• 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Black Style R-Line Design Package

New design package gives VW’s resident crossover a fresh new look

Volkswagen is rolling out a special new package for the Tiguan. It’s called the Black Style R-Line Design Package, and it’s made up of aesthetic upgrades for the automaker’s resident crossover. The Black Style R-Line Design Package is available with the Tiguan’s Comfort and Highline specification packages. It costs €3,365 in Germany, though the price could go up if you want to upgrade your wheels. That’s about $3,840 based on current exchange rates.

What makes the Volkswagen Tiguan Black Style R-Line Design Package special?

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Black Style R-Line Design Package
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Volkswagen is no stranger to rolling out R-Line Design Packages for the Tiguan crossover. For those who remember, VW unveiled a similar package last year at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show. More importantly, the package became available to U.S. customers earlier this year. This new package, though, is different from what we saw in L.A. a year ago, mainly because it’s only available in Germany.

The contents of the Black Style R-Line Design Package are also different, though you probably know that by now since it does bear the “Black Style” nomenclature.

The new-look Tiguan sports black side mirror caps and window strips wearing the same dark shade. A similar treatment is applied on the front grille and the roof rails, while rear side windows and the rear windscreen benefit from a tinted treatment. The package also includes a new set of 19-inch black alloy wheels, but you don’t have to get this set if you don’t want to. Should you be interested in bigger wheels, VW is offering a set of larger 20-inch Suzuka wheels that you can purchase for an extra €490, or $560 based on current exchange rates.

Since the package also sports the “R-Line” label, Volkswagen is throwing in a few R-Line trinkets into the mix. The front and rear bumpers, for example, come from the sporty accessory line, as does the roof-mounted rear spoiler. Inside, there’s a leather-wrapped steering wheel that adds a nice premium touch to the cabin. Unfortunately for our friends in Germany, the Black Style R-Line Design Package is only available on Tiguan models wearing Pure White, Pearl-Effect Deep Black, Indium Gray Metallic, or Mother-of-Pearl-Effect Oryx White. That leaves out fancier colors like Atlantic Blue Metallic, Caribbean Blue Metallic, and Crimson Red Metallic out in the cold.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Black Style R-Line Design Package
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The package is exclusively visual so don’t expect surprises coming out of the crossover’s engine. On that note, there are a number of engine options to choose from when you’re talking about the Comfort trim of the crossover, specifically a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine and a 2.0-liter diesel engine. The horsepower output of these engines are the same at 150 horsepower, but the diesel unit produces more torque at 280 pound-feet compared to the gas engine at 184 pound-feet of torque.

Those are two decent engine choices, but if you’re the type who prefers your Tiguan to be on the angrier side of the emotions scale, you can opt to wait it out and see when Volkswagen drops the Tiguan R.

It’s not a certainty that we’re going to see one in the future, but rumors have persisted that a sporty R version of the crossover is coming in the near future.

There have even been sightings out on the road of a sporty-looking Tiguan prototype. Cross your fingers that Volkswagen isn’t doing a double-ruse by concealing the next-generation Audi RS Q3 in Volkswagen Tiguan apparel.

In any event, the Volkswagen Black Style R-Line Design Package is available in Germany for a tidy sum of €3,365, or right around $3,840. If you want to upgrade to the 20-inch Suzuka wheels, the cost on your wallet adds up to €3,855, or right about $4,400.

It’s a bummer that the package is only available in Germany, but don’t feel too bad about it because it’s not like we’ve been left out of packages for U.S.-spec Tiguans. As I mentioned, Volkswagen released a similar R-Line trim package in our shores. That one included in larger intakes in the front with plenty of gloss black trim, body-colored fender extensions, side skirts, and a simulated rear diffuser with its own shiny, dark accents. The cost of that package added up to $1,795 on the SEL or $1,495 on the SEL Premium trims of the Tiguan.

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