The ID Crozz Now Hides Its Body Under The Tiguan Guise But It Does Reveal Some Of Its Merits

With an impending approach of the numerous Volkswagen ID electric cars, the spy photographers come into their own finally having a proper reason to film camouflaged Volkswagens. The latest that fell victim to a spy photographer’s lens is a curiously uncovered Volkswagen Tiguan. It was wheeling, silently, in nearly the same way as that Golf Sportsvan I wrote about earlier. As it turns out, this one famously hides the body of the next Volkswagen ID Crozz. It is definitely one of the most important electric vehicles that will appear in the next year or two, and this is essentially all that we know about it.

Update 08/11/2019: We spotted the Volkswagen ID Crozz testing with what we believe to be official metal. Check out our latest spy shots and what we’ve learned in our special spy shots section below!

Spy Shots

August 11, 2019 – Volkswagen ID Crozz Taking Its Official Shape

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Exterior Spyshots
- image 852177
2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Exterior Spyshots
- image 852168

The last time that we saw the ID Cross, if that’s what you would call it at the time, it was little more than an all-electric chassis hiding underneath a Tiguan’s suit. This time around, however, the ID CRozz has taken its official shape, and it is, needless to say, a full-on, family-hauling crossover. The overall design has Volkswagen written all over it, however, it will be much bulkier than either the ID Crozz or ID Crozz II concepts. The front end will sit quite high – kind of the way the new Chevy Blazer’s front end rises to the occasion, while the rear end will feature more of a raised hatchback look.

There is still a ton of camo in place here and maybe even some padding, but it certainly looks like VW is going to go with a rather aggressive face. Granted, any vents here will be purely aesthetic, but this much of the old Crozz concepts should carry over. Furthermore, the bulges above the front wheel arches are clearly toned down as well. In size, the ID Crozz should sit between the Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace but will end up being more powerful thanks to its pair of motors with around 300 horsepower combined. Oh, the other thing that we know for sure is that the sliding doors will certainly be ditched for standard hinged doors. For now, we’re not sure when we’ll see the ID Crozz in full production form, but we expect it to debut sometime in 2020.


2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Exterior Spyshots
- image 819065
This Volkswagen Tiguan does not offer any sort of a glimpse into the exterior appearance of the upcoming ID Crozz.

However, it does seem that, compared with the standard Tiguan, this one has a slightly longer wheelbase. Instantly, I thought that Volkswagen might be testing the ID Crozz prototypes wearing Tiguan Allspace body, but that isn’t the case. Nevertheless, the coupe-looking concept car that Volkswagen unveiled in 2017 is still the best glimpse into the electric crossover future Volkswagen has in store for us. Taking into account Volkswagen’s way of thinking (if one can know such a thing), I can safely assume that the ID Crozz will not be a standard looking crossover. There has to be some kind of a “plot twist,” and I believe that the ID Crozz will take the shape of the first proper Volkswagen coupe SUV. It will be a looker for sure with all of its 181 inches of length.

Although I do not have much to go on here, I can assume that the ID Crozz will have a completely flat floor, flat exterior surfaces for the utmost aerodynamic efficiency, and possibly some cool wheels we haven’t seen before.

Now, apart from the coupe-inspired ID Crozz, Volkswagen is likely to introduce a standard version of the upcoming electric crossover.

That’s the one with the conventional looking roof without the swept back rear end.


Volkswagen Tries to Impress with the CROZZ II – Because One Ugly SUV Wasn't Enough High Resolution Interior Exterior
- image 730430

Note: interior of the 2017 Volkswagen I.D. Crozz II concept pictured here.

Forget everything you know about Volkswagen interiors. First reports from the journalists who actually drove the ID Neo prototype in South Africa suggest that the ID range of cars will have a completely reimagined interior. A massive screen on the center of the console will be the main feature, but I guess that the digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel will offer some added functionality.

Thanks to a really smart MEB platform, the space in the ID Crozz will be on par with vehicles bigger than the Tiguan.

After all, the overhangs are short, the front bonnet as well and all the drivetrain features are basically below the cabin. Heck, with such an arrangement, I can imagine that the passenger in the rear will have more headspace than what would be possible with an ICE-powered, coupe-inspired crossover. If it ends up being like the concept, of course.

As far as the tech inside goes, I expect it to have a gesture-based infotainment system with all sorts of online connectivity and services. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will come as standard, of course. A wireless smartphone charge point as well.


2020 Volkswagen ID.3
- image 819058

We already know that the MEB platform supports a number of different powertrain options. Including RWD and AWD setup, with a power output of 170 horsepower or even 300 horsepower.

A 300-horsepower AWD setup is actually easily accomplished. Volkswagen can simply smash the second motor in the front and link it with the front axles.

A low-end ID Neo has only one electric motor (in the rear for the RWD setup, because awesome) and I suspect that in some time, the ID Crozz may come in a similar guise. When it debuts, however, it will definitely have the biggest 110-kWh battery, two electric motors, and AWD for some exciting performance. An even more powerful ID Crozz is definitely possible, but probably not from the get-go. This basically means that the compact electric crossover will have all the same tech as the small ID Crozz. That’s kind of expected considering both of them have roots in the MEB platform.

As far as the range goes, I believe that the top end version of the Volkswagen ID Crozz will have a range of up to 300 miles (a bit less according to EPA standards though).


2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Exterior Spyshots
- image 819076

This is a tough one, but if the ID Neo will cost as much as a diesel-powered Golf (I concluded like a diesel Golf GTD), then the ID Crozz could have a price similar to that of the Volkswagen Tiguan TDI. But, I may not be on the right track here. See, the Jaguar I-Pace starts at $70,00. The ID Crozz will be considerably cheaper, but I doubt that it will be cheaper than $55,000.


Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 722133

Tesla is definitely rushing with the development of the Model Y. To keep the buzz alive, it has to introduce the new model ASAP. When it comes, the Model Y will basically be a jacked up version of the Model 3 with an entry-level price of a bit more than $50,000. As it will adopt all the high-end tech from the Model 3 and the Model X, including the Autopilot, I doubt that Volkswagen will be able to keep up with it in the tech segment. Nevertheless, the Volkswagen ID Crozz will definitely have some quality advantages. All in all, while the Tesla Model Y definitely wants to be a bit more premium, I believe that the Volkswagen ID Crozz will be its direct competitor.

Read our full speculative review of the 2020 Tesla Model Y

Jaguar I-Pace

2019 Jaguar I-Pace Exterior
- image 771352

This is a sporty crossover, with a coupe-like, fastback roof, cool styling and a 400-horsepower motor. It has a special, unique place on the market and does not actually fit into any conventional crossover segment. I decided to list it as an ID Crozz competitor because it provides a perfect window into the eccentric and atypical. Volkswagen will definitely reach a bit towards unconventionality with its ID Crozz line of cars. I really think that the future will bring some kind of a crazy fast ID Crozz that will actually be close to the I-Pace and its character.

Read our full review on the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace


2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Exterior Spyshots
- image 819073

While we can only see a Tiguan with a stretched wheelbase and stretched area between the doors, the truth is that this is the new electric crossover ID Crozz. The Volkswagen ID Crozz will come in two basic guises - as a coupe crossover and as a conventional crossover. As the most important Volkswagen electric car, the ID Crozz will share almost everything with the ID Neo, including the drivetrain options. But, unlike the ID Neo that is produced in Zwickau, Germany, Volkswagen actually modified its Chattanooga plant for the production of the ID Crozz. The Germans have invested $800 million in order to retool the plant and they have actually employed 1,000 new workers to build the new ID Crozz.

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The 2020 Volkswagen ID Visits South Africa as Part of It's Final Testing Phase
- image 810696

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More electric cars and more electric mules from Volkswagen.

Driving together with the EV mule that was hiding under the Golf Sportsvan body was this EV mule based on a Tiguan body.

Sharing the same electric MEB platform this mule is a size bigger making us believe that this is a mule for the upcoming ID Crozz.

As we can see this Tiguan body is slightly longer , the extended area is between the doors, and it also has the thicker side sills.

The production version of the ID Crozz is expected to come in two body styles, a SUV body and a sportier looking coupe SUV.

Different power stages will be available with the top model having all-wheel-drive and ca 300 hp.

Development is still in the early stages but we will keep you updated as testing continues and the prototypes start testing with their production bodies.

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