Volkswagen today unveiled in Shanghai the Tiguan HyMotion, a SUV prototype with a fuel cell. The electric engine has a maximum power of 134 hp and the fuel cell system develops 107 hp. The Tiguan HyMotion weights 1870 hg, makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 14 seconds and can hit a top speed of 93 mph.

A lithium ion battery with a charge capacity of 6.8 Ampere-hours (Ah) serves as an auxiliary energy storage device. Its maximum power output is 22 kW. The battery is charged by recovered braking energy (recuperation) or by the fuel cell. The battery system is installed in the trunk, specifically beneath the dual cargo floor that can be ordered on the production Tiguan. The 700 bar hydrogen tank was integrated in the area beneath the rear bench seat and the cargo area. It can hold up to 3.2 kilograms of hydrogen (H2). Interior space is not impaired by the fuel cell drive system.

2007 Volkswagen Tiguan HyMotion
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The fuel cell is supplied from the hydrogen tank and an external air inlet. The fuel cell outputs the electrical energy it generates – the power – via a converter and a downstream electrical system rectifier – to one or more electric motors. The resulting car is nearly silent when driven, and it is always driven emissions-free.

2007 Volkswagen Tiguan HyMotion
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