Based on the new Passat platform and containing many interior pieces from the Jetta and Golf, the coupe/cabriolet employs a folding metal roof that incorporates an innovative sunroof that slides open before the top actually starts on its way into to the trunk, should you only want limited sun exposure.

  • 2006 Volkswagen Eos
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    3.2 liter V6
  • Transmission:
    6 speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Top Speed:
    130 mph
  • Price:
  • body style:
2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123852

Based on the new Passat platform and containing many interior pieces from the Jetta and Golf, the coupe/cabriolet employs a folding metal roof that incorporates an innovative sunroof that slides open before the top actually starts on its way into to the trunk, should you only want limited sun exposure.


The Eos will be available in the U.S. with a 200-hp 2.0-liter turbo four and a 250-hp 3.2-liter V6, with only the 2.0-liter to be available upon its March arrival and the 3.2-liter becoming available sometime thereafter. The four-seater also comes with a full complement of standard equipment: stability control, front and front side air bags, sport seats, and sixteen-inch alloy wheels on the four-cylinder models (V6 versions get seventeens). Pop-up roll bars are also fitted.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 34992

A five-piece, retractable hardtop roof is interesting in a car of this class, but we don’t imagine too many people will be excited about it. That said, the 2007 Volkswagen Eos is certainly practical in states that experience real winters and summers. The cornering-headlights option is another surprise for this market segment; Volkswagen is introducing technologies previously reserved for higher-end cars. Navigation is optional in the Eos, and the interface for it is fairly simple to use.

With the 250-horsepower V6, the Climatronic system is available, which adjusts the environmental controls depending on whether the top is up or down. Its 600-watt stereo system with 10 speakers should make up for even freeway noise with the top down. Another advantage of the V6 engine is the standard DSG double-clutch gearbox, an option with the four-cylinder, 200-horsepower FSI engine.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 34993

The body style of the 2007 Volkswagen Eos lies somewhere between bland and ugly. It’s very utilitarian, designed to accommodate passengers and its hardtop, with little thought given to aesthetics. Although the engine choices are more than adequate, the power train isn’t particularly revolutionary. Also, putting the hardtop down nearly halves the cargo space, taking it from 13.4 cubic feet down to 7.2 cubic feet. The Eos offers no Bluetooth cell phone integration or steering-wheel controls, forcing the driver to reach toward the center dash to make climate and audio adjustments.

The Eos will be available in one high quality trim level coming standard with stability control, front and side airbags, and a roll over protection system. Also available for the EOS are bi-xenon cornering headlights, and a ten channel audio system.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 34994

The hard top folds tightly together providing a powerful design

The CSC-roof opens or closes completely within 25 seconds and offers technical as well as visual finesse. Firstly: the front section is held in a transpa­rent glass look and can be used as a panorama sun roof opening it either completely or tilting it upwards by 35 millimeters. Even in the closed mode the roof creates a bright, friendly and fresh atmosphere in the interior. Second­ly: thanks to the wide CSC-roof span it was possible to design a short windscreen frame. This creates a pure conver­tible feeling. Thirdly: another benefit is that the proportions are streamlined, the roof line is elongated, the rear is muscular and the overall impression is one of high quality.

The clientele addressed by the Eos is comparatively large because the convertible-coupe is positioned between the A and B class. Example A-class (Golf-class): the Eos recommends itself as a vehicle with the overall impression of the higher quality B-class. In addition the Eos stands out from many of its competitors in the A-segment because of the higher end performance spectrum of the engines and high-end technologies such as the automatic DSG double clutch transmission, a Dynaudio sound system and of course the new CSC-roof. Example B-class (Passat-class): Even though the Eos is a little shorter than its com­petitors it offers a comparatively spacious and in any case comfortable interior. No top-end convertible in the B-class offers a glass sun roof, only one offers a folding steel roof. On top of this, the Eos has a clearly more favorable price. To put it differently: this Volkswagen transcends class borders.



New designs throughout

When closed, the CSC-roof curves in an arc between the rear and the windscreen. This creates an outstanding coupe roof, elegant and sporty. The roof’s curve is elongated, the rear is muscular and the overall impression is one of high quality. With the roof open, it is obvious that the Eos was specifically designed as a convertible-coupe and that its bodywork design was not derived from an existing model. Due to the CSC-roof it was possible to keep the windscreen frame short and the rear compact. Consequence: clear cut proportions in the style of classic convertibles. Not even one antenna disturbs its appearance. Background: the developers built each antenna into the trunk lid made of high rigidity synthetic.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 82751

The five-section CSC structure offers not only visual, but also practical advantages. Firstly, the pure convertible-feeling. Since the windscreen frame - or to be precise - the roof cross member - projects out into the interior to a far lesser degree than many similar vehicles there is nothing but the sky above the driver and front passenger. Secondly: optimal entry and exit. The reduced width of the wind screen frame makes it easier to get into the open Eos, since it is not necessary to maneuver around the frame. Thirdly: the integrated CSC-roof of the Eos captures light, air and a good mood. The complete opening and closing of the roof systems happens very quickly - from the first ‘clack’ to the last ‘click’ it only takes around 25 seconds. Once everything is covered, the system confirms the completion of the action by sounding a signal. In addition the CSC-roof offers the general advantages of an unlimited all-year-round suitability as well as lower driving noise levels when closed. The hard shell also makes life harder for vandals and thieves.

The convertible-coupe is 1.79 meters wide, 4.41meters long and 1.44 meters high. In their relationship to each other these dimensions affect the dynamics of the Eos: due to the relatively broad width in comparison with the length and height, the Eos sits powerfully on its wheels. The considerable track width (more than 1.55 meters) doesn’t just look good; it rather adds to the agility and road handling. The result is a fun driving experience, whether the top is up or down.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 35668

A sliding glass roof incorporated into the retractable hard-top can be opened to let in as much light and fresh air as desired. Of course, for the ultimate open-air cruising, the hard-top folds and self-stores below a hard boot.
To make top-down driving even more enjoyable, a pop-up mesh-fence wind deflector is incorporated into the front windshield frame of the 2007 Eos. A removable wind-blocker can also be set up behind the front seats to reduce wind buffeting and increase top-down comfort.
Another thoughtful design feature is the shorter windshield frame that is less intrusive to interior space than with a typical, traditional convertible windshield frame. The shorter window frame also eliminates the “duck” of getting into and out of conventional convertibles with tall window frames.

While the Eos is a two-door coupe, it gives the driver and passengers the feeling and comfort of being in a much larger convertible. At 173.6 inches long overall with a wheelbase of 101.5 in., a width of 70.5 in. and 56.8 in. height, the dimensions of the Eos enhance vehicle dynamics. A large track width not only looks good, it helps create extraordinary agility and safe handling characteristics exhibited by the Eos.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 35667

CSC roof: panorama glass roof included. The Eos is a coupé too

  •  The Eos is the first car in the world to have a five-piece hardtop with an integrated sliding/tilting glass roof. The complete roof can be opened or closed using the electro-hydraulics system in just 25 seconds. The so-called CSC roof (cabriolet, sliding and coupé roof) has many options and practical advantages. First of all: pure cabriolet feeling. Secondly: it is easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Thirdly: integrated sliding/tilting roof. The sun does not always shine and it is not always summer. The large glass sliding roof in the Eos can thus ensure light, air and enjoyable driving.

Viewing the 2007 Eos from the front exterior you notice a “chromed escutcheon grille,” expressive headlights, and black louvers. These are the new signature traits, like the headlight “eyebrows” derived from a slightly forward-drawn hood.

The new “face” of Volkswagen—a “V”-shaped grille that is split by a chrome belt—is continued as a wide indentation on the engine hood. At the hood edges, the sides rise in a gentle curve and add emphasis to the convertible coupe’s quarter panels, resulting in a particularly powerful-looking shoulder area. Wheel housings project outward and add strength to the overall, aggressive look.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123853

When the CSC roof is open, the Eos clearly shows that it has been specifically developed as a convertible coupe. The short design of the windshield helps create an extensive roof curve, benefiting the vehicle’s proportions and giving a classic, autonomous convertible-look rather than a steel-roof coupe that has merely been sliced open.

The CSC roof curves in an arc between the rear end and the windshield, giving rise to an outstanding coupe roof which is both elegant and sporty. The roof’s curve is elongated, the rear end muscular, and the overall impression is one of high quality.

Regardless of the position of the hard-top, the engine hood and hard boot shut lines, which stretch around the sides and into the rear quarter panels, are striking. The joint between the engine hood and front quarter panels curves seamlessly into the lower edge of the side windows.

The design of the Eos’ rear end is muscular and athletic. As in the case of the front hood, the rear quarter panels curve upwards above a continuous, lateral character line for a particularly dynamic look. Also at the rear, the vertical surface of the boot lid integrates a VW badge. Dual exhaust pipes are visible, and the large rear bumper stretches into the projecting wheel housings.

Striking, trapezoidal rear lights curve inwards in a manner similar to the headlights, with a round, central LED element for each of the tail lights, turn signals, brake lights and reversing light functions. As at the front, the entire rear bumper is painted in the body color.

The sophisticated roof movement is accomplished using a switch in the center console that activates eight hydraulic cylinders with mechanical linkages. In just 25 seconds, the hard-top convertible is completely and automatically lowered. If the weather changes, another click of the roof switch quickly raises the solid panels to create a protected, quiet interior environment found in traditional steel-top coupes.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123854

In an industry “first-and-only,” the panoramic, tinted glass power sunroof is integrated into the folding roof of the Volkswagen Eos. The externally guided, tilt-and-slide sunroof with automatic pinch protection gets “sandwiched” between roof panels as the hard-top is lowered.

The roof-lowering maneuver is even fascinating to watch, as the front roof panels, including the glass sunroof, slide under the forward roof panels as the entire roof area rises from the C-pillar to what would be a B-pillar and is stored beneath a rear deck.

An available Trunk Lid Assistance program with integrated bumper sensors monitors up to 20 inches behind the vehicle and prevents the roof from operating if any object or obstruction is detected. Preserving the luggage area is a cargo cover that must be in place and latched for the roof-lowering to be completed.

Also, just to be safe, the vehicle ignition must be “on” and vehicle speed must remain below 0.6 mph during roof operation. A status indicator provides warnings if the roof is not secured – either up or down.


Sporty-elegant interior

The interior was also newly designed. While the details for function and use (e.g. lights, air conditioning; radio systems) are familiar from other models, many of the Eos elements were newly developed. These include the cockpit, door and side cover as well as the rear seats and an air conditioning automatic specifically designed for a convertible. For the first time Volkswagen optionally features electrically activated easy-entry-seats: they ‘remember’ the driver’s and front passenger’s longitudinal seating position and return to it - just by pushing a button - after the rear passengers have gotten in or out. A lordosis support is also integrated into this electric 12-way seat adjustment system.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 34995

Inside, the Eos offers an inviting interior design. The dash includes Volkswagen’s typically dominant center console, and the side areas are spread out like wings to the left and right. The center-stack holds exclusively designed air vent apertures bordered in chrome. Interior trim is available with genuine walnut wood, full brushed aluminum and metallic-look synthetic interior trim.

The Eos interior can be configured in three colors, with darker colors dominating the upper areas to minimize windshield reflections. All plastics used in the lower area of the dash are lavishly coated with soft-effect paint.

Twelve-way power sport or comfort driver and front passenger seats are available, with an eight-way manual adjusting driver seat standard. A leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and brake handle, as well as heated washer nozzles, are available on all models. Shift paddles on the steering wheel also available with the DSG.

Other notable features of the Volkswagen 2007 Eos include Climatic single-zone air conditioning as standard in the base Eos, with dual-zone Climatronic standard in the Eos 2.0T and 3.2 L models. Easy-entry rear seats that "remember" the driver’s and front passenger’s longitudinal seating positions, and return to these once the rear passengers have entered or exited the vehicle, are standard on the Eos 3.2 L and optional on the 2.0T models.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 34991

For music lovers, the Eos can be ordered with an impressive 600-watt sound system designed specifically for the Eos by Danish high-end manufacturer Dynaudio. This audio system includes a ten-channel digital amplifier and ten specifically positioned and coordinated loudspeakers. An iPod adaptor is also available.

Standard audio in the Eos includes an AM/FM radio with single-disc in-dash CD player and eight speakers. A premium six-disc in-dash CD changer and eight-speaker system is available as an option, as well as a DVD-navigation system. Regardless of which audio or navigation system is chosen, the aerials fitted in the Eos are never visible.

With an open roof the available space is 205 liters, when closed the volume increases to 380 liters. For the last few millimeters the lid of the trunk closes via a power latching system as a standard feature. In addition there is a service hatch which is integrated into the rear seat bench.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123850

The 2007 Eos 2.0T offers a respectable 10.5 cubic feet of cargo space with the roof closed, and 6.6 cu.ft. with the roof retracted. A lockable, rear seat pass-through allows for transporting some long or bulky items, such as skis.

Engines and driving

Five engines with a performance spectrum from 115 hp to 250 hp

The Eos is available with four gas engines (performance spectrum 85 kW / 115 hp, 110 kW / 150 hp, 147 kW / 200 hp and 184 kW / 250 hp) as well as a 103 kW / 140 hp strong TDI with standard diesel particulate filter. For engines up to 147 kW a four cylinder direct injection system is used. The 184-kW option gets its power from six cylinders; gear changes are made via the DSG double clutch transmission.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123849

The 2007 Eos, on sale now, comes with a choice of engines: the award-winning Volkswagen 2.0T four-cylinder and the innovative Volkswagen 3.2 L narrow-angle V6. Either way you get plenty of power and the innovative hard-top coupe convertible for as little as $27,990 for an Eos 2.0T and $36,850 for the Eos 3.2 L.

The 2007 Eos 2.0T offers 200 horsepower and 207 lbs.-ft. of torque from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. High-pressure, FSI helps with performance and efficiency. The 2007 Eos 2.0T is EPA-rated at an estimated 23 miles per gallon in the city and an impressive 32 mpg in highway driving.

V6: 184 kW/250 bhp and 320 Newton metres of torque with DSG gearbox

 The top Eos model is powered by a 184 kW/250 bhp engine. The V6 powerhouse reaches its maximum torque of 320 Newton metres between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm. The driving performance is consequently very smooth. This Volkswagen with a top speed of 247 km/h can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds. The average fuel consumption is 9.2 litres. The Eos V6 is equipped with what many experts deem to be the most efficient automatic gearbox in the world: DSG. The dual-clutch gearbox distributes the drive power to the front wheels via six forward gears. 

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123841

This transmission is also available as an option for those who wish to replace the standard six-speed manual transmission with hydraulic clutch that comes standard with the Eos 2.0T. Regardless of powertrain setup, the power transfers to where rubber meets the road via front-wheel drive in all 2007 Eos models.


Test drive Impressions

The first coupe-cabrio of the Volkswagen looks better than the Passat, Golf or Polo, even if it is a little bit of everyone. Eos is sexy. In dimenssions Eos is somewhere between a Passat and a Golf and its platform is a hybrid between this two: fron axis - Golf, back axis - Passat. This means that at the moment the Eos is the only coupe-convertible model with an independent back axis (except the roadster coupe - example: Mercedes SL and SLK ).

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 82733

An coupe-convertible model its a heavy car because of the hard-top and special reinforcements. The semirigid back axis is not very confortable. For the Eos this things are not valid, and the car rigidity is very good. The 2.0 liter, 150 hp is quite slow, but it cat sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 9,7 seconds and has a top speed of 129 mph. The car handling is generally good but in fast corners the EOS is serously ballancing.

For ride comfort and control, Volkswagen designed the all-new 2007 Eos with a front McPherson strut concept with triangular wishbones and self-leveling shock absorbers. In the rear is a fully independent, four-link suspension. Stabilizer bars front and rear add to roll control and to reduce lateral drift.

Power-assisted front vented disc brakes and rear solid disc brakes are standard. A brake wear indicator, which gives owners a tip when it is time for new pads, is also standard.

For nighttime driving, an Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) is available on 2007 Eos 3.2 L models that swivels low-beam headlights to improve visibility though turns. The headlight rotation, to a maximum of 15 degrees, is activated by the steering wheel or by operation of the turn signals. In addition, the available “Coming Home” feature helps light the way inside during night time arrivals.

Standard power folding exterior rearview mirrors are heated and incorporate LED side blinkers to announce driver intentions. Environment lighting beneath the mirrors lights the surrounding ground in hopes of preventing a misstep into a puddle – or worse! The driver side mirror is self-dimming to help prevent temporary “blinding” from following automobiles.

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 82750

Because seasons change, the 2007 Eos is designed and built with all-weather and four-seasons cruising in mind. In closed position, the retractable hardtop of the 2007 Eos protects occupants from inclement weather and significantly reduces noise levels in the interior, even at highway speed. As an added bonus, the shell of the Eos hard-top convertible even makes life more difficult for vandals and thieves.



Safety: the overroll protection system active in just 0.25 seconds

The Eos is, alongside the high strength and torsionally stiff body, equipped with a whole range of standard systems that work together to over a very high level of passive safety. In a rollover accident, for example: the cabriolet/coupé has an automatic overroll protection system which is activated at the C-pillar at the rear of the vehicle at the latest 0.25 seconds after a defined lateral acceleration or vehicle tilt angle is exceeded.
For increased safety, Volkswagen has fitted the 2007 Eos with special side supplemental restraint airbags. A driver and front passenger frontal airbag supplemental restraint system includes a Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS) and head-thorax airbags designed to work in parallel with driver and front passenger frontal airbags. In the event of a crash, the combination airbags unfold horizontally and vertically to cover the entire length of the side windows.
Additional safety-enhancing features that are standard equipment on the 2007 Eos include: four-wheel ABS (anti-lock braking system) and an Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) with brake assist and brake-disc wiper system, Anti-slip regulation (ASR) and an electromechanical power steering setup.

For added safety when the top is down, the Eos has a Rollover Protection System. Spring tension instantly elevates the roll bar-like elements of the Rollover Protection System. In the event of a severe frontal impact, a side or rear collision, or in the case of vehicle rollover or extreme lateral tilt, specially designed individual “roll-bars” pop up from behind the rear seats. 

2006 Volkswagen Eos
- image 123848

The Eos might not be one of the most beautiful car in the world, but its sex-appeal makes you wishing one!

Standard Equipment



  •  Antenna
    •  Integrated trunk-lid antenna
    • Integrated trunk-lid "Diversity" antenna
  • Anti-Corrosion
    • Galvanized sheet metal in corrosion-critical areas
  • Badging
    • Model badge, rear driver side
    • Engine badge, rear passenger side
    • VW logo badge, rear center (push in top of logo, to open trunk)
  • Bumpers
    • Front and rear bumpers body color
    • Dual exhaust pipes on left side
  • Doors
    • Two doors
    • Body color door handles
  • Fuel Tank
    • Fuel cap with string attachment and cap holder (use when refueling)
  • Glass
    • Tinted glass, green
  • Grille
    • Chrome front grille surround; black louvers
    • Chrome front grille surround; black louvers with chrome accents
  • Horn
    •  Dual tone horns
  • Lights, Front/Rear
    •  Halogen headlamps with clear, lightweight, chip resistant polycarbonate lenses.
    • LED technology for rear marker, brake and turn signal lights. Traditional bulb are used for the tail lights and back-up lights.
    • Bi-Xenon headlights
    • AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) included with bi-xenon headlights, includes low beam headlights that swivel horizontally at highway speeds, to improve nighttime visibility around curves. Maximum rotational angle is 15 degrees. AFS is activated by the steering wheel angle, or by operation of the turn signals.
    • Daytime Running Lights (DRL). Upon start-up of vehicle, headlights engage with reduced power. Instrument panel lighting, parking lights and taillights remain off. To engage all lights with full power, the light switch must be turned to the on position
    • Automatic headlights with "Coming Home"
    • Headlights-on warning tone, upon opening of driver’s door when ignition key is removed
    • Halogen projector-lens foglights, integrated into front bumper
    • Center high-mounted LED stoplamp, on trunk lid
    • Side blinkers, integrated into side exterior mirrors
  • Mirrors
    •  Body-color exterior rearview mirror housings
    • Powered exterior rearview mirrors, heated, with LED side blinkers
    • Power-folding exterior rearview mirrors, heated, with LED side blinkers and environment lighting, self-dimming on driver side
  • Moldings/Panels
    •  Body-colored door handles and bumpers
  • Paint
    •  Metallic paint (no charge)
    • Non-metallic paint
  • Roof
    • Panoramic power glass sunroof, externally guided, tilt and sliding, with tinted glass, and manual sunshade. Powered by electrical motor. Includes pinch protection.
    • CSC (coupe-sunroof-convertible) automatic folding hardtop roof, multi-piece, with heated rear glass window. Roof and trunk-lid are operated by switches in the center console, driven by 8 hydraulic cylinders with mechanical linkages. Roof only operates when the baggage cover is correctly latched in the luggage compartment, ignition is on, and the vehicle speed is below 0.6 mph (1 km/hr).
    • Rollover Protection System, automatic, behind rear head restraints. Rollover protection elements are extended by spring tension, in the event of severe frontal, side and rear collisions, or in the case of vehicle rollover or extreme lateral tilt.
    • Roof operation indicator (optic, acoustic)
  • Tires
    • 215/55 R16 H, all-season tires, snow chain compatible
    • 235/45 R17 H, all season tires
    • 235/40 R18 H, all season tires
    • 125/70 R18 space-saver spare tire (max. speed 50 mph)
  • Wheels
    •  7J X 16’’ alloy wheels, "Adelaide", with space-saving steel spare
    • 7 1/2J X 17’’ alloy wheels, "Le Mans", with space-saving 18" steel spare
    • 7 1/2J X 17’’ alloy wheels, "Avignon", with space-saving 18" steel spare
    • 8J X 18’’ alloy wheels, "Samarkand", with space-saving 18" steel spare
    • Anti-theft wheel locks
  • Wipers/Washer
    • Adjustable intermittent wipers
    • Rain sensor, automatic wiper speed control
    • Heated windshield washer nozzles, front
  • Wind Deflection
    • Wind deflector, front (pop-up mesh fence), in windshield frame
    • Windblocker, rear, removable, behind front seats


  • Air Conditioning
    • CLIMATIC single-zone air conditioning, CFC-free
    • CLIMATRONIC electronic climate control, dual-zone, CFC-free. Includes stronger air flow, when driving with the top open. The CLIMATRONIC system also saves different comfort settings for both convertible and coupe mode, automatically converting when the roof is raised / lowered.
  • Alarm/Anti-theft
    • Anti-theft vehicle alarm system for doors, hood, trunk, & radio. Starter interrupt, with Autolock function. Warning LED in door top sill on driver side, with audible and visual activation.
    • Immobilizer III theft deterrent system
  • Armrest
    • Front center armrest, sliding adjustable, with integrated storage box (noncooling), and 12V socket facing rear passengers
    • Rear center pass-through, lockable, with storage compartment
  • Ashtray
    • Non-smoker package, incl. covered tray and 12V socket for front passengers
  • Cruise Control
    • Stalk-mounted Cruise control
  • Cup Holders
    • Cupholders, 2 front and 2 rear
  • Defroster
    • Electric rear window defroster
    • Electric side mirror defroster/defogger
  • Doors/Side Panels
    • Integrated armrests in front door panels
    • Molded door trim in leatherette
  • Floor mats
    •  Front and rear floor mats
  • Instrument Cluster
    •  Analog gauges: speedometer, tachometer, vehicle temperature and fuel. Digital read-outs in dot-matrix font: odometer, trip odometer, and clock. Illuminated warning lights.
    • Digital compass
    • Multi-function trip computer with trip time, trip distance, average trip speed, average trip fuel consumption, current fuel consumption, miles to empty, outside temperature gauge and gear indicator.
    • Seatbelt reminder and fuel cap seal warning
  • Keys
    • Keyfobs (2) with radio-frequency remote transmitter for central locking, with eyelet
  • Lighter/Outlets
    • Two power outlets. One in front center console (non-smoker package), one in center console facing rear seating positions S S S
  • Lighting
    • Dual front reading lights
    • Luggage compartment light
    • Interior ambient lighting, located forward of front reading lights
    • Footwell lighting
    • Door entry reflectors
  • Locks
    • Radio-frequency remote locking system with lock, unlock, rear trunk release and panic button on transmitter
    • Automatic locking feature (doors lock automatically when vehicle reaches 8 mph)
    • Door-mounted lock/unlock switches
  • Mirrors, Interior
    • Driver and front passenger vanity mirrors, illuminated with sliding covers
    • Dimming rearview mirror, manual
    • Self-dimming interior mirror, switchable
    • Mirror control pad with joystick control
  • Ornamentation
    • Synthetic "Microtech Anthracite" interior trim
    • Genuine walnut wood interior trim (dashboard, doors, front center console) -
    • Brushed-aluminum interior trim (dashboard, doors)
    • Metallic shift lever base plate (if equipped with automatic transmission)
    • Metallic applications to instrument cluster, door handles
    • Metallic lock cylinder for glove box
  • Radio/Audio
    •  AM/FM radio with single-disc in-dash CD player, MP3 format readable, eight speakers, AUX-IN multimedia socket for external audio source (in glovebox) S S -
    • Premium AM/FM radio with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3 format readable, eight speakers, AUX-IN multimedia socket for external audio source (in glovebox). Includes Sirius Satellite Radio (incl. hardware, activation fee, plus 3 months trial service)
    • Dynaudio Premium Sound System, with 10 high-end speakers (4 tweeters, 2 midrange, 4 woofers). Amplifier delivers 600W and includes DSP (Digital
    • Sound Processor) technology.
    • iPod adaptor (in center console; deletes AUX-IN multimedia socket from
    • glovebox;
  • Remote Releases
    •  Remote releases for trunk/hatch and fuel filler door, located on driver’s side door
  • Restraint Systems
    •  Driver and front passenger, front airbag supplemental restraint system. Includes Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS).
    • Driver and front passenger, combined side-curtain and side-thorax supplemental airbag supplemental restraint system
    • Three-point safety belts, for all four seating positions. Includes belt-force limiters for all seats, and belt tensioners for front seats.
    • Emergency locking retractors for all seating positions
    • Headrests, front 2, adjustable, optimized head restraints
    •  Headrests, rear 2, non-adjustable
    • Rollover Protection System, automatic, behind rear head restraints. Rollover protection elements are extended by spring tension, in the event of severe frontal, side and rear collisions, or in the case of vehicle rollover or extreme lateral tilt.
    • LATCH (2 in 2nd row) - Child seat lower anchorage points (no top tethers), rear seating positions
  • Seating, Front
    • 8-way manually adjustable comfort front seats, with optimized head restraints.
    • Includes manual adjustable lumbar support.
    • 12-way power driver comfort seat, incl. 4-way power adjustable lumbar support.
    • 8-way manual front passenger comfort seat incl. manual lumbar.
    • 12-way full power adjustable front comfort seats: incl. 4-way power adjustable lumbar support
    • 12-way full power adjustable front sport seats: incl. 4-way power adjustable lumbar support
    • Power "easy-entry" function on driver’s seat. A rocker switch on the seat to moves the driver’s seat forward and backwards, to allow easy access to the rear seat. Operates only with the vehicle stationary and with the door open.
    • Power "easy-entry" function on both front seats
    • Heatable front seats
  • Seating, Rear
    •  Rear center pass-through, lockable, with storage compartment
    • Rear seat headrests (2), non adjustable
  • Special Features
    • Navigation System with visual and audible commands through color center console display, and through multi-function onboard computer display in instrument cluster. In-dash CD changer replaced with single-disk in-dash DVD player, and front-armrest mounted CD changer (incompatible with MP3 format).
    • Navigation System as described, but with optional iPod adaptor (delayed availability) replacing CD changer in the front armrest.
    • Homelink garage door opener, integrated into sunvisor
    • Tire-pressure monitoring system, direct (operates on 315 MHz)
  • Steering Wheel
    •  3-spoke steering wheel
    • 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel
    • 3-spoke leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
    • Tiptronic control paddles on steering wheel (DSG model)
    • Steering wheel deformable upon impact
    • Height adjustable and telescoping steering column
    • Theft-deterrent steering column
  • Storage, Interior
    • Front door storage pockets
    • Front seatback, magazine storage pockets
    • Front center armrest, sliding adjustable, with integrated storage box (noncooling) and 12V socket facing rear passengers
    • Rear center pass-through, lockable, with storage compartment
    • Glove box, lockable, non-illuminated, with adjustable cooling feature
  • Sunvisors
    • Sunvisors, left-right, single shades on each side
  • Trim (Details)
    • Gearshift knob and boot, synthetic material
    • Leather-wrapped gearshift knob
    • "Microtech Anthracite" interior trim
    • Genuine walnut wood interior trim (dashboard, doors, front center console)
    • Brushed-aluminum interior trim (dashboard, doors)
    • Pedal pads in aluminum appearance
    • Leather-wrapped handbrake handle
  •  Trunk/Cargo Area
    • Trunk entrapment release, Trunk escape handle - emergency internal release mechanism to unlatch trunk lid. Fluorescent reflector for location
    • Trunk, illuminated
    • Fully upholstered luggage compartment
    • Grip on inside of hatch to assist in closing
    • Luggage protection cover in trunk (with sensors for CSC Roof)
    • Loading edge protection, synthetic
  • Upholstery
    • Leatherette interior upholstery
    • Leather comfort seats ("Vienna" leather seating and armrest surfaces)
    • Leather sport seats ("Napa" leather seating and armrest surfaces)
  • Ventilation System
    • Air vents in instrument panel
    • Rear passenger ventilation
    • Pollen and odor filter
  • Windows
    • Power windows, front and rear with pinch protection.


  • Batteries
    • 12V Battery
    • Two separate 6V batteries, located in forward interior edge of trunk
  • Brakes
    • ABS (anti-lock braking system)
    • Brake-pad wear indicator
    • Power assisted front vented disc brakes, rear solid disc brakes
  • Emissions
    • Bin 5 EPA Federal Emissions concept
    • ULEV II California Emissions concept
    • Bin 5 EPA Federal Emissions concept
    • LEV II California Emissions concept
  • Engine
    • 2.0T 200 horsepower, 207 lbs-ft torque, 4 cylinder, in-line, 4-valve,
    • turbocharged, FSI
    • 3.2L 250 horsepower, 235 lbs-ft torque, VR 6-cylinder, 4-valve
  • Side Protection
    • Anti-intrusion side door beams
  • Steering
    • Electromechanical power steering, dual-pinion (steering and driving pinions),
    • speed variable
  • Suspension
    • Front McPherson concept with triangular wishbones, coil springs, telescopic
    • self-leveling shock absorbers, stabilizer bar
    • Sport suspension (stiffer shocks, and larger stabilizer bar)
    • Rear fully independent four-link suspension with coil springs, telescopic shock
    • absorbers and stabilizer ba
  • Traction Control
    • Anti-slip regulation (ASR)
    • Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
    • Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) with brake assist, and disc wipers
    • Starting assist function, winter-mode (Eisschalter)
  • Transmission
    • MQ 6-speed manual transmission
    • DSG 6-speed Auto Transmission with Tiptronic
    • Hydraulic clutch for manual transmission
    • Clutch starter interlock for manual transmission. Vehicle will not start if clutch is not depressed


  • Anti-Corrosion
    • 12 year/unlimited distance Limited Warranty against Corrosion Perforation
  • Powertrain Warranty
    • 5 year/60,000 mile (whichever occurs first). Powertrain Limited Warrant
  • Vehicle Warranty
    • 4 year/50,000 mile (whichever occurs first). New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
    • Wear and tear items and adjustments excluded after initial 12 months/12,000
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  (6023) posted on 11.29.2006

you have to be kidding me.vw is loosing money in the u.s and they give us this bland looking car and want 30.000 for it. no thanks.

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