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2015 Volkswagen Golf R Touch

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Touch

Like all hot hatchbacks, the Golf R is not an old person’s car. While the 2016 model slated for arrival in the U.S. will be equipped with four doors, it’s still the fastest and most powerful Golf ever sold to the American public. It’s a turbocharged, all-wheel-drive speed bubble. It’s a bullet with sport suspension, 18-inch wheels, and tight, bolstered seats. The tires are thin, the brakes are grabby, and the exhaust burbles and pops. It’s a pumped up, track-oriented performance special. Obviously, this is a complicated machine aimed at a younger crowd.

Grip and power are good, and the Golf R practically oozes with both these attributes. But the car for tomorrow, the kind of vehicle that anyone under 30 might want, needs more than a collection of high-performance statistics. To effectively reach the new consumer, a car needs connectivity, innovative infotainment, and the latest interior technology. For a growing number of customers, it’s the cabin gadgetry that either makes or breaks a car sale.

With this in mind, Volkswagen is using the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show as a springboard to unveil the Golf R Touch, which integrates a huge variety of forward-thinking user-interface technology to enhance the experience for both passengers and the driver.

While the rest of the vehicle is unchanged from a production Golf R, it’s fascinating to see the direction VW wants to take in a bid to stay at the forefront of cabin tech. Say goodbye to buttons and switches- in their stead, you’ll find screens, haptic feedback, and gesture control. It looks complex, but if you’re the kind of person who can smell free public WiFi from a mile away, you should feel right at home.

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