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Meet the Volkswagen Lavida - One of Volkswagen's Most Important Models in the Chinese Market

Meet the Volkswagen Lavida - One of Volkswagen’s Most Important Models in the Chinese Market

It’s awfually familiar isn’t it?

With 3.2 million vehicles sold in 2017, Volkswagen is doing extremely well in China, and it’s not surprising that the company’s current strategy includes the introduction of nine new models in the said market in 2018. One of those cars is the Arteon, which we already saw break cover in Europe and the U.S. But unlike these two markets, China is getting the Arteon with a CC badge. Another new model is the Lavida, which was redesigned after six years on the market and launched at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

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Volkswagen And JAC Sign MOU For Joint Collaboration Of EVs In China

Volkswagen And JAC Sign MOU For Joint Collaboration Of EVs In China

Landmark agreement could turn into a massive deal for both sides

In the midst of all the issues plaguing the company right now, the Volkswagen Group is still finding time to wheel and deal with new partners in an effort to further expand its business empire. The latest example of this comes as the German auto conglomerate has signed a memorandum of understanding with China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile, more commonly known as JAC in the auto industry, for a possible joint venture centered around developing electric vehicles for the Chinese market.

Specific details surrounding the partnership, including the investment size and business model of the possible joint venture, have yet to be revealed because no formal deals have been signed. The MOU, as it stands now, is also not legally binding until a final agreement is signed and approved by relevant bodies. According to Automotive News Europe, a formal agreement isn’t expected for another five months.

The German automaker did say in a press release that both parties intend to enter discussions on partnerships involving a variety of avenues, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and zero-emission mobility services.

The two companies also plan to enter into a joint venture to develop, build, and sell electric vehicles in the Chinese market, a potentially lucrative arrangement for both Volkswagen and JAC given the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the market – sales of electric and plug-in hybrid models quadrupled in the country in 2015 and has no signs of slowing down – and the Chinese government openly embracing the models and pushing for consumers to buy them.

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2017 Volkswagen Phideon

2017 Volkswagen Phideon

VW’s new Chinese sedan could preview the next-generation Phaeton

2015 was a year Volkswagen would rather delete from the collective memory using Agent K’s neuralyzer. The "Dieselgate" scandal caused sales to collapse, executives to resign, and spawned a massive investigation that could change the way production cars are tested before they hit dealerships. Moreover, it will cost the brand millions of dollars to handle all the recalls that resulted from the case and probably more to fix its public image. However, this didn’t stop Volkswagen from developing new models, one of which is the Phideon.

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the T-Cross Breeze Concept and the new Up!, the Phideon is a large sedan that will slot above the Passat in the company’s lineup. Interestingly enough, the Phideon is about the same size as the Phaeton, which suggests that the Germans have finally decided to offer a new flagship sedan. On the other hand, and this is somewhat strange considering the car made its debut in Geneva, the Phideon will be produced and sold in China, with no plans to offer it in Europe or North America.

As for the awkward name, Volkswagen says it is a made up name that stands for elegance and reliability, while symbolically evoking Fides, the Roman goddess of fidelity.

Is the Phideon a preview of the next-generation Phaeton that VW will sell in Europe and the U.S.? It’s very likely, but we won’t know for sure until Volkswagen spills the beans. Until that happens, let’s have a closer look at the brand’s new flagship sedan.

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