018 BMW X5 2019 BMW X5 Difference
Length: 193.2 in 193.77 in + .75 in
Width 76.3 in 78.89 in + 2.59 in
Height: 69.4 in 68.7 in - 0.7 in
Wheelbase: 115.5 in 117.1 in + 1.6 in
Front track: 64.6 in 65.5 in + 1.1 in
Rear track: 64.8 in 66.3 in + 1.5 in


left right

Note: 2019 BMW X5 pictured on the left, 2017 BMW X5 pictured on the right.

Arguably one of the most important aspects of any luxury vehicle is the interior spec, and in that regard, the BMW X5 provides customers with a horizontal layout that stretches the dash between the doors in rectangular shapes for the vents, infotainment screen, and the lower hard-button configuration. The gauge cluster includes rounded dials and a center-mounted driver’s infotainment screen.

By contrast, the next BMW X5 will come with a reshaped dash that seems to point everything towards the driver’s seat, including the center console and the screen. The vents in the corner of the dash are sharper and more angled as well, while the central tunnel seems to sweep up into the center console. The steering wheel was redesigned to offer a slimmer three-spoke look, although, it’s possible this will be an exclusive feature of the M package.

BMW X5 Interior Dimensions

2018 BMW X5 2019 BMW X5 Difference
Front Passenger Width: 60.5 in 61.4 in + 0.9 in
Rear Passenger Width: 58.3 in 60.03 + 1.7 in
Front Seat Cushion to Roof: 39.8 in 40.82 + 1.02 in
Rear Seat Cushion to Roof: 38.3 in 39.4 in + 1.1 in
Min Cargo Capacity: 35.8 cu-ft 22.8 cu-ft - 13 cu-ft
Max Cargo Capacity: 76.7 cu-ft 65.7 cu-ft - 11 cu-ft

Final Thoughts

2019 BMW X5 Exterior
- image 782598

Now that we’re getting our first look at the new BMW X5, what are your initial reactions? Do you approve of the changes, or do they leave a bitter taste in your mouth? Let us know in the comments below!

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