Polestar may be the most renown company in the Volvo modifying business, but these Swedish cars have gone through many workshops for visual and performance upgrades in recent years. One of them belongs to Heico Sportiv, a German venture that has left its fingerprint on anything from the compact Volvo C30 to the full-size XC90 SUV.

More recently, though, the crew located near the city of Darmstadt has been busy turning the V40 hatchback into a more nimble machines. Using various tricks, the Germans came up with the T5 HPC and V40 "Pirelli", both outstanding in terms of performance and looks.

For 2014, Heico Sportiv decided it’s time to take the V40 Cross Country to another level and turn it into a crossover capable to take on rougher paths without losing its much appreciated driving dynamics. To achieve that goal, Heico started by raising the vehicle’s suspension by about 30 mm (1.2 inches) and designing specific shock absorbers and springs.

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  • 2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv
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  • 0-60 time:
    6 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
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Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv in detail

2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv Interior
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To enhance the car’s appearance beyond the taller ride height, Heico also added SUV-like fender extensions. Made out of polyurethane, the pieces are fixed to the fenders using 3M adhesive tape in order to avoid any drilling of the body. Thanks to its increased ride, the V40 can be rounded off with larger, 19-inch wheels before delivery.

2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv Interior
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Since no Heico Volvo is a true Heico without powertrain upgrades, the V40 Cross Country also benefits from a few tweaks under the hood. Specifically, the 2.0-liter D3 engine has its output increased from 150 horsepower to 195 horsepower, while the 2.5-liter T5 received 14-pony bump for a new grand total of 268 horses. Lastly, Heico is also providing aluminum-crafted paddle shifters in either Anodized Silver or Heico Blue.

Press Release

In the past, products for Volvo’s Cross Country models tended to play only a minor role in HEICO SPORTIV’s pricelist. Prospective customers were particularly looking for high-quality opportunities to enhance performance. Forests and meadows were the hunting ground for Cross Country models à la Volvo XC70, but this center of gravity shifted with the launch of the Volvo V40 Cross Country. “With persistent demand from our customers and dealerships, we turned to developing components specifically for the Volvo V40 Cross Country that promote and enhance its features and character,” explains HEICO SPORTIV General Manager, Holger Hedtke.

2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv Interior
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A lack of “XC” character was one of the commonest gripes. The boarding and seating positions “are too low”, the optics “too soft”. Objections that HEICO SPORTIV is now addressing. “We don’t see ourselves purely as a performance enhancer. Rather, we aim to offer the solutions our customers desire. We’ve systematically realized this with the Volvo V40 CC,” Holger Hedtke continues.

The first measure involved adapting the chassis, with the new sport suspension – aptly named “Cross Suspension” – raising the V40 CC ca. 30mm without sacrificing driving dynamics. HEICO also designed the shock absorbers and springs specially for the V40 CC, tuning them mutually for this unique application. The results: improved XC optics, precise driving pleasure, and more-comfortable boarding.

Matching fender extensions were constructed to further enhance the optics. The flexible, 8-piece polyurethane set is affixed using 3M adhesive tape (to avoid all cutting and drilling of the body) and can also be delivered optionally with black textured paint. This ensures a harmonious transition from the original bumper to the fender extensions and an optimal mudguard for larger wheels (e.g. for VOLUTION® 19” with 235/40R19 tires).

2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country By Heico Sportiv Interior
- image 553024

But HEICO SPORTIV wouldn’t be the leading Volvo upgrader if the Weiterstadt developers didn’t have a sport accessory or two up their sleeves: for the Volvo V40 CC, too, they have come up with: e.motion® performance enhancements for the D3 (from 110 kW/150 hp to 143 kW/195 hp) and T5 (from 187 kW/254 hp to 197 kW/268 hp) engine variants, the HEICO SPORTIV Speedpack (to raise the maximum throttled speed), and – brand new – paddle shifters milled from aluminum (for vehicles with series-manufactured steering-wheel paddle shifters), optionally in anodized silver or HEICO blue.

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