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Due to the expansion of the compact SUV class Volkswagen have decided to build their own version based on the new PL/PQ48 platform. The new SUV will be called “Tiguan” and is intended to suit both an urban environment as well as a rough terrain far from normal roads. The first clues about the new Volkswagen SUV were provided by the off-road design study Concept A at the beginning of 2006. Our artists have produced a couple of renderings to give a better impression on how the production car will look like.

The name for the “baby Tuareg” was chosen by the readers of the “AutoBild” magazine. Four other alternatives were offered: Nanuk, Namib, Rockton and Samun, and more than 350,000 readers from ten countries placed their votes, most of them being on the name “Tiguan”.


The new VW Tiguan will transfer the globally successful Touareg recipe to the class of the compact SUV, a segment that has grown considerably lately. The new exotic sounding name came to serve the adventure, enjoyment and freedom the new car will have to offer. Thanks to the SUV concept which is based on driving dynamics and high comfort levels, the Tiguan will suit both an urban environments as well as rough terrain far from normal roads and thus provides the driver with absolute freedom. A first impression of the new Volkswagen SUV was provided by the off-road design study Concept A at the beginning of 2006.

2008 Volkswagen Tiguan preview
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VW Tiguan official sketch

Wearing the project name VW416, the Tiguan will be built using the new PL/PQ48 platform – a combination of the Golf/Rabbit and Passat platforms – one which will eventually be produced the Audi’s A4, A5 and Q5. While still in tests the new vehicle will arrive as a 2008 model and production will begin in Wolfsburg at the end of 2007.


A concept of the vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show this upcoming September. The previous two names chosen for the vehicle “Marrakech” and “Beduin” registered in early 2003 and 2005 where dropped.


The Volkswagen Tiguan is expected to be available with four gasoline and diesel engines at start. The 97 cui FSI, 122 cui FSI, 115 cui TDI and 122 cui TDI will be borrowed from the Golf/Rabbit V. The top model will equip either the 2.8 V6 or the Golf/Rabbit GTI’s 2.0 FSI Turbo with 200 bhp. DSG sequential dual clutch gearbox will also be available as an option. The four-wheel drive system will be the already known 4Motion equipping all 4WD Volkswagens. A higher suspension of 2.5 inch will allow the Tiguan to tackle off-road conditions better than the conventional Golf/Rabbit 4Motion.

2008 Volkswagen Tiguan preview
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VW Concept A

The styling for the Tiguan will follow the lines of the Concept A, presented at the beginning of 2006. The small SUV will feature wider and beefier wheel arches, along with completely new front and rear end. The headlights will follow the trend set by Concept R, Concept C and the production EOS model. Volkswagen has released an official teaser sketch of the car in July, which previews the athletic muscular sporty lines of the Tiguan. Our artists have produced to computer renderings that further illuminate the upcoming car. The front view was created following the lines of the official Volkswagen sketch adapted to a production realistic vehicle. The rear view uses styling details from the Concept A, set up in a more conventional production-ready manner.


The Volkswagen Tiguan will be a serious SUV to take on the well known Nissan X-Trail, BMW X3 and Land Rover Freelander. Prices are unknown at this moment but should be $5000 more expensive than the comparable Golf/Rabbit 4Motion.

2008 Volkswagen Tiguan preview
- image 91457
VW Tiguan TS artists rendering
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They Should of Kept To The Concept Design

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