In the world of hot hatches and sedans, the Europeans get to have all the fun. Look at the Volkswagen Golf R and the Audi RS4. These are just two of the vehicles that we would love to have in the United States, but chances are that day will never come. Now, there is a new hot German vehicle and this one might actually come to our shores.

The four-door Jetta sedan might receive a hot R version and while these are just rumors, we wanted to give you a little insight into what it might offer. The Jetta R hasn’t officially been announced, so most of the information we have provided is simply speculation, but hot Volkswagens don’t seem to change much.

There is a chance that the hot Jetta will be shown at the Los Angeles Motor Show, but nothing has been announced as of yet.

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Compared to the normal Jetta, the R version will likely sit lower and give you a front fascia with larger air intakes and an integrated front spoiler, black mirrors, extended rocker sills, a rear spoiler in body color, and a rear aero diffuser in black.

Other options might include bi-xenon headlights, smoked lenses for the taillights, chrome exhaust tips, and the Talladega wheels. Inside, the Jetta R should have a flat-bottomed steering wheel and R badges scattered throughout.

The Power

If built, it could utilize the same engine as the Golf R and Scirocco R. The 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection four-cylinder produces 265 horsepower and up to 258 ft-lb of torque. The car could be a four-wheel drive model, but front-wheel has not been ruled out.

Recently, Autocar reported that a Jetta was shown with a 3.6-liter V6 and a dual-clutch transmission. It was also fitted with 4Motion all-wheel drive. We still can’t be sure what the Jetta R will pack under the hood, but both of those motors will work for us.

The Competition

The new car would be competing against vehicles like the Honda Civic Si, Scion tC TRD, and the Ford Focus RS, should it be revived for North America.

Currently, only one of those models is for sale in the U.S, the Civic Si. Yet, by the time the Jetta R hits the market, chances are the Civic Si will have been redesigned.

When Will It Be Released

If it ever does come to the United States, it should be here in late 2011 or 2012. Yet, before anything is officially announced, Volkswagen needs to make sure that there is a demand in America for such a vehicle.

Source: Autocar

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  (407) posted on 12.2.2010

It looks like there is a reflection from the curb that looks like a body side strip. From comparison with the NCC, it looks like they’ve taped out the bright trim around the windows and extended it along the bottom.

  (677) posted on 11.17.2010

The new Impreza Sti and Lancer don’t seem to be selling as well as their predecessors. I still see plenty of older Sti’s but almost no newer ones.

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