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2015 Volkswagen Passat GTE Police Car

2015 Volkswagen Passat GTE Police Car

Although we have to wait for it until 2016, the eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat is ready to hit the roads in Germany, with the Euro-spec version being launched back in July 2014. Redesigned inside and out and dressed in a more stylish suit, the Passat no longer seems like the dull-looking people’s car we got used to over the last few decades. The new Passat is gorgeous to look at, but what makes the eighth-gen vehicle a lot more special is that it is now available with a hybrid drivetrain. Revealed in September, the Passat GTE is the first PHEV to wear the famed badge and borrows its powertrain components from the Golf GTE.

We already know everything there is to know about the Passat GTE, except some of the technical details Volkswagen has yet to unveil of course, and all we have to do is wait for a couple more years to find this plug-in hybrid in U.S. dealerships. Meanwhile, the Passat GTE is slated to hit European street in 2015 in both civilian and police guises. Yes, you read that correct, this German hybrid has just signed up for a police career in Heligoland, an archipelago of islands located in the North Sea.

As you might have already guessed, this is only an initial trial for the Passat GTE as a patrol car, with its duties to be extended should it complete its task successfully in the small archipelago that’s home to roughly 1,100 people. While hiring hybrids for police duty isn’t exactly a premier, it is indeed a first for the Passat, who now joins the fleet of Golf GTE plug-ins the same community received in the summer of 2014. Check out the full details below.

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