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Volkswagen decides against entering Formula One

Volkswagen decides against entering Formula One

That was much ado about nothing, wasn’t it?

About a month ago, word leaked out that Volkswagen was looking into entering the world of Formula One in the future, possibly as early as 2013. The company even put some legs to this report when Volkswagen motor racing chief, Kris Nissen, remarked that one of Volkswagen’s brands could make its way to Formula One. "Within the group, for sure, it could be Audi, it could be Porsche and might also be Volkswagen," he said. Talks even escalated to the point that the company held a meeting to discuss the likelihood of Volkswagen entering Formula One.

Now it looks like those meetings are done and those optimistically hoping for VW to find its way into the most glamorous racing series in the world will be disappointed to know that the German auto giant has scuttled all plans of entering Formula One. Turns out, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the decision to drop the F1 plans came from the company chairman himself, Ferdinand Piech.

We don’t know what prompted Volkswagen to drop their F1 plans, especially since their entry would have generated a ton of interest both from casual fans and die-hards alike. As soon as we find more information, we’ll be sure to let all of you know.

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Volkswagen's Formula One plans could be decided by November

Volkswagen’s Formula One plans could be decided by November

Fans of Volkswagen that are excitedly waiting for the decision on whether the company will enter the world of Formula One may not have to wait too long for that decision to come.

According to Motorsport, the German auto conglomerate has set a meeting for November to discuss the possibility of the brand to stamp its ticket to Formula One in the future.

The November meeting was revealed by no less than Hans-Joachim Stuck, a former racer that now serves as a motor sport representative for Volkswagen.
The rumors surrounding Volkswagen’s entry into Formula One have been attributed to changes in engine regulations that will be enforced in 2013. In the event that new regulations are implemented to make the competitive playing field a little more drawn out, Volkswagen or any of its subsidiary auto companies –Audi and Porsche come to mind – could be finding its way into the Formula One grid by then.

Whatever happens during this meeting in November – it’s widely assumed that Volkswagen will have a serious discussion regarding Formula One in this meeting – this developing news should bode well for fans of VW that have waited ages for their favorite brand to go wheel-to-wheel with some of the finest automakers in the planet in the wild and crazy world of Formula One.

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Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton take a 1966 Volkswagen Cargot on a roadtrip to Silverstone

We rarely see two teammates in Formula One – and two former world champions at that – have a good time around each other and make it all seem so genuine. We learned that firsthand from the failed Lewis Hamilton-Fernando Alonso fiasco a few years back that pretty much divided McLaren Mercedes in half.

But now that the team has two chaps that have an unabashed chemistry, McLaren’s principal sponsor, Vodafone, isn’t wasting the opportunity to put both Hamilton and teammate Jenson Button in front of a camera for a number of short documentaries to highlight their growing number of escapades.

The latest mini-documentary to be released by McLaren takes the antics of Lewis and Jenson out on the road on-board a 1966 Volkswagen Camper. The new spot featuring both drivers takes the two on a nice little drive to Silverstone where they do, among other things, stop over at a gas station to get their tanks filled, buy as many chocolate candies they could get their hands on, sign as many autographs as they can, and even give away free tickets for the Silverstone Grand Prix.

Check out these two fellas as they make their way over to Silverstone in an unconventional way.

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Williams F1 wants to bring Volkswagen to Formula One

Williams F1 wants to bring Volkswagen to Formula One

Formula One’s Williams team is knocking on the door of Volkswagen with the hope that the German car brand will answer their call.

Rumors have circulated for a long time that Volkswagen has an eye on entering Formula One by 2013 and Williams is leading the efforts to bring one of the biggest car brands in the planet into the wild world of Formula One.

And in the event that VW does decide to jump on-board the F1 circus, Williams is keen on the idea of selling its team to VW, similar to what Sauber did before with BMW.

“We are stronger with a manufacturer than as a private team,” Williams team principal Frank Williams told Bild. “No question.”

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