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Despite the sluggish sales of the flagship Phaeton since its launch in 2003, VW is intent on designing and developing the next gen flagship right from scratch.

Talking to Autocar at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed that there will be a 2014 Volkswagen Phaeton that will feel ’very new’ as compared to the current gen, which we think is very boring in terms of design and driveability. You would never feel excited when you step into a Phaeton, unlike its competitors like the Mercedes S-Class or the Jaguar XJ. It’s a car that, frankly speaking, one wouldn’t look forward to sitting and driving when you go to work or for a long drive. It’s been sitting on the same old platform for the last 10 years with little tweaks to the design and changes to the engine line-up. For VW to make the Phaeton a success in the luxury saloon market, little tweaks just isn’t enough. Now though, believing what the R&D chief has said, that’s about to change for good.

Apart from the confirmation, he also revealed that it would be underpinned by the new modular MLB platform for large sedans in the VW Group, underpinnings which will also be used beneath the next-generation Continental family from Bentley and Panamera family from Porsche. Good to see that VW is intent on making it a success.

With that, the Phaeton will be marketed as a car for those who like the ride comfort of a Bentley, but can’t afford one.


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  (1) posted on 02.26.2013

I bought a secondhand V8 Phaeton in Switzerland one year ago. It had all the goodies I wanted in an ’ideal’ specification after looking for years at ads online. This car is very much NOT boring. Every time I climb inside I am smiling with pleasure at the gorgeous interior and in anticipation of a wonderful smooth drive. The seats are amazingly comfortable for my large frame. Like all owners of this car, I look back and smile when I am walking away after parking. This car gives joy like no other, makes a Merc or BM seem very soulless in comparison. No new model could be better, but we live in hope. This is Mr Piëch’s personal folly, and he is a total genius. I am in love. Look at any Phaeton forum and see how actual ownership transforms whatever first opinion you may have of this truly wonderful car. I have to pinch myself to believe I can actually own and drive something so good. Yes, a Bentley for the outwardly modest driver, rather in the same vein as old Humbers, Armstrong Siddeleys, big Rovers, etc. Cars that were lovely to own but did not shout wealth like a Rolls Royce. Mercedes used to be in a similar category before they became fashion objects. Sad.

  (1) posted on 11.19.2012

PAAdam, in what way is the Phaeton mediocre? For the past 10 years it has been a cheap Bentley Flying Spur in disguise.

  (8) posted on 10.24.2012

With the knowledge from VW’s prestigious brands it is inexcusable for VW to be offering a mediocre flagship.

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