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Volkswagen Debuts Five Enthusiast Builds With Tasty Modification Ideas

Volkswagen Debuts Five Enthusiast Builds With Tasty Modification Ideas

More performance? More capability? More style? VW has you covered

Veedub enthusiasts are everywhere, as evidenced by the vast number of meets, clubs, and events that take place all over the world in celebration of some of the German automaker’s most popular models. One of the latest is happening right now at Hutchinson Island, in Savannah, Georgia. It’s called SoWo: The European Experience and, in addition to bringing out a diverse selection of vehicles from the Old Continent for some show, shine, and racing, Volkswagen is debuting five enthusiast builds in a lineup of show-ready compacts.

The debuts include a Beetle, a Jetta, and three Golfs, each of which arrives bearing a unique style and standout modifications that will surely draw interest from the attendant crowd. Volkswagen has a history of showing up at enthusiast events with factory-fresh modded models, and it’s great to see that tradition continued at SoWo. If you didn’t get a chance to see the cars in person, read on for a brief description of each, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments section!

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