McLaren will unveil its latest supercar online

As McLaren’s Geneva plans took a hit (it goes the same for every carmaker that planned a debut at GIMS 2020), the company will now reveal its upcoming LT supercar via a press conference that will broadcast online, held by CEO Mike Flewitt.

There’s not much we know about the next LT-branded super sports car coming from McLaren, although we can make some educated guesses looking at the 650S-based 675LT.

Two main features of the new LT would have to do with power and weight. As in, more power and less weight. Word is, however, that McLaren will base the said LT on the 720S, which will make it the second supercar to use 720S underpinnings, after the McLaren Senna.

Expect a generous use of carbon fiber, a streamlined body kit, lighter wheels, and new bits and bobs such as redesigned side mirrors and extra air inlets perhaps, as well as an active rear wing. It goes without saying that the elongate rear end is a must and at the same time, the car’s design centerpiece.

A retuned, more powerful version of McLaren’s 4.0-liter V-8 is on the cards, complemented by larger brakes. Get ready for a spicy price tag, too, on par with the new Longtail’s heightened track abilities.

McLaren Geneva Live Sream

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