Volvo has been in the car-making business for 92 years now. The company is best known for handsomely contributing to the safety aspects in a car. In fact, the three-point seatbelt that is used in every single car built today was invented by Volvo. The Swedish automaker has all the traits and features in all its cars that would make them best-sellers, but it still lags behind for some reason. The design philosophy can be considered as the culprit too. While I’m a fan of the Scandinavian look, some folks find it too edgy and sharp for their liking. The company has potent powertrains in its lineups, but they are appreciated much, perhaps because of their unorthodox specifications. Even in butch SUVs, Volvo offers tiny 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engines. People who live by ‘no replacement for displacement’ don’t even give these cars a second look. Volvo has also been subject to a lot of collaborations and different owners over the years and is currently owned by China’s Geely Holding Group. Nevertheless, Volvo cars are splendid machines that not just great to drive, but are also filled to the brim with features and gadgets to die for.