A dose of exterior and interior upgrades for Volkswagen’s resident hatchback

The Volkswagen Golf may not be regarded as a flagship model but it is an important one to the German automaker as it continues to pick up the pieces left behind by the disaster that was Dieselgate. With the model having recently undergone a facelift, the Golf is beginning to exude confidence again, which is likely a big reason why Wolfsburg is releasing a new optional R-Line package specifically for the hatchback and wagon versions of the company’s little mighty mouse of a car.

Nope, the Volkswagen Atlas isn’t the only one getting the R-Line treatment. The Golf is getting one too, and judging by the options included in this particular package, there are plenty of them to go by for discerning would-be Golf owners. Exterior and interior upgrades abound in the Golf R-Line, most of them coming in aesthetic and cosmetic varieties. Some of these options come with aerodynamic improvements too so that’s another pretty important selling point, especially when you take into account one of the R-Line package’s most important attributes.

Essentially, think of the Golf R-Line in the vein of the model’s range-topping variant, the Golf R, minus the extra power that the latter has at its disposal. The Golf R-Line doesn’t carry the same power and performance numbers as the actual Golf R, but at the very least, the package helps the Golf look a lot like its more powerful sibling. That in itself makes the Golf R-Line that more appealing because ultimately, if you can’t add on to a car’s power numbers., might as well just make the said car look the part of one instead.

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What makes the Volkswagen Golf R-Line So Special

2017 Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package High Resolution Exterior
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Before I dive deep into the Golf R-Line, it’s important to remember that the Golf itself just received a facelift with the updated model breaking cover at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show last December 2016. I’m not going to break down every update, but by and large, the facelifted Golf received a sportier front fascia, highlighted by a bigger air dam, elevated air intakes, and redesigned headlight lenses. They’re subtle upgrades in the grand scheme of things, but enough to make the Golf look more up to the times. Go take a look below to see what the new Golf looks like compared to its previous version.

2018 Volkswagen Golf High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Volkswagen Golf High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Note: side-by-side photo of the current and previous versions of the Volkswagen Golf.

Now, let’s take a look at what the R-Line Package is offering. The R-Line exterior package comes with a host of cosmetic and aerodynamic upgrades, beginning with a redesigned front bumper that includes a high-gloss black C signature and air intake screens. Move to the side of the hatchback and you’ll see that the sill extensions have also been dressed in a similar high-gloss black finish whereas the rear section’s bumper was the recipient of an R-Line-specific diffuser and trapezoidal chrome trims. R-Line badges on the radiator grille and side panels complete the visual upgrades while a rear spoiler with aero flips make up the aero upgrades to the Golf.

Remember when I said that the Golf R-Line Package could be somebody’s answer to having their Golfs look the part of the Golf R without the benefit of a more powerful engine? Well, the upgrades included in the package is successful in bringing out a sportier and more performance-oriented look to the updated Golf.

The price for this specific package amounts to either €1,105 for the Highline trim of the hatchback or €1,295 for the Comfortline trim. Convert those prices to USD and you arrive at prices in the neighborhood of $1,170 for the Highline and around $1,370 for the Comfortline trim.

Before you get too excited though, Volkswagen’s R-Line offerings for the updated Golf doesn’t just end there as wheel upgrades and interior modifications are also on the table.

First, let’s look at the wheels because the German automaker is offering a number of interesting choices on wheels measuring 17 or 18 inches. If you’re interested in the smaller set, the R-Line Package has 17-inch “Singapore” alloy wheels. If you’re interested in the slightly bigger set, there’s the 18-inch “Marseille” alloy wheels. Then there’s the set of “Sebring” alloy wheels that are available in either 17- or 18-inch sets.

2017 Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package
- image 700247
2017 Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package
- image 700246

Note: “Marseille” and “Singapore” Alloy wheels pictured here.

Now let’s move to the interior where Volskwagen’s R-Line Package has a lot to offer to discerning new owners of the updated Golf. The most prominent of these upgrades are the R-Line sport seats, which by themselves are already different from those found on the stock Golf. But in addition to the actual seats, the R-Line Package is also offering them in either a "Carbon Flag/San Remo" design, or optionally upholstered in perforated ”Vienna" leather that’s perforated in a Black-Crystal Grey finish.

Decorative “Dark Diamond Flag” inlays and black roof lining also add touches of exclusivity to the interior, as does the leather-wraped multifunction sport steering wheel that not only comes with contrast stitching, but also with its own R-Line badge. Speaking of contrast stitching, the floor mats and gear shift boot also received the same design treatment. Last but certainly not least is the R-Line logo that’s on display on the infotainment system’s start screen.

There are enough references here to tie the upgrades up to Volkswagen’s R-Line Package. From the fancy upholstery to the sophisticated use of contrast stitching and stainless steel elements, an R-Line Package-fitted Volkswagen Golf will definitely exude a different look and feel to it compared to its stock counterparts.

2017 Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package High Resolution Exterior
- image 700242
2017 Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package High Resolution Exterior
- image 700243

Sadly, the same cannot be said for engine options. While the Golf R-Line Package is available for both the hatchback and wagon versions of the model, none of the engine options are going to get any upgrades. Depending on the engine you have in your Golf models, be it the 147-horsepower 1.5 TSI EVO, the 128-horsepower 1.5-liter Diesel, or the 240-horsepower Golf GTI, the standard output numbers will remain the same.

If that realization is to your satisfaction, then you can proceed with determining whether the complete R-Line equipment package for both the exterior and interior of the Volkswagen Golf is something that’s worth spending money on. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you can go ahead and prepare €1,800 for the Highline trim or €2,295 for the Comfortline trim. Those prices convert to around $1,910 and $2,430, respectively.

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