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2017 Volkswagen Crafter

2017 Volkswagen Crafter

VW’s new Crafter is now an in-house creation

Volkswagen has just updated its largest euro-style van, the Crafter, for the 2017 model year. “Update” might be an understatement, though, as the Crafter is new from the wheels up. This comes as Volkswagen split with its long-time van-building partner, Mercedes-Benz. Yep, VW basically badge engineered itself the Crafter off the Mercedes Sprinter platform. Mercedes even built the van for VW, though the Crafter was powered by VW-sourced powertrains.

The new Crafter still plays on the extreme functionality found in the Sprinter. Its low load floor and available high roof heights allow for large amounts of cargo and even walking room. The van’s short overhangs and tight turning radius is perfect for navigating narrow European streets.

Volkswagen engineers didn’t just reverse-engineer the Sprinter for VW’s use. They reportedly conducted an extensive survey of Crafter customers to find what features they liked, didn’t like, and wanted to see in future products. VW says this lead to driver aids like a backup camera, adaptive cruise control, a side wind compensation system, and even the availability of VW’s 4Motion AWD system.

On top of these features, VW updated the standard powertrain option. The new “EA288Nutz” 2.0-liter TDI four-cylinder is offered in four output levels, including a twin-turbo variant with 175 horsepower. What’s more, the Crafter offers more drivetrain choices than just about any vehicle in recent memory. Customs can order FWD, RWD, or AWD, on top of an automatic or manual transmission. Impressive.

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