Volvo has never been one to be mentioned in the same sentence as performance cars, as the Swedish automaker always focused more on building family-friendly sub-luxury cars as opposed to sports cars. Since its takeover by Chinese car manufacturer, Geely, Volvo has been slowly broadening its vehicle selection to include several sportier models and the latest to come to the forefront was the S60 Polestar.

Another new and sportier model coming to Volvo’s lineup is the V40, which is a rather sleek-looking 5-door model. Apparently, this was the perfect base for famed Volvo tuner, Heico Sportiv, to build a monster race car and debut it at the Auto Mobil International at Leipzig. This racer is set to compete in long-distance road races in their various alternative fuel classes.

The details are a little scarce at the moment, but Heico has shared a little information. We will share what we know with you now and will continuously update you as more information becomes available.

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2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
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This modified V40 boasts a green and white paintjob that lays upon a basically stock-looking body shell. Making this body up for the job of handling high speed cornering and plain-out look the part of a racecar is a carbon-fiber body kit that includes side skirts, heat extractors, and front and rear lips. Attached to the rear hatch is a massive spoiler to give this beast some downforce. On each corner is a dark grey VOLUTION rim wrapped tightly in racing rubber to keep it all stuck to the tarmac.


2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Interior
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On the inside, you get what you would expect: a black Recaro seat, a racing steering wheel, and a huge roll cage. Other than that, the inside is completely gutted for racing.

Engine and Drivetrain

2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
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Under the hood is where all of the fun is, as this performance Volvo boasts a five-cylinder D5 turbo-diesel engine. Before you start wonder how a diesel engine can win a race, keep in mind that this particular diesel power plant pumps out 300 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. To get these additional 85 horsepower and 118 pound-feet, Heico Sportive included e.motion ECU upgrades, a sonorous exhaust system, and other modifications.

This five-cylinder engine will run on bio-diesel fuel, qualifying it to run in alternative fuel classes in various long-distance events, like the 24 Hour Race at Nürburgring .

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the drivetrain, which we expect to be heavily modified.

Suspension and Braking

2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
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There is only a small amount mentioned about the suspension and braking systems of the V40 by Heico Sportiv. All the press release tells us is that it has " sporty suspension and braking systems."

When Can I Get One?

2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
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There’s the issue... The car that Heico is displaying is not a production model, nor is it expected to ever reach production. Heico is more of an accessories company and this car bears all of the performance accessories, sans the D5 engine, that Heico will have available for the upcoming V40 release.

So essentially, you can build one very similar to Heico Sportiv’s model, but you cannot buy one. Of course, this show model may hit auction blocks in a few years, given it’s not crushed after it completes its racing career.


2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
- image 460040

Unfortunately, this model will never hit production, as we said. It is, however, an indication that Geely is really taking Volvo away from its steel brick era and into the 21st century... Finally.

2012 Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv Exterior
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We will continue to update you as Heico Sportiv announces additional accessories for the upcoming V40.

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Press Release

Premiere at the AMI, Leipzig

Weiterstadt – For the first time at the unveiling of a new Volvo model in Germany, HEICO SPORTIV will simultaneously be presenting the corresponding sport edition: the premiere of the bio-diesel-powered Volvo V40 racecar at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) in Leipzig. The first-ever racing version of the brand new Volvo V40 will be on display from 1 to 10 June 2012 at the Volvo stand E31 in Hall 3.

Visitors at the AMI will be able to have a close look at the new Volvo V40 at Volvo’s 800 m2 exhibition stand. The youngest Volvo – which celebrated its world premiere just recently at the start of March 2012 at the in Salon de l’Automobile in Geneva – will be available from Volvo partners from the summer. The compact hatchback model not only convinces with its outstanding safety features (e.g. the first series-production pedestrian airbag) but also with its dynamic design and sporty driving characteristics.

HEICO SPORTIV’s philosophy centers on further accentuating Volvos’ profiles and boosting their performance. As an official Volvo Car Germany partner for road vehicle individualization, HEICO SPORTIV works intensively on developing a comprehensive accessories program whose availability at retailers worldwide coincides with the market launch of the Volvo V40. It covers e.motion® ECU upgrades for all mainstream engine models, sonorous exhaust systems, sporty suspension and braking systems, exclusive VOLUTION® wheels, as well as high quality interior applications and made-to-measure body kits.

A first glimpse of HEICO SPORTIV’s exterior design for the new Volvo V40 can be had with the racing version at the Volvo stand at the AMI.

The lightweight, carbon fiber body kit is oriented optically towards the future road version and was only optimized for the competition with wider wheel housing, a lowered front spoiler and a rear wing for race track application. The rear diffusor already corresponds to the final road version.

Under the slogan “Green Racing”, HEICO SPORTIV has for many years successfully demonstrated that motorsports and ecology are not necessarily paradoxical. The Volvo V40 racer will therefore also be powered with alternative fuels. The latest Volvo model is powered by a five-cylinder, turbo diesel D5 engine which, in the racing version, generates 300 hp (221 kW) and a maximum torque of 600 Nm. From 2013, the Volvo V40 by HEICO SPORTIV will have bio-diesel in its tank when it approaches the starting line at demanding long distance races and the infamous 24 Hour Race at the Nürburgring.

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  (442) posted on 08.15.2012

The shape and paint design are good. But 300 horsepower will not be too competitive in major race events.

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